Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • denzal

If U have pls, send to my email
Thanks bafore

  • denzal

how much the SE XPeria X1? pls give me an answer soooooooonnnnnnnn.....I really need a new phone but confused which one is better

  • amii

how much mega pixel has this phone got?

  • TM

apt.pupil, 04 Jul 2009oh my bad. the E90 does not have winmo iirc. go for the X... morethx...!



  • Tuks

please make sure that this phones price does not go down because it will be seen as cheap... and ive spent alot of money on this phone, please please make sure because i LOVE this phone... give it a chance on the market before releasing the X2.

  • j.kotaiah

very very good

  • phoenix

can the camera shutter sound be turned off ?

  • Anonymous

Please someone should help me here.i have this phone for about 2 months now,but the battery is a problem,i have to charge every now and then.Any solution to that?please help,my email is

  • Akritas

oh ! i forgot, where is the soun? where is the sound...?!?!?!?!?!

  • Akritas

X1 good fone but... time to time and for a few seconds dosnt work, i must wait...., i cant write with the keyboard in my lang only in english !!! then why i need this? i hoope that SE fix this in X2 i hope coz i like that phone

  • Black Racer

Dear readers,

I am a X1 user.My feedbak is its a awesome phone.Don't take it as I am a user of it.If u really want to know about X1 plz make visit to market and take X1 in ur hand then tell how u feel about its build quality.U r saying software is bad ok.Who wants to buy this phone plz go to market and use it some times or from others.Then u will know waht u have used.

Its a awesome phone.Nokia is good but not competible with windows mobile.Guys this a windows mobile.Almost u can do everything with it.And who have used a windows touch mobile he\she cant use a smartphone.I can beat on it!

Ok now i need some help.Anyone here using x1 plz can help me where i can have net frame work 3.5.Plz give the link.


Ornob Hasan

  • Pongal

I just bought a sony ericsson XPERIA X1 2weeks ago and now it doesn't work anymore. I go back at the store to ask some help and they said that the software is the culprit.

Oh cmon.. I was really disappointed coz i've been an SE user for nearly 3 years and this never happened on my previous phones.

Expensive but not perfect and software is really bad.

  • ather

i want to buy either Xperia X1 or HTC Touch Diamond 2. Which one would u recommend?

  • Anonymous

you can said more information about caracteristics like memory or something like that. please

  • ps

SE Xeria X5 Announced,

Android V2.0
8.1MP Camera
7.2 Mbps
3.5mm Audio out
TV out­704151734_MDK719/20090704151734_MDK719.dbp.asp

  • ps

SE Xeria X5 Announced,

Android V2.0
8.1MP Camera
7.2 Mbps
3.5mm Audio out
TV out

  • karen

where i can download the 3D touch flow for sony xperia??

  • Ronin

anybody can help me through forwarding a sms?

  • apt.pupil

apt.pupil, 04 Jul 2009"HI all, I am considering to go for X1 or E90, however I am a... moreoh my bad.

the E90 does not have winmo iirc.

go for the X1. the extra money is worth it.

plus the video quality is the best i have seen- and i sell mobile phones for a living

  • apt.pupil

TM, 02 Jul 2009HI all, I am considering to go for X1 or E90, however I am ab... more"HI all,

I am considering to go for X1 or E90, however I am abit confused as to which to buy. Forget about the touchscreen feature, I would like some help from the user who have used these sets to advise me based on the Office funtionality, wireless connectivity, and 3G capabilitie of this sets.

Basically I am looking for a set that can be used besides using a notebook. mobility at its best.

All comments / advise is hightly appreciated on this matter.

cheers all,



windows mobile 6.1 offers microsoft office standard included in the software(wird, XP, powerpoint, outlook, one note)that supports microsoft office 2007 format documents, as well as the standard documents.

Windows mobile also offers the fastest document synching and full outlook synchronising features(email accounts, emails, contacts, appointments and reminder synchronising). If you have windoze Xp, you need to install acvtiesync from the disk. If you have vista, just plug it into your computer and vista will download the windoze mobile device centre, which will look after your synching for you

as for the P1, i don't know if that has winmo on it.