Sony Ericsson P900

Sony Ericsson P900

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  • Peyman Adjampour

This isn't a mobile it's EVERY THING
P900 is very powerful mobile in world
I can say it's a little computer in your hands
P900 software sites is :
P900 have a 39 good software!!!
P900 Home page :

If any one have any question send me a mail

Specialy Thanks of SONY ERICSSON

  • Vernon John

the P900 should have a built in radio station or software upgrades for it and it also does not have enough memory for storage and should have real one player like the 3650`i have one my self and thats the only things i see missing

  • ramin ranjbar

plz send me detailed manual.and tell how can i find this model in iran?
thank u

  • josh

Quite simply the best "SMART PHONE" on the market. not really comparable with non smart mobiles as it is also a decent PDA. Hence the size. No complaints yet!!

  • WL

Anyone who compares the 7650 or 3650 to the P900 are nuts. Both models, although good models, are past thier prime and aren't even in the P900's league and are obsolete. Heck, not even the 3660 compares to the P900. The model that more than rivals the P900 is without a doubt it's killer, the Nokia 7700 with touch screen function and tv capabilities. P900 beware!

  • amit

anyone intersted in buying it witha tmobile contract in the us for $599 let me know .

  • collins moore

i will like to order phone from your store
best regad

collins moore

  • Kutta

bad phone ever seen in my history. ha ha ha

  • da

hey tell me can anyone tell me the sites to download free applications and stuff for the p900 ?


i am looking to buy some sonyericsson p900 200p

  • Lubomir Petkov

This is the super lux mobile phone!!!

  • Tarrooqi

I've had the p900 for 4months going, and i bought the first 4 packages which came in the country. Its very expensive but at least its the best phone ever. Thats why i bought it. It looks good too, like i'm a business man. I'm only 13 years old!!!!!!!1

  • the force

5110 is better than p900

  • Willi

" Incredible the number of applications you can download"
So you better buy a lot of the (small) 128 MB, very expansive sticks :-)))) But if you buy such an expansive phone.

  • Edgard Diaz

Excellent phone! Incredible the number of applications you can download, very easy to use, and sleek.

  • Abdul samad

The sony Ericsson is a stylish looking phone. it is a very big phone but it features are very good and stylish. Sony ericsoon should make a smaller version of P 900 and some more features.the new version should have a very posh design.

  • Abdul Samad

the p900 is stylish and looks hot. it has amazing feauters in the world

  • Willi

And the memory sticks are also very expansive .... And max. size is 128 MB ! Poor. Very poor.

  • Anonymous

The 7650 isn't even half the phone the P900 is. It may be expensive, but the P900 gives you approx 10 x the memory (inc 32Mb memory stick), a larger better screen with higher and res and more colours, an MP3/MPEG4 player, video recording is not limited to 11 seconds.....the list goes on....

  • Big Apple

Dimensions and weight of the Nokia 7650 and P900 are nearly the same :-)) But the 7650 you get for 50 bucks.