Sony Ericsson P900

Sony Ericsson P900

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  • hary col



  • Anonymous

Good phone, nicer price tag

  • myself , I and me

this is the best phone ever and I wanted to buy this phone but it is much to expensive. Good job SE! If u lower the price you will sell thousands of this phone!

  • GOBY

it's so good mobil phon but so expensive

  • Alfred Tworkowski

I want to buy Sony Ericson P900; what`s a price and where to purchase?
453 W.Oak St #F
Glendale,CA 91204,USAQ

  • Anonymous


You shouldn't have any problem using your BT carkit with a P900. The P900's connectivity is prettty solid, but obviously Nokia and SE aren't going to promise anything...

  • da

its available in india
i know its in hyderabad for 41995

  • Wayne

Hi, i have a NOKIA 6600, and i think the earpiece and call quality is crap, can anyone tell me if my NOKIA BLUETOOTH CAR KIT installed in my car will DEFINATELY work with a SONY ERICSSON P900 ?

  • John

Check out They got pretty good prices for P900.

  • predrag

Well this phone + PDA is totally the complete package. What more can you ask for?! If the P800 made its mark in the industry, we will certainly see more out of this. Its features speaks for itself!

  • Devil

Awaiting P900 successor, with 2.1MP camera and 256k color screen ;)
Till now i keep my Nokia 6600 which I think, for the PRICE DIFFERENCE, is better than this P900.

  • Anonymous

Da, I've had a P900 for a couple of months now and the web browsing is as good as any class 10 device.....

  • Hadi

Can anybody tell me how long the battery can last in real use during flip close and open.

  • moby

why is this phone so expensive can somebody tell me plz

  • jeroen

It's a REALLY great phone. I have it now for 3 weeks and NO complaints

  • jyoti

Want it but its unavailabe in India THats sad so have to buy a NOKIA

  • Gun N Roses

i think p900 is a good one, the fiture is like pda, n i like p900's size because that's not too big for me.
to anyone, pls tell me i'm a big fan of p900, i will but it, but it's still too expensive, so if i buy 2-3 moths later, will the price be reduced? will it a lot or just a few?
N i'm confuse bout input text(sms) in p900, can i do it by tap from the flip, i meant not using stylus ? please reply me

  • da

has anyone browsed the net with if so please tell me how good is it

  • da

why is it called a pda when it cant do anything more than a normal organiser unless u add some third party software
as it is it costs 930 dollors then again u have to spend on the third party applications what a rip-off
the 9210i communicator has better features what do u have to say about that boom!

  • Milin

Does anyone know of a good source to buy the P900 ?