Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • ritzKH

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970If so, just go back to your good damn symbian.

  • Mister

sony ericsson xperia x1 the best !!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2009 Microsoft has long been the scapegoat for other people's mistak... moreYes, do not blame MS :)))
MS has been known to be so reliable.

MS always deliver finished products - no need for update or fix.

Summary: everything is just your fault! :)

  • Anonymous

Bich Le, 22 Mar 2009The X1 came out a little too late. The features were "hot" when ... moreI agree.

The specs are old and outdated!

Another issue(s) is that it is made by HTC - and HTC smartly did not do a good job.

I wonder why SE was so... to give away the manufacturing to HTC.

Now. SE announced HTC will never make another SE model.

  • Bich Le

The X1 came out a little too late. The features were "hot" when they were announced LAST YEAR. Now it's just "2000-late".

  • grega

its still the dream phone for me. it has it all great functions, and amazing looks. love the qwerty, the screen, new legend

  • abed

plz ,people who tried the x1 tell me if it a good phone for bisiness

  • Anonymous

Sony Ericsson seems to be adopting a strategy of sticking to one model of Windows Mobile Phone and giving it all the support it can which is good for Xperia X1 user. It will be releasing 3 new Panels soon for the X1. have a exclusive preview at these beta panelswhich include a CNN panel, Skype, gaming panel, and a panel called On The Road which can record your location through the GPS and connects to Google Maps to show you where you have been.

  • Charbz

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2009 Microsoft has long been the scapegoat for other people's mistak... moreWOW!! Another human being who actually knows what's going on!!!

Very rare...

I agree entirely...

  • Anonymous

In general most screens are 16 million colours but do NOT show that amount and anyway the colours are only used in shading and the amount of shading over a 3inch display can never ever show 16million colours. You cannot sit there and tell me you can tell the difference on a small mobile screen. Resolution is key in showing a crystal clear display and as we know the xperia has the highest resolution screen is the buisness.Go and compare the horrid QVGA screen sported on most n-series with the tremendous WVGA res seen in the Xperia. 5times the amount of pixels absolutely destroys the poor nseries screen.

  • Anonymous

Microsoft has long been the scapegoat for other people's mistakes. If ones device acts up because of all the badly written software loaded on it by the end user or by the fact they do not know how to increase file systems cache's etc they will quickly point the finger at the Windows Mobile. Don't criticize what you don't understand.

  • Anonymous

only I should own this phone! :P

  • agk

to gaurav..

dont buy this fone..... find some alternives.. maybe omnia i900 from samsung..

this fone isnt really good.

  • Auris

How about colors of display - 65K. Very few...

  • Gaurav

I m going to buy x1 after few hrs. So any one pls tell me wht to check at the time of buying it.
Thnks in advance

  • Serik

How I can make ringer stronge,button full but sound no good???

  • Anonymous

JK, 21 Mar 2009Buying a SE smartphone/pda based phones are quite dangerous. the... morethey dont want to hurry because SE is waiting for WM 7 and Android and they will be the only OS which SE will use.
I just cant wait to see SE X2 with WM 7. that will be the best phone ever. But I must say that X1 was the best phone of 2008

  • JK

Buying a SE smartphone/pda based phones are quite dangerous. they do not have a clear roadmap as to where they're heading. They started with Symbian UIQ, then went on to WinMo and now heading to Symbian Open Source Platform. This means sw support and apps are becoming very shortlived. I thought they should have continued with WinMo 6.5. Anyway, i don't think Sony liked the idea of going with WinMo since they are competitors with Microsoft on the X-Box and PS.

Also heard rumours that Sony is planning to break up with Ericsson. Idou is clearly a Sony invention ... seems like they didn't like the approach of asking HTC to design their phones.

Personally, X1 is a great business device but not a multimedia one. Camera and sound quality (output though phone speakers) are a complete wash out. I'd certainly recommend the HTC Touch HD or Omnia (if you're on a tight budget).

If you're happy to go with Symbian, try Nokia 5800XM or wait for the N97 or Samsung Omnia HD.

  • Anonymous

someone could you please tell me how to remove blackstone theme on xperia and replace it with x panels,I tried removing it from remove programs but it didn't work. after keeping this blackstone theme my phone always hangs,I have to remove battery to turn on again,plese please help me..please pleaseee

  • Anonymous

If your going to be critical then at least try and make a decent attempt. Your saying the winmo experience offers eyecandy?!Symbian apps n general usage is far more graphic. however symbian is a developers nightmare and the 3rd party apps are lacking in functionality. WM is a pleb killer, get it if you know computers.