Sony Ericsson T303

Sony Ericsson T303

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  • Dodex

This is s..t of mobile you can have maximum 4 songs and camera sucks my mobile have 3.15 mp and this dosent have video recorder and it does not have micro sd case.This mobile sucks.

  • Anonymous

lynn, 08 May 2009i just brought this phone like a week ago. it looks fine to... moreIn my country where temperatures soar to 50 in mid-summer, the phone still freezes!

  • Anonymous

Worst phone I have ever had. Can't see the screen in the sunlight and stupid cancel button is fiddly and too close to end button. So annoying

  • fred

Couple of calls and SMS daily and battery holds 10-11 days, which is awesome

  • lynn

i just brought this phone like a week ago. it looks fine to me as i on the phone everyday. the comments about the phone freezes, i have no idea how it does but in my country, it doesn't snow so i don't really care about it. besides that, its the cheapest SE hp i ever brought!

  • Helen

anyone know how to block numbers on this phone, or can i?

  • freaky

I got this phone 5 months ago for my second phone. I like it because it is small and it is very nice in silver color. I'm not using the camera or music player because i have other phone, the only minus is the keyboard.

  • Anonymous

I just bought the t303 yesterday and I'm not finding it as bad as the other people are, all I wanted anyaway when I bought the phone was the 1.3 megapixels it has and I like the picture quality and mass storage is a bonus. I like it.

  • heema99

does not receive specific songs ,why? this phone must be improved so much better

  • heema99

not good games,no expanable memory,the net does not work,and camera quality not good

  • rambabu

nana appiah, 21 Apr 2009i wud hav luvd if the phone had a memory slotwhy is not having expandable memory?

  • Rick

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2009does this phone work in the US GSM 850 / 1800 / 1900 - T303a
this GSM 1900 would work on T-Mobile and AT&T GSM networks.

  • Anonymous

does this phone work in the US

  • Rick

does the USB support charging, sending sms from PC ?

  • berber

As a phone , great size , I can put in some mp3 ringtones . I would have considered it enough for me but it's very low volume speakerphone ,made me drop it off .
Lack of ext card made the camera almost unusable ,
but I would not use it's camera anyway .

  • Sparkie101

Lovely phone love it and no memery card dont matter as that is not why i buy a phone it is a stuning phone nice work u did a good job

  • SE T303 user


I got my unit from a Sony Ericsson Concept Shop, so i know it's original. I'm also very careful with my gadgets so the issues are with the phone, not my handling of it.

Yes, it freezes once in while.

Another problem that came up, when writing sms, the right/forward side of the d-pad does not work all the time, i have to press it twice or harder to make space or move from one character to another (i find the space button at the bottom of the phone is hard to reach when writing sms.)

Being an SE fan, i would still buy their phones, but from now on, i will stick to higher end models.

  • nana appiah

i wud hav luvd if the phone had a memory slot

  • Noel

the phone freezes once in a while??? is this true????

r u sure u r talking about the ORIGINAL se t303 phones?! coz i think sony ericsson wont release such phones with these noticeable problems. i dont know...but please verify.

the 8mb memory doesnt matter to me. the specs are clearly stated even before so the one who are complaining about these issues are likely the ones that go to war without knowing first their enemy!

you people are complaining about craps of these phone not knowing you yourselves are responsible for these. you bought something you arent sure about! then starts to complain later on.

but about the freeze thing etc...thats really a crap if its true.

  • lefahlazen

sory guys but ur phone realy sucks,myb wit more features it wld bn beta.