Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • NIRAV 9276877708

akita, 04 Jan 2009hello kiran ! is it big enough for watching a BP ?nice phone

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  • F305

himanshu, 04 Jan 2009can we download more motion games from net?\ how can we see t... moreHimanshu whats the point in changing sides now?
earlier you were dying to convince people that this phone is just too great for us.
You Better read your own posted threads again.
and now after many have brought being convinced by your "theory", u have started to criticize your "beloved phone".

Your joke cost me 8k.

  • cathy

how come when i take a picture
the pixels on the phone looks scrunched up
and also cant access the internet unless
its being activated.

  • saravanan

hi Guys ,

Recently , i purchased Sony F305 . I cant able to install themes . it has some 5 themes fixed . please guide me in installing themes ..

Thanks in advance ..

My mail id is : , please mail the details or just post in this forum.

  • Milkywaiter

This phone is worthless. If its main focus is gaming, then the phone is a miserable failure.

It cannot install games larger than 512k. Even low end phones like Nokia 2630 can do that.

The two X-O buttons on the top of the handset are just for show, since the screen does not rotate, and there are no 3rd party games on the market that run landscape style.

The screen is 2", and the resolution is low.

This phone is a joke.

  • himanshu

can we download more motion games from net?\

how can we see the camera image to landscape for a clear view?? otherwise when we press "O" button on standby we see a pathetic image?
is there any damn way to upload themes??

I think its not a SE phone.
menu is not at all like other SE phones,its slow,font is always big we cant make it small.

W580 is much better than this. F305 cost about 8000k. after buying a good earphones and a large memory card it costs us about 9500k and W580 costs 9200k. with W580 we get a good earphone and 1GB memory card.

those SE fans who buy SE for good user interference please please dont buy this phone it sucks.
I'm very much disappointed with this phone.
please answer my questions guys.

  • Srikanth

Which ear phones shud i connect 2 F305 2 get mega bass effect. Plz reply 2 this only if u r sure abt compatibility of it.

  • polar_snow

Hi, is it possible to view 3gp videos and mp4 files in this phone?

Thank u!

  • akita

sai kiran, 04 Jan 2009ankita ...! this is kiran . yes f305 mobile can be used fo... morehello kiran !

is it big enough for watching a BP ?

  • sai kiran

ankita, 23 Dec 2008can it show full screen movie?ankita ...! this is kiran .

yes f305 mobile can be used for accesing full screen movies

play a movie & click right navigation key.

ull be succeeded..................

have a great time

  • diki

diki, 04 Jan 2009i think this phone good.....for physical look. but still many w... morei mean can't use opera mini, ebuddy, nimbuzz.
then can't install game with size over 512kb.

  • diki

i think this phone good.....for physical look.
but still many weakness....
i'm so disappointed was buy this phone....
u can use opera mini, ebuddy, and nimbuzz,
u can install game with size over 512kb
so simply menu....not like each other SE series

  • F305

Worst: Never give your CELL to SE-customer care unit.
They don't know how to handle their own products for which they are trained.
A crack has already developed in the body and the concerned person tried to get rid of my questions by saying i have to go for lunch and this must havbe happened from my side. Reality is i was watching him handling it roughly.
It even fell from his hand.

I swear i'll never buy a new model again from SE.

  • dp

there is no usb given with this.. and the handsfree given is the normal one..not even the bass effect one..
and i was told if used a walkman series handsfree with tis the phone becomes slow!!

  • dp

i bought tis phone 3 days back...sound is looks super!!! no prob with the slide mechanism..
got a few probs like..cant download themes,while u play a song in the music player the song seems to jump sometimes,picture from the pc has bad quality,the display size is the reason i guess,most important the message tone is not loud enough!! ringtone is fine.
i had w580 earlier and when f305 is compared to that, expect for the design n motion games, nothing much better than w580..

  • Kampret

is there MEGA BASS in Music Player..???

  • Anonymous

This phone freezes and hangs often and most of the time the only way to solve this is to take the battery out. Overall it's a decent phone not bad not good.

  • F305

ravi, 03 Jan 2009the phone is good mr.bap.......whet ever u r ...i dnt care but u... moreIts not a nice phone at all.
I have given it to sony ericsson customer center.
They say they can't do much about it. They r neither returning money nor replacing it.

besides that look at those 50+ games; they suck. they r meant for class 5 kids.
u'll find better games over internet. I found 3 games good and thats it.
4 of them didn't install.

Very Good music & awesome screen.

Rest is pathetic.

I totally agree with "ur bap".

  • ravi

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2008madarchod ur bap marega. phone is 3rd class. the body becomes ... morethe phone is good mr.bap.......whet ever u r ...i dnt care but u r doing worng thinking to others to buy this phone.. my frends go for this phone ..its nice phone..