Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • Anonymous

Battery backup sucks

  • kiran

i am also using same mobile its features are perfect but we are not able find any themes for this mobile and you didn't gave a USB to mobile and hear phones doesnt suit for this kind of mobile and soetware for connecting to net

  • Anonymous

Guys, I don't know how you could find this phone bad. I bought this phone on Sunday after rejecting some Nokia models! I found this phone really cool. Advantages:

1) OS is fast, i.e., one get's an intended response in less than a second. For my standards, it's fast.
2) The themes are good, i like them.
3) Games are pretty good, specially the 3-D bowling. Motion sensing makes is a cool value prop.
4) The screen size is also good, letters are very much visible.
5) The looks are cool too.

Hope it helps future buyers, and for your information, i am no marketing person, i speak what i felt.......subjective ofcourse :-)

  • Arpit

Does it support some themes?? if yes in which format....coz its not supporting the ".thm" format...

  • Sunil

Please don't purchase this one. It's not worth. It has a major software issue. Performance is bad.

  • d

This phone is waste the sliding doesnot works based on the software requirements (open to answer close to end call)

  • Anonymous

very slow phone but excelent phone i love it overall no problems with mine ....


  • nessie

i wont say its a good phone..

1) loudspeaker quality really rocks.. dont believe others.. i am serious.. stereo loudspeakers.. equals n70 with upgraded software which i got from sony service center..

2) since resolution is less, the camera quality in phone is bad but wen viewed thro computer its really really good.. high pakka quality

3) after upgrading my phone software it doesnt freeze at all..

4) default 50 games given thro memory stick are really really good..
only problem with themes..

  • Nitin

i'm using this phone for a month . its a slim & handy phone . it s best for gaming & music ... need more storage space for message inbox . but the problem s, u can't change themes ...
please sony ericsson, please get all the corrections ok, and get us the best phone ...

  • beenie

does anyone know where i can get games for the 305????


this is the worst phone i ve ever used u cant install themes,applications,good speaker quality but really bad headphone quality u can hardly hear something and worst loudspeaker during call.small screen,bad dont waste ur money get something like nokia 5310 express music in this range of money

  • kiran

i hv usd dis mble nd it ws gud but speed is sum wat slower i mean d rspnse tym....
but over ol i think dis is d bttr one den w580i

  • Mauricio Nomura

I have this phone 5 month, and i send for tecnical assitande 3 times.
Good´s things:
a) - Good speaker stereo em clear and average loud;
b) - MP3 player play folders - good! Not like nokias;
c) - same games you can play with motion system;
d) - The 2 M pixel camera is good, better than nokias;
e) - Function ok with 4 G card;
f)- Widenig system for MP3 player is good.

Bad´s things:
a) - This phone is very delicated body;
b) - The battery playing MP3 don´t is good;
c) - The games greather than 512k can be not function;
d) - The system and cpu is slow;
e) - Even times the phone need reset (I don´t know why);
f) - The keypad is bad quality;
g) - The time do press key is very longer, don´t same nokias.

You can buy this phone is the price is very good...

  • Diluen

Its good but slow...not recommended for heavy usage...otherwise...have fun! XD

  • mamta

i cant understand whats going some said its worst and some say its funtastic what to do i m really very confuse

i dont understand what to do
i cant make mine mind

  • Anonymous

its a gud fone...has nyc games alrady stored....i find d camera pretty clear even tho its just 2 mega pixel bt d fone can b really slow at tyms n hangs too..

bt over all its a gud purchase !!!

  • Tristan

amy, 27 May 2009Is it true the operation of this phone is very slow??no, not once you get to know your way around the operating system

  • sneha ahuja

its a ausom phone... got it two weeks back... has good speakers and motion games are fun....

  • Rahul

nothing special specification has not good sms storage capacity. Not very much user friendly can get some other good mobile in this rate.

  • Harsh

No amy,i had purcchased this handset few days back,n its working great n fast 2,but i really miss the flash in it.