Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • animale

Everybody talks about 65k colors... this is not about xperia x1, this is because of win mobile capabilities. So don't keep blaming x1 about that!

  • Anonymous

This opinions section is full of misinformation. WM6 and above supports SDHC cards(upto 32GB)

  • Flavius

1. you can download games directly from the phone, if you have an internet connection. you can see the available games for x1 on;
2. the memory card is the same as on any other (newer) sonyericsson phones, you can search the maximum storage on a local provider, i found some with 4GB, but i'm not sure this is the maximum available...

  • Richard Cunningham

SymbianWorld, 12 Nov 2008Here a comparison between the X1 and the N96: http://symbianwor... moreNobody from a Symbian website will give a worthwhile assessment. For a start they wouldn't have the faintest idea how to tweak a WinMo handset for peak preformance, furthermore symbian users like to be fed a diet of self appreciation. N96 is not a professional device, nothing proves this more than the fact you cannot even copy and paste a url from a webpage.

  • Ralphy

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Did you have to purchase coreplayer or where can I download mobile version for free I'm getting the X1 tommorow can't wait..........

  • Ralphy

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2008Does the SE X1 comes with a stylus included in the package???thx... moreYes the X1 comes with additional stylus.

  • Anonymous

Does the SE X1 comes with a stylus included in the package???thx in advance for those who will be able to answer my question.

  • Marco M

I want a review!! Please gsmarena!

  • timoseeds

looks similar to the asus P535

but it still rocks. cant wait to order mine

  • SymbianWorld

Here a comparison between the X1 and the N96:­a-x1-vs-nokia-n96-built-quality-and-size/

  • nick

actually a qualiiittyyy handset

you can install touchflo 3D on it too, and HTC touch HD how has the xperia panels. everybody is happy!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970lol u could do most of that on a nokia 6630..yeah 5years ago numnuts. ffs u guys dunno sh!t about the capabilities of n-series n u keep voting this piece of crap xperia 10/10/10 its got a bellyful of faults it drops calls keyboard is piss screemn has 65k colours ffs 65k ? n has piss 3.2mp cam n video rec is npwhere near an old n95 it has no tv or fm receiver has crap build quality n worse of all uses LAME windows what a joke. This handset should beoted around 6 i hope gsm sort it out

  • G33K3D uP

I have this phone goin' on 3 weeks now I love it with all my heart! Yeah it lags here and there, but the things you can do with this sucker is off the chain! I have both Touchflo 3D and SB Mobile Shell and it makes the mobile Xperience a breeze. I lost track of the custom ringtones I have (30 sec mp3s). I forgot what program it is, but I can use WMV as video ringtones for incoming calls. I also customized the open and close sound on the keyboard, somethin' similar to the sidekicks. And I got custom alert sounds for IM's, email, sms, and mms (1-5 sec mp3s)!!! I downloaded Beejive and now I have ALL the IM's that can run in the background. Copy & paste is to die for! One thing I like about WM 6.1 is I can upload or create an image them mms it to all my friends! Even animated gif images too! I've made ton of holiday animated gif images to send off to my contacts. Hell, I even got friends beggin'me to mms them pictures so they can foward them! In Opera I can select and save images off the web and mms or email them with ease. A stable flash support is on its way hopefully. I'm waitin' for a non-beta version of Skyfire. Bein' able to browse MySpace, Facebook, and all them other sites that stream music and video and display the entire page like an desktop. Got the Youtube app. Thanks to the Xda Developers there's a tweak to mod the noticfication lights. Lookin' forward to video backgrounds in the future. Heck, I'll even settle for animated gif images. I barely started importin' themes. Right now I have a red theme and the notification lights always glow red. Coreplayer is blessin', I can drag and drop a variety of video files without conversion and they play with no problem. I can also edit the T9 dictionary, fonts, and add new symbols. It seems like everyday I change my sms/mms signature because I'm always addin' new symbols and what not. Converstation style sms/mms is the business! I can forward and send to multiple contacts with no problem. I just hope a developer design a better fish panel. It'll be cool if it was like an actual fish tank rather then lookin' down at it. I hope we get street view in an update, Google. You people complain about the touch screen not as good as the iPhone but I use the optical joystick and d-pad as if there isn't a touch screen interface. Last but not least, there is a tweak to increase the sound! I have some old software (6 years old) that I still use today to increase the volume on my mp3's up to 1000%. I can make any headphones/speakers sound loud! This phone is worth every penny if you can aford. That's if you like keep control over your phone! I can't wait till Thankgivin' and X-Mas to so off my phone to my family. Every year I have a new toy to show off...I LOVE THIS PHONE!!!

  • Gunj

today in morning i call SE india they told me they r launching this phone after 15/november in india.

after that i call one of the store in mumbai who r always importing the gadgets, they told me that they have x1 and price is 48000 indian rupees without bill and gaureentee.... it is around 1010 usd.

  • brynn

ergy, 12 Nov 2008for xperia max. memory is 8 gb but i disappointed wit x1 why ... moreITs lies like that and comments which people read and think thats not good,,xperia can go to 32gb using a 3gb when its available..At moment only a 16gb card is available but it will take 32gb when the card is launched..

No wonder people complain about others when they do not know what they are talking about,,if you want to buy this fone for talk and txt and buy it cause of looks thats fine but a waste of features but if your buying this to use as smartfone then do a bit of baic research...These fones should come with a bit of advice from the seller at point of purchase or an online warning that these are smartfones and do not operate like a normal fone...

  • m5wolf

Hi guys! one question, how many messages (SMS) does the x1 can store?


Nicholas, 12 Nov 2008Hi does anyone knows where can i download free games and software

  • Karim

John, 12 Nov 2008Great phone, I was dubious at first, it is after all a Sony phon... morejust to say this phone is manufactured by HTC

  • John

Great phone, I was dubious at first, it is after all a Sony phone, I am however very pleased with it, it is responsive well built and everything works as it should do, also they have provided a standard headphone socket and hats off to sony they have finally provided Micro SD slot.

  • chanda

Its ooriteeeeee