Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • ravi

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2008madarchod ur bap marega. phone is 3rd class. the body becomes ... morethe phone is good mr.bap.......whet ever u r ...i dnt care but u r doing worng thinking to others to buy this phone.. my frends go for this phone ..its nice phone..

  • ravi

abhay singhania, 03 Jan 2009it has good music.good looking slider... slider lover... moreya its nice phone

  • abhay singhania

it has good music.good looking slider...
slider lovers i prefer u to buy this f305 phone.

  • me

jilted lover, 29 Dec 2008Yes, you can fix it by throwing it forcefully to a wall.real funny. it's ok now i got it replaced with the same phone but this one works. i really want a black one but i can't find it in any shops and i dont want to buy online. my sister wants the white one i got and i want a black one so she was gonna buy the black one then swap the black one with me.

  • d hell rocker

Is their any software which can be used for recording calls in F305. anyone please help in this regards.

  • F 305

Don't even think of buying it ever.

camera is super slow.
Phone hangs every now and then.
the installed games make it further slow.

Don't buy it ever. You'll lose all your money.

  • me

Where can I find a sony ericsson F305 in black in Australia?

  • me

Where can I find a sony ericsson F305 in black in Australia?

  • F305

bought this fone today....
on pressing the right side button, just below the screen, a ripple kind of thing can be seen on the screen .
Does this happens with everyone ? or there is some problem with the phone ?

can't change the theme;
camera is average.
my phone has hanged many times in the past 3 hrs.
shows memory full whenever i get a msg.
Should have listened to my friends who had advised me to buy nokia 5220......what a fool i am.

Music seems very good (for now).

  • yet!

yes! i finally found the best music fone! great sound! but cant play WMA, sony should make a walkman version of this fone. im just starting to browse the fone and im already amaze with the sound. dont complain to much about this fone, there is no all in one fone!

  • Raja


recently I purchase S E F305, but near speakers(backside) light burning battery smell is coming.
Service person told that, it is due to painting and new mobile...upto 2 weeks it will come like this.

Is this correct or not? pls tell me ur opinions.

  • Anonymous

Sometimes the F305 freezes and the only way to fix this is to reinsert the battery. I hope SE releases an update/patch for this.

  • Abhinav

There is only one game u can use teh X O buttons with.

are these things true ?
somebody reply

  • Abhinav

it said, you can't rewind or FF the track u r playing and many similar minor things.
The actual size is lesser than 2inch and there are some problems with the build of this phone.

  • Abhinav

I was about to buy this phone when i found this on the internet.
read it if you are considering buying this phone.­5/

If you guys agree with the article, fine... which one do u recommend now? and if not, then why?

  • saba

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2008First, if you had an old W-series Sony Ericsson and the headphon... moreplz tell me its music is louder than sony ericsson W300i or not?

  • vishal

i had a slider fone which broke down very fast.
same problem with this also ?

  • akriti

gka3000, 30 Dec 2008clearly i have to say that the nokia 6300 and nokia 5310 xpress ... moreWhat options are you talking about ?
is f305 not a match for them ?

  • blurgal

hi all
i m buying a phone which can call,video,message,memory card,free memory quite big,support themes(not so important),fm radio,music player,some games and battery last quite long

do u think i should buy F305 or u have other suggestion pls feel free to reply to me =)
thx all of u very much wish u all a early new year ^^

  • gka3000

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970clearly i have to say that the nokia 6300 and nokia 5310 xpress music got more options than other phone models u have asked about . so if i were u ill go for one of those two . well i will clearly go for the nokia 6300 . otherwise if i want a cheap slider with motion based games ill go for the s.e. F305 . but i suggest if ur going for s.e. phones go for k series c series or w sereis otherwise dont . cuz all the 3 series s.e. phones are shining up in the sky some even than nokia models . well i own a nokia 5700 xpress music and im going to buy a s.e. k850i so im not taking a side for any brand name . good luck .