Sony Ericsson P900

Sony Ericsson P900

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  • jacky

....And also plz give me the prices in NZ or aussie if you know or elsewhere!!! i woudlike to get one!!!!

  • Jacky

hi guyz,

So how is the quality of this phone!!! Should be good ey, anyone who has been using it that plz give me some comment!!! thanks buddy!

  • Branislav

P 900 is the best. Very smart and very easy.

  • BOOM


sorry no time 2day to make comparison between pixels of p9 and sharp, but you can do it yourself, the p900 screen is very stunning compared to p800, that m sure, and it is gooed enough for me

  • Try n Test!

oh yea...btw SE P900 can set MP3 music to become your ringtones!02 XDA cannot do that....

  • O2 XDA II & P900

wowwwww...the both devices bluetooth can send data up to 10mb without miss connection,i've try it!

  • da

hey boom how much is the effective pixel resoultion of the p900 and is it better than the sharp gx-20

  • Pian900

Got my P900 for two weeks now, upload handy day and quickoffice apps, search for mp4 converter to play movie files, copy mp3 files for music, set wap, internet and mms connections - after doing all these, all i can say is wow, there is little you can think of what it cant do now. Its worth every penny spent, no regrets just all thrill.

  • BOOM


why dont you 1st read all the reviews from mobileburn, my-symbian, or go to the official SE web site...

it has a touch screen, so it has a handwriting recognition like JOT, plus the virtual keyboard, then the flip keypad...

what else do you need? a full size keyboard? well try the bluetooth keyboard from microsoft, it might work...i'm not sure.

  • da

one of the sights said that there is no handwriting recognition for the p900 is this true or is this some shit nokia loving rumour spreading site

  • SE P900

the words is not enough to say about this phone!i have SE P900 N O2 XDA II,i can transfer data between this two devices,n i've a lot software of P900 n XDA II,i think it's worted a lot!bravo SONYERICSSON n O2

  • da

hi does the p900 have a built in answering machine facility and does it have speaker phone

  • Basse

Thx Tzar. I agree in every word you just said. If someone is complayining about the size, they should compare it with another PDA such as HP and Compaq and so on. Of course you cant compare this with a samsung. Samsung menu's REALLY STINKS and besides it a foldable phone for Girls in pink. I really think the price is very reasconable, cause you get so much + a foldable and removable keyboard, whith T9 and great keyes. This is a feature, that no one else PDA can compare with. Simply SE is the best brand, best menues, best interface, no shutdowns, huge memory capebilities with Memory stick, and a 256 + 512 comming up soon. MP3, Camera, Video Recorder / Player, notebook and organizer! Best buisness and fun tool ever made! Im getting this for shure! So Samsung lovers: Take a hike wet pants! :D

  • SilentS!

SE P900 quite simply the best phone in the world. Nough said :-)

  • Sutheep

Hi there! It has already been a week and 1/2 that I bought P900 and it seems that it's very difficult for me to find new-new themes to download. I'v seen in,, most of them have for T610 and Z600 which I'v used before, but now can anybody tell me where to find (updated)themes for P900. Thanks a lot. Bye

  • Dr T610

sorry i mean than i expected.

  • Dr T610

I just had a preview of this phone today at a sony shop,it is lighter and smaller i than expected.this phone is simply brilliant NOTHING ELSE comes close!!!
I just wish i had the money to buy it though;)

  • Abdul Aziz Bin Bujan

Sony Ericsson P900 is the best features among other h/phone and reasonable prize.

  • BOOM

all those who think that P900 is is not a great phone, are just sour grapes who can't afford this phone, sure it is expensive, but you are buying the best phone/pda at the moment... if NOKIA ever put up a phone that can equal what the P900 can do, then Im sure it will be at the same cost or even more expensive compared to the P900, it is like buying a mercedes benz you know... a kia will not come close to the price of a benz... I say NOKIA, SIEMENS, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA SHAPE UP and try to compete with the P900 and then give us better prices that will force SE to lower the price of P900

  • AKI

you cant put a 1gb memory stick in p900.the largest memory is 128mg.