Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • saiprasad

i am really scared of buying this mobile after reading these comments

  • aa

dont buy this mobile... very wrost in process et etc.....

  • vinod

good mobile .............

  • Diluen

Alright phone.....could have been better. MUCH MORE BETTER!

  • Anonymous

mm, 13 May 2009do u know what is the safety code? well when i turned my po... moretry to key "0000"

  • sarah

hey guys just randomly going through the data base i found a review worth reading ,,, n my hard luck i didn't read it before i bought this 'hell phone'....:(

this is a real disappointment from SE, n if sagem will be making low end phones like this,,i will suggest not to go for SE,,i hate to say it but this is what i find it CORRECT to share....if same things and less functional phones are continued DONT GO FOR LOW END SONY PHONES.....:(

i m pasting the review it was on page 10,, just the point 4 is not correct as SPEED DAILING FUNCTION DOES NOT RESEMBLE AS THAT OF K300i(i think thats y guy was confused anyways),,, moreover more negative points can be further added by me but i dont want to increase my anger nor i want to think myself a fool that i bought this..:(

THE REVIEW (name tushar)

"Tushar Report
A sincere review of Sony Ericsson F305

this is a very much hyped(over hyped handset)phone by SE, when looking superficially this seems to be the coolest handset in a a decent price available in the maRKET BUT ACTUALLY THIS IS NOT SO...........

the reason is not one but many,,,,some of them
1.u call it a ''gaming phone'' which DO NOT ALLOW GAMES GREaTER THAN 500KB to INSTALL,, my god!!!, n u saY THIS IS SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR GAMING? ??? crapp!! most of the new games are greater than 500kb also the 3d games n u cannot play them

2. cannot even install a dictionary software(because application is too large to install!!)

3.there is option of speed dailing but when u assign it n dial 1,2 or ny no. assigned nswer is UNAVAILBLE!! does this men it do not support speed dialing??

4.There is no provision of recording calls( it is available even in k300i like lower range phones!!)

5.Messaging is really irritating -
-while reading new sms u dont know whose message u r reading becuse no name is displayed on the top of message!!
-whenever u delete ny delivery report message is deleted frm inbox indicator goes to first (newest) message, it is really irritatiung if u want to delete few messages in middle of inbox every time u hve to go in that specific location!!1
-typing is really slow n also erroneous for ex. i have bought cell 20 days ago, in 40 typed messages atleast 10 times this type of error occurred(no problem with time of key pressing i was fast enough)
i wanted to type HAI. n typed matter was HAGG!!

6. speakers r too gud to b praised but HEADSET provided is comparitively very noisy! POOR QUALITY....:(

7. U cannot install themes(ok if cant then also it is not very big matter)

8.Does this suppor WMA format??? crap i tried evrty sample rate it do not support it(do not know of wav), similr is with many files of mp4 format.

9.GPRS -yet another crap performnce

if u want gud downloding speed ,or surfing speed many nokia phones in this range provide far....much guud speed in internet,
my phone crashed 4 times when i was downloding jar file from the net.!!!
crashing creats 16.047 mb of dump......txt.bis file,, there were 11 files like that in my phone 2 days earlier only!!!

gprs performance is not at all good, much cheaper nokia phone give beeter speed

any one with little fond of taking pictures will b highly dissappointed..the camera is LIKE INSULT TO THE TERM ''2 MEGAPIXLE'' very very bad, u cnnot zoojm in mp mode, u cannot record video in megapixle mode... little zoom is availble in vga mode photogrphy only

11.most of the softwares r not supported by the phone

12. processing speed not the best

13. cnnot rotate the image (if we want to edit image!!0 a basic need)

14.cnnot send files via bluetooth which is not supported by phone(like pdf, doc , rm or any other)

15. a bloody crap is tha u can mke a voice recording only for 30 secs no provision of extending it n listening it at that time only(u hve to go to music folder for it)

16.browser saves web pages in .ted format which cnnot be renamed!! HELL!!!!!(because even two different webpages can have a same name) DOWNLOADING THROGH MOBILE IS A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE, U CANNOT EVEN DOWNLOAD MP3 SONG THROUGH DEFAULT BROWSER(thanx to operamini) internet setting have to be manually entered they annot b imported from internet profiles in internet settings. phone has crashed 16 times till now!! in this context i was hppy with my k300i

19. no usb cabel

i hve lost faith in SE, it will b little difficult for me to refer SE to any one from now, because also of BLOODY CONSUMER CARE SUPPORT.

but still phone is not all abt lacking features there r a few VERY VERY gud things too, but this isnt a cooool phone this is a dissapointment

i m not enjoying to write these things about my handset, its pain[:(], dont take it otherwise but i m true upto my knowledge...

20.when music is being played in the back ground, after sometime smoothness of operation is gone!!, phone becomes little slow! same is the case when its RAM memory has 900kb approx. free.

there was a very very important point left in the review

21.THE PHONE CANNOT BE USED AS A MODEM!!!! i.e. u cannot connect to internet in ur pc through mobile because F305 DO NOT SUPPORT THIS FUNCTIONALITY....!!!![:O][:x]

I cant believe my eyes but this is what i read this saturday!! U have no PC Suite for it,. so u cannot connect to internet via USB, n when we try it using bluetooth modem it gives error 777.
i cannot believe this... in my dreams too i could not have thought of a phone so ILL-FUNCTIONAL in this price range!! What a crap not even a modem!! no no not expected from SE, its a nightmare...

it would have been really great, if there were 2 or 3 more such basic feature expected, to be ABSENT IN THE PHONE, developers might have been seeing for some more features from which phone can be deprived off[:x][:x]

now i m running out of my brains, so large pitfalls n every one over the net is praising the handset!!!![:(][:O][:(]

that is very gud if camera is working fine or u r satisfied with the quality of images captured but actually most of the snaps taken by me are looking as if i have taken from a vga camera(they r 2 MP photos), photos r fine(?) only in BRIGHT SUNSHINE and no where else, there is no night mode n quality of pictures in dim light is CRAPP!!!,quality of video recording is bad u cannot pause recording too(can be considered because it is not the only handset with such type of video recording).

something gud about the phone-

-superb design, cool looks
-soft keys
-dedicated gaming buttons(which works with only a few games came along with the handset)
-SE software interface(looks which many says SE hadnt change anything)
-Inbulit loudspeakes(dual stereo speakers)
-4 GB expandable memory
-U can choose video as a wallpaper(like windows vista), although this is also present in s302
-u can even select video as a ringtone, so whenever there is a call, video with sound is dispayed as a small thumbnail! thats nice
-ability to save voice tasks(not a unique thing)
-176x220 screen size is an advantage because largest number of games are available for this screen size

as far as other highly non recommended handset is which is newly launched------
S302, now again i dont want to write a similar review for it, it is the BEST CRAP AVAILABLE for Rs.6500/-, functionality is null, only gud part is the camera which is better than F305.

What the hell SE is doing?? I became a die hard SE fan after using n seeing phones like k300i, k310, k550, w300 etc, z550 was also gud....But this time i trusted SE and rest u know abt the phone

-inbulit loud speakers(DUAL STEREO SPEAKERS), they are really nice - LOUDNESS WITH QUALITY.
-attractive n stylish looks
-good interface.

- if u r a HARDCORE GAMER(dissapointment for u because u have a limited choices)
- if u r a MUSIC FREAK(because u can distinguishly tell the bad abt headphones provided with it, if u can adjust then its alright)
-if u sometimes do serious work in mobile.
-if u r a crazy about installing softwares.(hell!! operating system do not allow u to install application above 500kb) and many(most of) softwares supported by SE phones do not work in this GREAT F305.

-if u need to connect to internet in pc via mobile(i m still in doubt but its true)

better if SE provide any update for the phone, else wait for while till SE launches another motion gaming enabled handset, i will rate the phone in less than zero (-3/5)[:X].[:(]"

gud review buddy!!

  • salo

hey! i have got this phone for one month and it's really greeeeeeeeeat!i love this phone! but i have got one prob. i can't install new themes on it, i even ried it's own themes, i downloaded from internet but it doesn't work, it hasn't got folder called: themes. help me please! i love this phone! it rocks! rock 4ever!

  • confuse person..

KiNG, 25 Apr 2009nothing i can tell; you'd better look at other phone.i like it, but after reading the comment, i little bit scare to buy it..T__________T
did this phone really worst?

  • mm

do u know what is the safety code? well when i turned my pohne off and put my new card in, after the PIN it asked me also that code.

  • kenooi

black wam very good also i wan

  • Arsal

It is nice and superb in look.I purchased one and very happy with this product and price.

  • Anonymous

A complete waste of money... Nothings worth noticing, we cant use phone to access internet in pc!!
In dreams too i couldnt have thought of a phone without This facility n u r paying rs 8200 for it! Shame on SE and on me too for my 'greatest' choice ever, not worth money, dont buy plzzz...

  • lalala

man ... all these negative comments makes me have second thoughts >

  • apurv

this is the worst phone i ever used in my life so plz don buy it in any condition......

  • shravan

my opinion is that it cannot have any new themes is better to buy other

  • Anonymous

well, i just bort one (dont know how to spell bort). it's a good fone. comes with like 12 games and you can intall like 40 others for free. the camera is good.the battery would only last for 2-4 if playing games. i am very happy with my buy.


advantages : its stylish,its sound quality is loud and sterio, its camera is like 1.5 megapixel, it contain 11 games and leaving 2 or 3 , its everage prize is RS 7850/-, it have good battery time, good sms facility.

disadvantage : you will not get data cable and cd with the this fone, you may have problem withs its sliding character, internet facility is pooor but speed is good, themes are less,its body is little bit sensetive which means it may broke easily by one drop, overall is 7/10 rating.

  • Anonymous

Did someone mentioned "condom"? access internet with that! Man you are my hero, teach me how to do that!

  • yet!

i love this fone, built quality,design, speaker very good! thats all! but evrything is a hell crap! SE is very stupid, they waste this fone, they should refine this fone. shame on you SE. w395 dont buy that fone! hell fone! shame on you SE!

  • Anonymous

Ketan Goyal, 05 May 2009How i can connect my cell to pc to access internetWe cannot.... Bro, phone cannot be used ar condem to access internet in pc :-(