Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Vikas

Thanks my friend for telling me this.

  • DJ

Hey Ramr.Dont talk rubbish.How can we use the main camera(in the back)of Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 for video calls.It has a front camera too.

  • Crow

Vikas, 31 Oct 2008Can anyone tell me as this phone is equipped with inbuilt GPS re... moreGPS usage is free. Only the A-GPS functionality (meaning a faster satfix on GPS start) couses data transfer, which will be charged if you don't have a data package.

It also depends on the software you use. You will need data transfer for google earth or similar to get the maps. If you use a routing software like Tomtom there ist no charge for usage.

  • ramr

I've read in the SE website that the main camera of X1 is used for video calls. There is no front camera? That's a beautiful letdown, if that's the case.

  • Luva

Its kinda cool to check out on youtube, Njao has his video clips about Xperia very cool, search for NJAO'S VIDEO.

  • Luva

This phone is GPS buit in with A-GPS function.To be able to use it, you must have internet access to be able to use it easy( I am not quite sure with this Xperia, but with my old NOKIA N95, I have to go to the website to download a free program into my phone to use that option, then I just have to sign up for an internet, then free to go just like your PC) Hopefully this help you a little bit...:)

  • Vikas

Can anyone tell me as this phone is equipped with inbuilt GPS receiver, at the time when the GPS receiver is in use and its giving us the current location, the data it will download or provide is Chargeable? Will there be any charge to use the GPS function ? Do we need to pay our mobile carier?

  • LUVA

Xperia is released on 29th, it works with T-MOBILE and AT&T ( GSM) but its very limited in stores right now, the price range from $899-$1100.00 USD. But they only have Germany version, just wait for few days for US VERSION. I am still waiting for my order to come in.

  • Anonymous

is this device has GPS receiver built in?

  • Doopsy

UCHE, 30 Oct 2008why is the memory size not even upto 1GB?other than that nice one According to the Voda magazine, they state that the X1 it will be coming with a 8G sd card

  • P.P.

Anonymous, 01 Jan 197045 p/m for 18 months 1200 mins 500 sms + unlimited data +50 for the phone

  • RaXa

waiting for GSMarena's Review .. that's gonna help loads in makin final decision, chao!!

  • ok

optional, 30 Oct 2008its a stupid question but: it can record at vga@30fps, but can i... moreyou can change the resolution in the options and i`m sure there is a QVGA option at the same frame rate
so don`t worry about that!

  • Anonymous

I'm waiting for review about X1 in GSMarena!

  • Anonymous

Good buy to my iPod nano (1G) as this will do the job for everything, I am also looking to get a pair of Sony Ericsson MBS-400 which will rock my very own tiny juke box :-')

  • Anonymous

SE 65k so wat??they wn2 improve da battery life they don wn2 spoil it like nokia wth 16mil colours&u get half day of battery life!!!!!

  • UCHE

why is the memory size not even upto 1GB?other than that nice one

  • Rautavaara

But why only 65K display ?

Isn't it quite low for display like that ?

How does the pictures show on that ? Nor the internet ?

  • Anonymous

ollie is super super coooooooooooool

  • tech fanatic

were is the reviwe??

please GSMarena make it as detailed as possible

and don't forget what you promised (X1 vs. touch pro)

best wishes to all