Sony Ericsson T68i

Sony Ericsson T68i

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  • zark

homer whats you favorite mobile provider?

  • frida

[deleted post]what about the T68i?

  • frida

[deleted post]can you please talk for the phone?

  • BILL

HEYYY are you the g-u-(a)-y wearing the ray-bans?cause i see right now a really cute blond boy wearing raybans and speaking on the phone ... and guess what .. his phone is t68i !??is that you ?

  • bill

im sorry karanasios .. can i ask you something? are you famous ? cause i think that i've heard you name again...and i think i've seen you on a hollywood film ... are you an actor? do you like this phone ?

  • bill

i just came back from my trip to Albania ... I had a terrific time and i got the chance to buy this wonderful phone ...the pics it takes are so nice that i will do a photoshoot with this phone ! thank you s.e. for this device

  • clintoy01

this was my 1st colored phone when i was in 3rd grade,, i fined it so cool,,

  • philh

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2010Great phone. At school i'm still THE MAN with this thing. G... moreGPS... riiiight..

  • Anonymous

Great phone. At school i'm still THE MAN with this thing. Guys want to have him and girls all want to be my girlfriend!! hee is sooo cool, nice colorscreen/internet/mp3/GPS ect. ect.
Best phone outthere!!!!

  • SE boy

because they still have it.. OLD SKOOL!! :)

  • Anonymous

why are people still commenting on this?

  • t68i past user

This phone was reliable and had a good call quality when i had it, i passed this on to my father and it failed after 7 years heavy use- on the whole a no frills but very easy to use mobile for those that don't want too many extra features.

  • Adris

It was my firdt phone, it`s pretty!!!1

  • Dainius

Is it the greatest design of the mobile ever or what? Loved it. Haven't seen such a nice phone since this one appearance. Thinking of getting one again. Have to say because of this phone I turned to using SE and will be..

  • Anonymous

i like this phone.. it has bluetooth and infrared. it hate the scroll.. :(

  • Fonejacker1973

I had 1 of these phones when they 1st came out in 2002...its by far 1 of the best phones ever led the way for the current sony ericsson phones....i have just purchased a 2nd hand t68i today as a 2nd phone just for nostalga reasons & i love it all over again.....back in the day it was the most advanced phone on the market....8yrs later it still as lots of highed features like used on current phones!!!!! i have a wide knowledge about phones i have owned well over 100 different phones since 1993 & used them all to the max!!!!!!! ppl that slag this phone off really dont know anything about phones at all

  • ZZZ

Nick, 12 Aug 2009Back in 2001 they wanted $900 Aust dollars for this phone b... moreIt is kinda outdated right? I mean 8 YEARS?!


sexy baby ;]


This Phone was amazing!!! I remember my bro had it back in 2002 and i still use it !


  • bhaggu

Tomer Shklar, 21 Mar 2002Super Cool Phone!!!! rocks....