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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous

not the keyboard,the phone itself

  • Anonymous

Please Somebody helpe me to Change the language from french to English?I really neeeded.

  • Nima

does Xperia X1 work without sim?
does x1 support 16GB memory card?


  • Anonymous

Sizzy, 25 Feb 2009Please Somebody helpe me to Change the language from french to E... morefor changing the harware keyboard language change this key in registeditor(registery)

English to= 409 (tested - works)
Finnish to= 40b (tested - works)
Swedish to= 41d (tested - works)
German to= 407 (tested - works)
Italian to= 410 (tested - works

see this pic too


  • coakin

X1 is a stunningly beautiful phone and the performance and everything is great.

Of course, it will not satisfy everybody. I've used R380s, P800, P990 and now X1. They just keep getting better.

The X1 is the best SE PDA I've used so far.

There are some few things I miss out of the Symbian based systems but I have no regrets with the X1 at all.

My gripes,
the font sizes are too small even at the highest resolution. I bought the SPB keyboard and had it installed. (Marginally improved virtual keyboard).

The touchscreen response and the handwriting recognition is not as nice as the P990.
The screen is not wide enough (in portrait mode). The virtual keyboard characters are too small. The hardware keyboards are not as brightly illuminated as what you have on the P990.

SE, it's unfair that an elegant and pricey phone like the X1 did not ship with a phone cover and extra-screen protectors.

Internet and WiFi connection is very fast.

1. wider screen (when held in portrait mode).
2. longer battery life. as an alternative ship it with an extra battery.
3. Improve on the hardware keyboard.
4. Improve the touchscreen and handwriting recogition.
5. Windows Mobile please increase the size of your fonts for WinMobile phones.

I've gone to this extent because I am looking forward to SE Xperia 2, Xperia 3 or whatever SE will call them.

  • Sizzy

Please Somebody helpe me to Change the language from french to English?I really neeeded.

  • Anonymous

ericcson is a very experienced european telecommunications company and sony invented the stereo walkman together they are very expert team with more potential than nokia in terms of music,photo/video,multimedia

  • Anonymous

....with it. When it comes to application programs that you want to install, it should be compatible with Windows or else you may not be able to install that particular application. Unlike symbian and android the windows OS of X1 is boosted by 256 RAM which gives a high performance capability to its system.
All in all the Sony's Xperia X1 is stylishly made and powerful enough to suite your life style. The quality of this phone can be of the same level of Apple Iphone. Though you might not be too satisfied with the touch screen experience like the Iphone but rest assured that the great features it has to offer will be quite different and you will be amazed when you got to owned one of these.
Summary: Amazing smartphone

  • Anonymous

After more than a month of use with what would probably be one of the best Smartphone in the current market, I can now say that it's incredible! The Xperia X1 from Sony Ericsson looks very elegant when you got to hold it personally. From its accessory alone to the smooth style of the phone, it was totally a great experience. It is architecturally made wherein you can tell that is carefully manufactured. It's not surprising at all why it is a bit pricey compared to other phone brands.
The X1 provides a very easy to use keyboard, lots of fantastic options and features to choose from and also allows you to connect to the internet a very high speed. Yes it's true I can access the web using wireless broadband connection at the speed of 7.2 megabyte per seconds though the downside was it is costlier than usual maybe because of the speed connection. But as much as possible you try to use wifi signal whenever necessary because it's free and available in most commercial places. I also found out that the battery of X1 can last much longer comparable to my T-Mobile G1 and N85 phones and I think it's around 3 hours difference when used continuously. Another thing is the data storage inside the phone looks pretty low, but what keeps me wondering was the size of allowable memory card that you can put into the phone which is a lot of times bigger than the physical memory of the phone itself. From symbian to android operating system that I'm using with my phone, now it's time for me to evaluate the OS that the xperia x1 offers. Before Sony Ericsson uses symbian OS which they acquired to Nokia but with this Smartphone they shifted to Windows Mobile version 6.1 which is the same OS used by HTC mobile company. The advantage of this OS is you can view and edit MS Office documents weather Word or Excel easily just like you normally do with a regular computer, everything has a professional aspect. Typing on its well designed keyboard is not that difficult and I'm very comfortable

  • farid

I am sonyericsson customer since i am using mobile phone.i have used so many models like p800,p900,p910,p990, p1 etc. and now i have xperia.its very good and stylish mobile.i have never seen mobile like this before.
it has so many options which other models dont have.i will suggest everyone to buy it.its so touchy and good looking mobile

  • goGO

can you change the keyboard to qwertz instead of qwerty, 'cause i'm from bosnia, europe, so i'm used to qwertz.

  • Ray UK

Adi, 24 Feb 2009Hai Ray..I want to know about the issue that X1 have a problem w... moreWhat problems are you referring to? Can you elaborate please?

Ray UK

  • Adi

Ray UK, 23 Feb 2009Aan, Glad to hear that you've decided to get an X1 too. And t... moreHai Ray..I want to know about the issue that X1 have a problem with some softwares because of the screen resolution..

  • Saeed

Pros:1-good processing speed,2-more than enough memory,3-great display(good resolution,depth and color distribution),4-all data communication means available,5-wonderful panels,6-touch aligned focusing

Cons:1-small hardware keys,2-metal and plastic body dont blend together very good(metal back scratches the platic parts),3-bulky,4-strange charging habits,5-not as good as claimed battery,5-oddly placed volume rocker,6-oddly placed loud speaker,7-not a very good camera,8-small fonts even at highest magnification level(not good for short sighted people)

  • steveg

so what kind of bugs are on the phone with its current firmware?

  • Anonymous

SE FAN BOYS Can enjoy with their XPERIA X1 With Motorola Qualcomm processor

  • Anonymous

I had this phone and returned it next day. The keyboard slides out easily when you grab the phone. WinMo OS freezes often. It is hard to make a call using a resistive touch screen. Panels are buggy, they have problems with screen refresh and freeze the phone when you operate them. Overall the UI of WinMo is not optimized for small touch screen and fast use of a phone, it was dedicated for a PDA with stylus (it has too small graphical controls painted for finger touch). Get a Blackberry and see how easy and logic is to navigate among its menus although you don't even have a touch screen. For a phone its reliability and fast manipulation are the keys of success and here WinMo is out of discussion.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2009stupid symbian user,wimmo is the best for web live video steami... more but your OBVIOUSLY a Symbian user.With such appalling grammar you couldn't be anything else!LOL

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Feb 2009 Your to stupid to own a WinMo device...i advise you to get a no... morestupid symbian user,wimmo is the best for web live video steaming than annoying symbian

  • Anonymous

Symbian 3rd party applications are really very poor, even more so when compared with WM fantastic software library. Anyone tried Documents To Go Premium Edition 3.0?