Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305

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  • anitabh bachPan

how much does a W series handsfree cost in India ?
my retailer is not providing me with usb. y so ?
is there any chance that the price will come down by the end of jan (this model) ?

  • me

my f305 keeps freezing and cannot retrieve or send calls its not the sim card can u fix it?


Heirdy, 24 Dec 2008Hi All, I got this mobile recently and I could not install any ... morePlease make urself clear that this candy-bar slider doesn't support themes. It only comes with 4 predefined themes preloaded wich menas u cannot delete or modify them. Further info about any sony ericsson models >>>>

  • Anonymous

First, if you had an old W-series Sony Ericsson and the headphones still work, just use em for your F305. (That's what I did)

Secondly, sad to say that it doesnt support themes. I hope on day SOny Ericsson might change that.

Thirdly, if you take care of it well is will not become "greasy and dirty". (Applies to all phones)

Fourthly, music quality is pretty good compared to the W-series. Also, it has inbuilt Stereo speakers!

Lastly, the phone comes with in-built 11 games. Im not sure about other countries, but I bought mine from Boost that gave 50 extra games.

Hope this wraps it up. Oh, and also, this is a really good phone.

  • Anonymous

VIKRANT, 23 Dec 2008I M POSTING AGAIN FOR ALL YOU GUYS - Dear all, i bought thi... morein all sony mobiles if v press volume button it shows battery and memory card status but in mine its nt this happens oly in my mobile ??how 2 set themes pleas tell

  • Anonymous

ur bap, 28 Dec 2008poda patty ,thendy , this phone is amazingmadarchod ur bap marega.
phone is 3rd class.
the body becomes greasy and dirty.

  • ur bap

u5man4, 27 Dec 2008screw this fone go for w580poda patty ,thendy , this phone is amazing

  • Anonymous

u5man4, 27 Dec 2008screw this fone go for w580is the headphone really so bad???
and how is the battery?
and the keypad??as i am an avid smser i need to be comfortable with the keypad

  • u5man4

screw this fone go for w580

  • arun

does dis mob hav flashlight?? how bout de quality of camera, compared wit k series?? how bout de music quality compared to walkman series??

  • ravi

its good phone stylish n cool games its nice n dff phone..go for it it has loud music

  • krithi

kiran, 23 Dec 2008someone tell me how is this phone? i mean is this phone is lik... moreNo, tis phone s not like k530i.

  • shinobi chan-chan

i love this phoneee ♥♥♥

  • JIngFlick

vince, 26 Dec 2008can i connect internet in my laptop using GPRS in F305? specs... morethis phone can be use for modem too, that mean yes

  • Anonymous

kiran, 23 Dec 2008someone tell me how is this phone? i mean is this phone is lik... moreno its not like k530i.its a completely different fone wid grt features,grt sound quality but a very bad headfones quality..
it has not got a grt battery backup too..
but if u luking fr playing sme grt games,go fr it

  • vince

can i connect internet in my laptop using GPRS in F305?

specs shows HSCSD - "NO"

  • akriti

I want to buy this phone this new year.
how are the games and music ?
heard this piece has some problems.
plz comment.

  • cleanshot

F stands for "Fun and Entertainment"
T stands for "Basic Telephony"
i guess..

  • saba

plz give answer to dis simple question.Its sound quality is loud without earphone or not?

  • Mit

i mean better sound quality..