Sony Ericsson P900

Sony Ericsson P900

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  • SE P900

I Think this phone near perfect, but it doesn't support EDGE and 3G...(like NOKIA 7700)The interface of P900 just same as P800...and little hard to use it !!!I Think SE P900 must change the interface on it !!!!!!!!NOKIA 7700 maybe more easy to use !!! But no phone is PERFECT !!!!!! you KNOW ????

  • anas

i like to obtain the price for sony ericsson p900

  • PUF D.

Typically Sony, custom processors, custom OSes-- maximizes their profits, but there is littel common with this and other smart phones based on more wide spread standards. Buy this and expect to be on the upgrade treadmill for a while.

Instead you should consider the USA TREO T600 or European Symbian/Series 60 phone, and even, a Korean PocketPC 2003 based smart phone, over this Sony..

And over time you would get more for your money.

It love this nice Japanese hardware-- but I'd never buy into its custom, tweaky, hobbled environment.

  • aurangzeb khan

i am owner of p900 so i like to be informed about this product

  • DMX


While maybe the Asian manufacturer beleives in providing the best, Nokia and maybe SE are only providing the minimun to keep us happy. SE took the leap with colour phone while samsung with tft and their polyphonic. Nokia was only providing some of them at that time.

  • da

i hate to say this but nokia and se still suck when compared to the little known manufactures of asia (korea and japan) as far as features are concerned.
all these topdogs (nokia and se) are a ripoff cause they just manipulate the features within diff models .
and still their camera quality sucks 640*480 pixels where as ntt do co mo has phones with upto 3 megapixels
wake up
nokia just started introducing 65k color screen which was introduced atleast 2 years back
and they still only have 16 - 32 poly ringtones
japenese counterparts have got 64poly
same with video capabilities
u see the only problem is that these phones are not available worl wide
but nokia and se should upgrade to the new technologies very fast
and give us good features
if asians could do it then why not u nokia or se?

  • da

hey basse
everyone knows that se is coming out with a better phone than p900 in 1q 2004 .i just dont ahve the link now but i'll put it up later . but u can check the sharp gx22 with 262k colors on this site even the lg 8150 has got a 262k screen

  • Basse

What better phone are you talking about, thats arriving in 1Q 2004? Anyway, no comparrison can be made, with P900. Amazing phone, thats the way of puttin it! Anyway: What sharp are ya talkin about, with 262 k colors? Your all wrong buddy - or maybe just throw us a link!!

  • BOOM

@Aleef Davis,

P900 does not support EDGE, but my question is does your network provider already supports EDGE? EDGE support was just recently announced by some network provider. EDGE will not be fully operational for some time... anyway its your choice...

  • SE & O2 USER

XDA II & P900 it's nice device...coz i have it this two device!

  • Aleef Davis

this phone seems to be the ultimate phone 4 me. What i'd like to know is if the phone is compatible with the edge technology . I'm a fan of ericsson phones but the simply nokia's r using the edge tech. I need an immediate response please. thanks

  • yas

P900 is very amazing and wonderful than other mobiles, and it is perfect and wonderful

  • steven got this and i got it, really good. Yea u can sync the mp3 files using the cradle. You gotta open the file you installed with the cd they give u and just drag ur files to it.

  • Anonymous

Is it possible to transfer MP3 files to your phone using the sync cradle? I've been trying but I think I'm doing it wrong....

  • Anonymous

I'm not waiting for anything. I work for O2 and get everything for free!

  • Jacky

Yeah man, better 2 wait 4 sometime. i dun really need a new one now. Will get new one at good time 4 sow off hehe

  • da

i suggest to all that we should wait for another 6 months then there will be better phones available and the current phones like the p900 will become very cheap in front of the new generation of phones
especially when u are spending nearly $1000 and in 4-6 months it does not halve even half its value
what do u guys have to say about that

  • DA

even lg 8150 has 262k screen and this site says it has 64 mb internal mem where as no mmc and only 2h talktime
pls correct the above facts if there is any thing wrong writeen here

  • da

hey why doest se or nokia take some real steps foward by introducing phones with high resolution cameras in megapixels like do co mo s505is it has 1.3 megapixel resoultion also to upgrade to 262k tft screen or more
i dont like the way either se or espcially nokia where they come up with different models with cheap features and nothing new only that one model doesnt have one important feature where as the other has it

  • da

is it really worth buying the p900 knowing that se will launch a better phone only in the 1Q of 2004. what u guys say?