Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • a.k.s

just to good for life because any time windows office is used,its like a very mini laptop,thats great.i give it 9.5/10


the best

  • P.P.

My SEX1 arrives tomorrow! yeah!

  • cnguyen

If you planning to buy Xperia x1 wait 2 more week the price will around $700US in SG . here is the site in Singapore Sony­ria-x1-pre-order-in-singapore/

  • cquincy

Xperia x1 panel very slow
The major failing of the phone I used though was the speed of the X-Panels. Once within a panel everything worked fine, but opening and moving the panels was painfully slow. I can live with this though, as beyond playing with the phone for the first week or two, I donít think Iím going to be using the panels that often so the Xperia X1 will still deliver what I need - a good solid phone for making calls, that has a QWERTY keyboard, a good browser (Opera 9.5 is by far the best mobile browser IMHO) and good Microsoft Exchange integration. Iím not expecting that there will be many panels that will be released that I will use, so I can live with this.

  • Dean

Rautavaara, 30 Oct 2008why the f''k on a 65k display ?!?!?!?!? do the want to go out... moreAsk Microsoft, but WinMo 7 won't have that limitation, looks promising, but so far away :(

  • Rautavaara

why the f''k on a 65k display ?!?!?!?!?

do the want to go out of business that notch ???

  • optional

its a stupid question but: it can record at vga@30fps, but can i reduce resolution to qvga and keep it @30fps on the phone itself so i dont have to convert it on the PC to put it on to youtube? please answer.

  • Dean

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2008SE is in the red, deep red, most financial analysts rate it as '... moreNah, SE just had a minor wound,

But next year looks promising for SE (as a company):
-They are going to reduce operating expenses by Euro 300 million annually by the end of the second quarter 2009
-Sony Ericsson will merge the current three Research & Development sections to just one, in order to not develop the same stuff. Sony Ericsson will reduce its 2009 portfolio with about 20 percent compared to the 2008 portfolio. (less money wasted)

At the end of September 2008 Sony Ericsson had net cash of Euro 1.4 billion.

So if SE gets it right, they should stay around awhile longer, a lot longer.

  • aussie

Super Phone!
Any of these commenters learnt the Queen's English?

  • Anonymous

SE is in the red, deep red, most financial analysts rate it as 'Sell'. And predict that it will be the first mobile company that will go bust in the next 6 months. Buy the X1 but do not use or open it, 10 years down the road, it could be a valuable piece of antique.

  • sam

Middle east gets it only by december

  • adrian

SU_HOUNG, 30 Oct 2008so. basiaclly we all can say a 50/50 chance it prob or not come ... moreI am also looking at getting the X1 for Canadian operation under Rogers however I am not going to wait until they will start offering it (if ever). I bought the P800/910 and 990 from outside of Canada (North American versions of the phones) and just used them with my old SIM. It all works ok as long as you can figure out some of the required internet settings. I would say that as soon as the X1a version becomes available either in Europe or US (or the Middle East where I bought the P990) just buy it and all will be good.

  • Saif

I've used it in GITEX ,, it is a bit slow .. i didn't like it ..


Anonymous, 30 Oct 2008 by Rogers? one (1) year after it's international release...... moreso. basiaclly we all can say a 50/50 chance it prob or not come out on rogers providers.? b/c if it wont then i will start to think about it in buying not quite sure. you know.. who would buy a fone that every one has in market e.g. rogers fone.. so got to know the true answer lmk. thankss

  • Anonymous

too expensive

  • maria

does the sony ericsson xperia has a stylus with it just like the P900 and P910 phones?

  • Anonymous

i love this phone...
i think i have to trash my P1i...LOL!
but i wish that the camera pixel improved not just 3.2!
but it's all worth it!

  • kenosis

For those who REALLY own X1, how is the speed of X1? Fast or Slow?

  • Anonymous

SU_HOUNG, 29 Oct 2008any one knows if it would be sold in Rogers stores for provider ... more

by Rogers?
one (1) year after it's international release... that's for sure... when it's price elsewhere has gone down, but Rogers will charge you the release price