Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • e71 users

i wonder why the x1 voting results are higher then e71&bold?

  • Anonymous

I have used theX1 - unfortunately!

and I have used several - it was hard for me to beleive SE can make such a flop.

But I ma not the only one think this.

SE X1 was selected and published as:

˝X1 is one of the biggest flop of 2008!˝

˝It may have been the most eagerly awaited telephone of the year... and it may well have been the most disappointing telephone of the year, too. Introduced in February with (almost) operational prototypes, the phone has only just become available in stores. Its “revolutionary” Windows Mobile interface was not only slow, but it also wasn’t any more functional than other operating systems from HTC, Samsung or Asus. And since there’s only one Windows Mobile model from Sony Ericsson, developments for the proprietary interface, quite naturally, are scarce. What was supposed to be the ultimate smartphone is at best only passable, and at worst a total failure.˝

In case you are so lucky to get a good working one - be happy but do not question others´integrity.

  • e71 user

to all x1 users

im currently using e71,since the qwerty button's a bit too small i want to buy a new phone. but still confuse in choosing either x1 or bb bold 9000

which one do you guys recommend?

got some question on x1
1.hows the performance compare to e71? (booting time,running multiple progs etc) long is the battery last?lots of friend of mine use bbbold their battery only last like 1day only the paint scratch easily?coz i've seen some demo units on the store,and i can see lots of scratches unlike e71 & bold thx

  • Anonymous

George, 04 Apr 2009I got the X1 one week ago & I am suffering from charging the bat... moreTO me it seems quite odd. However, it takes couple of charges before the battery can work on its full capacity. It could take such a long time maybe due to a faulty adapter? Or the power requirements arent the same?(like 110V or 220V)

  • George

I got the X1 one week ago & I am suffering from charging the battery, as it takes aroung 5-6 hours just to charge the battery, however the battery is OK as it stays for 1 to 1.5 day with huge usage including, push mail, intentet, lots of voice calls & SMSs)
Please help me, should I return it or its nprmal to take such time in charging it
Thanks & waiting your soonest feedback

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2009Disadvantages: 1: poor reception 2: lousy camera 3: u... morehas this guy used an x1

1: poor reception ... its not the best but its average

2: lousy camera.... camera is good mid range camera touch focus and sport mode work really well

3: unreliable OS - WinMo..... highley usable expandble os with tons of free apps

4: outrages quality control - cracked case............ no case problems built really well

5: bad battery performance .... this battery destroys iphone /n96 / most other multimedia phones tested running i player on all 3 via wifi n96=2hr iphone= 3.5 se =4+ hours still 30% battery

6: slow performance....faster than n96 dont notice lag myself

7: xxK color :))) ............screen has way higher definition u can only c a few more colours who cares.

8: limited memory (internal) *gb card o no £20 aghh huge price how do i afford it lol

in summary use an x1 before u critisise sum ppl love it some hate but dont lie.

  • sam

It'a a wonderful pc-phone that accepts all applications, I installed msn , skype , facebook panel & many tools that provided me with reliability & flexibility.Alsom the touch panel make the phone easier,it's simply the best till now.

  • Anonymous

Well I've had Nokia's for the past 4 years and know how it works, now that I purchased an X1a. I've got to tell you there's so many retrictions for Symbian users, WinMo is the clear winner over Symbian. It's early days on my 1st WinMo device and I still have a lot to learn, so many possibilities with WinMo. On other forums like HoFo, all they can say is WinMo sucks because its too complicatied. Everytime I see that I think to myself too complicated for their caveman brain(me make call, me no use WinMo).

  • nima

hi there,
I'm going to buy my LOVELY black SE X1 tomorrow,
it is best phone ever,,,
please help me with problems in future,,

thank you.,,,

  • nima

hi there.
I'm going to buy my LOVELY black Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 tomorrow, it is best phone ever....
please help me if i have problems in future...

thank you.

  • X1

65K screen??????? Is this some kind of joke?! What is their problem?!

  • Anonymous


1: poor reception

2: lousy camera

3: unreliable OS - WinMo

4: outrages quality control - cracked cases

5: bad battery performance

6: slow performance

7: xxK color :)))

8: limited memory (internal)


1: SE has an excuse - made by HTC

2: SE promised never let HTC make another SE model

3: not made by Sagem (like other SE models)

4: new model is announced already (Idou)

5: most people not surpriced

6: offered free with return/echange policy

7: slow sales (not many people got burned with this model)

8: it used to be very expensive

No wonder SE loses money each quarter.

  • Alex

i bought experia week ago after long experiance with pocket pc's all i can say is this device is the best ever its amazing , features performance i realy love this PDA everyday discovering new thing in it............

  • sarmad

i was in a mood to buy this set but after reading many opposing views .............i m not interested to buy i.....soooooo....!!

bubye SONY XPERIA ............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kovnejok

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2009I am going go for this phone Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1..... My no... more100%agree had nokia n95 8gb a year ago,and im not satisfied,now im switching x1,and now im fully satisfied with my x1.

  • omer

Divy, 03 Apr 2009Hey! i realy like this phone. Can anyone please tell me if it ha... moremsn messenger is easily available and can be installed in cell phones.

  • Ali

Divy, 03 Apr 2009Hey! i realy like this phone. Can anyone please tell me if it ha... moreHi, yes it does. i just got mine recently and found it has MSN and messenger live : )

  • BADly True :(

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2009i've had this phone for almost 2 months. first week was great. t... moreI was very exited on buying this after reading all this good review on it.... but as for my user experience... i would say very disapointing...

becasue of the small screen size and the always logging part. have to soft reset 2X a day..

low phone memory!!!!!!!!!!!!

the only thing great is that it is WINDOWS Mobile with many application.. but even that u cannot enjoy because of logging.. hanging..

Not worth the price i would go for the OMNIA or the HTC Pro2....

  • Divy

Hey! i realy like this phone. Can anyone please tell me if it has the msn messenger application? as i dont see it in the screen shots...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2009How do u change the time to have AM and PM on it? It keeps givin... moreTap start/settings/system/regional settings/time/time style