Sony Ericsson T68i

Sony Ericsson T68i

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  • Dimitris Archontis

My first mobile phone (2003) with colour screen,very strong,no many memories......

  • Pepeng Balbon

My very first phone. Small in size, big in features.

  • Anonymous

I am also in South Africa.
I have a brand new unused T68i still in its box with the box contents.
Interested ?

  • Anonymous

This is the only phone I paid full price for. Very attractive and I still have it. I had it unlocked and use it for travel in Europe or Asia.

  • PaSTech

I'm is South Africa, I would love to get another T68i, but I can't seem to get one anywhere...? I BELIEV THIS IS BEST LOOKING PHONE EVER...

  • PaSTech

I got my SE T68i in April 2000, I used it for about three years then sold it, after getting a new Nokia on new contract. T68i is still one of the best phones I've ever had, why don't the folks at SE re-launch a newer version, with updated hardware, it would be the sexiest phone ever...

  • м&#107

Just this...
One of the best S E phones...
Still have it still use it...

  • usmani m f

i have t 68i can u belive it i am useing uptill now since 1994 n i have attch camara also n working also it one of the best phone of it time n i love this phone.

  • rehman

HM thts my first phone when i was in seventh standard now i had iphone 4 but i still miss this one

  • Jorge Arturo

my first GSM phone, and the first with color screen, I was in first year of college when it went out, it was the coolest phone

  • Michikake

This is my second phone.. And I really really love this.. I can surf internet with this phone.. and very very good.. I love this phone..

  • karine

my dad had one of those xD

  • Anonymous

i remember I have to borrow this from my younger sister and i would really buy her a lot of stuff before she would agree hehehe... coolest phone ever during that time... i was ahh cant remember anymore

  • JJ

this was one of my first phones, third or fourth... but it was hot at his time. great phone ;)

  • Anonymous

this was my first phone..I had to share it with my brother..haha..good times :))

  • kraz

u guys are kidding but this phone was one of the first to ever have blue tooth and camera when i got it back then everyone was like daaaaamn :)

  • missmandyy

My Granny has it
when she was 35...

  • Yigkamas

Does anbybody know how to get tomtom working on this phone. I did downloaden it from the app store, but i dont get a fix. Please tell me, i did pay 50 dollar for the software, and now it´s not working..and that´s not nice at all.

for the rest its really nice phone

  • koll

my favourite mobile provider is o2...what about you darling?

  • zark

homer whats you favorite mobile provider?