Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • TG


Is it really cannot use the bluetooth headset for listening MP3???

  • M A C

Can anyone tell me if this phone has Symbian OS?

  • Robbie

Hi everyone, how many smses / text messages can you store on this phone?


  • omololu

got a question.pls can someone explain this 3g of a thing to me and pls does k750i have it?

  • Dana

is it true that the k750's mp3 sound quality as good as ipod quality?
pls reply soon

  • Dr.Yasser B.K.

you can activate the sound shutter through pressing the (window #) countinously.try it now. bye.

  • Mostafa Shoukry

The best phone I have ever used. All what I wanted in the previous models is in this one.

  • Raz

How do you turn the shutter sound off on this phone? I've tried everything but nothing seems to work. If anyone knows please tell me...the sound is just too loud in quiet areas. Also is there any way to turn the speakerphone off completely? If there is then i guess there would be no shutter sound.
Thanks all

  • Anonymous

and ofcourse!:

  • Kamran

It supports MP3, Wave, MIDI and .amr files for audio and MP4 and 3GP for video.
Maybe your file is corrupted. Try other files or try same file on another mp3 player.

  • Kamran

I'm sorry. The previous message was yours. :)

  • kamran

Certainly it's not the"Best" phone in the market and I don't know which phone is the best, but I do know that it's the best phone you can buy in this price (even up to hundreds more except for W800 which has alittle upgrades) "IF" you are interested in high camera quality and music performance, and if you are into W800's style (which I think suits females better than K750 and you don't have enough money, just wait a while until it comes down.

  • Kamran

Tip for music:
If you don't see the name of track in your "playlist":
1. Connect your phone to PC.
2. Open your memory in "my computer".
3. Brows the track & right click on it.
4. Click "Properties".
5. Click "Summary" tab.
6. Type your desired name in "Title" section.
That's all!

  • Kamran

1. Battery indicator is not accurate. Sometimes it shows higher than what is in "Phone Status".
2. Pictures in closed spaces and lower lights are noisy and low focused.
3. While playing music, when you go to "Media Player" and then try to come back, the music pauses?
4. Did you guys considered that when you press joystick, it always acts as right selection key, except for the first page that act as right one (menu)?
Any comment?

  • Kamran

Music performance is "Incredible".
"Magic word" function is very quaint.
USB charging is very cool.
Picture quality (in daylight) is fantastic.
Panorama & Burst modes are amazing.
Style & design is superb. Specially zoom & camera buttons, lens cover (design & function) and my favorite backlight of keypad.

  • Kamran

It plays 3gp & mp4 video files.
Winamp media file is a file format for audio files and K750 has no problem with that.
If you want to play music while the phone is off, you should change your phone with a W800!! ;)

Unfortunely that (search mode) is a failure that is inherited from Sony and I don't know why SE persists on this issue.
Do you mean the shortcuts you identified for joystick are being reset? If yes that is not normal. It doesn't happen to mine. If no plz explain.

I heared so and also heared that ipod's headset is alittle bit better.

  • Nikola

it's the best phone after w800 and my k700i(jock)! i will buy that phone as soon as i get some money!

  • Kamran

Have you tried the "Panorama" Shoot mode?!
If not, try it now. It's amazing!...

  • Tejas

Just got my self K750i. I have to agree the sound and picture quality is great. Though I am having some problem in playing few mp3 files. There is lot of inconsistancy while playing mp3 files. Can anyone tell me what file types the phone supports. Also suggest me few sites from where i can download software for the phone like mp3 players and games etc etc...