Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • Anonymous

good and sexy phone....
but somewhat slow in operation...

  • Sandy

This phone is really very classy.......The only thing wrong with this phone is themes doesn't work.....

  • a.moG

is any console emulator for this phone? i think the pad is great for gaming old consoles. plz help!

  • amy

Is it true the operation of this phone is very slow??

  • pretzel

tis phone sucks !! juz bought it, used it for 2 days n gonna sell it off. lousy n the application r soo out of date. it's like using the old SE. should hav bought de other SE model.....siiigh :(

  • Anonymous

very wost type phone. dont select such a phone.

  • jung hye won

i already buy this hp yesterday
so cute..

i like it..

  • diva

well.....i guess dis is a very classy get all features...n the luk is aldo attractive.... easily carryable....small n a cute phone...juzz d drawbacks are that d sound is not of excellent 1 hav heard its not even worse..
its a really gud phone!!

  • Anonymous

thnks will not buy it nw

  • Miranj Kansara

The worst phone which can not accept any files or themes too.

Very low graded.

I advice you tonot select such.

  • Anonymous

goood featuressssssss....but got software probsss

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2008This phone is soooooooo cool. Its just like a mini Wii. I'v... moreSorry, I know it was a year ago, but I need to reply to this comment. I wanted a unique phone because EVERYONE I know seems to have either a Samsung E250, J700 or U600. It's so boring when every phone in sight is the same. I saw this one and thought "That was probably co-produced with Nintendo because it's almost exactly like the concept of the Wii". Obviously there's no IBM broadway chip etc. but it looks like a real good phone. Even comes with Style-Up covers. High end users may prefer something a little more advanced, so don't bash the phone if it isn't in your category. After all, the phone market wasn't built entirely around you!


BTW Anon. (TIeh): We must be telepathic or something!

  • Anonymous

the most lowgrade phone from SE...if tey continue producing such mobile phones....god sav the cmpny....!!!

  • paathikkapattan

wonderful model but you are going to lose your money

  • saurabh

unbeatable looks !

never seen such a sexy slider phone !

  • Srinivasa Rao

Two months back i bought Sony erricssion F305 mobile.From last 2 weeks i am not able to see screen properly.i.e entire screen is white.For example if there is any incoming call i am not able to see who is calling because the entire screen is in white colour but the background applications are running.Could you please help to whom i need to contact(Bangalore).

  • Tushar

Anonymous, 20 May 2009i am trying to load mxit on my phone, already have the set... morego to installed application click on menu(left button)->settings->connection->no... creat a new account, u have to do this by urself(if there are no account profile)

  • anilk

beating all

  • Anonymous

i am trying to load mxit on my phone, already have the settings but my phone keeps asking for the Java
internet settings. Could any one please help in assisting me on how to do so. My Opera Mini can't open without it to.
My mail address is

  • Anonymous

I had bought this phone on 1st Jan....returned it back on 2nd. got a new phone from SE on 14th and sold it to a shopkeeper and bought a new phone which is working just too good. Do the same guys. I am happy to see that this forum is filled with all hate comments about this phone or else I would have regretted my decision of selling the phone back.