Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • sam21

I work for carphonewarehose in fulham the speed of this phone is very good and better than iphone which is 3.2 only and this is very fast bcoz of 7.2 browser and the nine screen panel is very cool!!! This is real phone had 1000 in stock yesterday in carphonewarehose now 57 left only wiyhout any advertisement and permotion alln handsets are gone!!!


thats true .. I also checked that its about 650$ only..

  • antox

anonymous..u sure 900 usd? giv me the real price pls SE

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970It will be over 900USD!

Omnia seems like a reliable and solid phone - it has been out for a while.

  • Anonymous

ian, 25 Oct 2008Yap, i read it. From that article, we can conclude, that xperia... moreCNET is not a really good source :)) but I agree this time.
(CNET Asia, John Chan:)

Both units are manufactured by HTC!!!!!

So while many fans like the X1 on paper due to HTC poor record I think the reliably will be a major issue as soon as enough units released.

Of course , the price another huge deterrent - 900USD just can not be justified for the X1.

  • Evolution

Nicely design,800x480pixels display,panels menu instead of the boring regular icons,3mp camera but with focus touch function,leds signal on its side for message/missed call etc,useful when on silent/sleep mode,longest battery life, the
X besides the optical joystick,..nice design/features overall....

  • ian

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Yap, i read it.
From that article, we can conclude, that xperia has got better dimension, keypad, and especially screen than touch pro.

  • Anonymous

Dean, 25 Oct 2008It's smaller than Iphone, but a tad bit thicker cos of keyboard,... moreIt is a lot bigger than the IPhone !!! :)

and the IPhone has a lot bigger screen! ;)

X1 poorly designed! large areas not used or not necessarily used by the user - waste of mass, volume.

With touchscreen many people do not need keyboard or buttons - see all other users who happy with the Iphone, Omnia, etc. and they stayed in line for them for hours in the US.

  • Dean

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2008X1 is not even out yet but SE finally realized that the brick wi... moreIt's smaller than Iphone, but a tad bit thicker cos of keyboard, and its out already, in Sweden and coming out in UK in the next few days, some stores already have it in stock.

  • hugzzy

here in south america, Chile, one of the companies launch it in the website­quipo=47097 the price is high, is like 1000 usd...omg!

  • P.P.

I don't understand, the vodafone shop told me that they will have the X1 in their warehouse by the 19th and in their shops by today :(

  • netboy

y would any1 use a cellphone camera to take pictures!
pictures is suppose to last a lifetime!
when i take pictures, i use a real camera!
i currently using Sony T70 8.1 megapixels camera!

  • Anonymous

X1 is not even out yet but SE finally realized that the brick will not do well on the 2008/2009 market.

We can start waiting for the SE Hikaru or what ever ..
I guess by 2010 it will be available. SE takes it slow and nice ... but I guess that time Iphone 3 will be outdated.

It is pretty sad when even Blackberry can react faster to the market than SE.

SE got no chance with the X1.

  • Anonymous

Too big and too thick!

3MP camera is a joke for this size!

800-900 USD too much for it!
But do not worry fans, the price will drop really fast ;)

  • Anonymous

the phone is out im getting my tuesday from vodafone cant wait but they only have the black edition avialiable through call centre not in branches till monday

  • zeberdy

I think you should all stop moaning and if not write something interesting and useful about the handset not write it at all, and you moaning about the dummy in carphone, if they didnt have that there then you wouldnt see a live model at all so get a life.
Carphone have given me great service in the past and this handset is amazing 10/10


  • Anonymous

vodafone have stock!!!!! order before its to late lol!

  • Anonymous

Xperia X1 is the real king
watch this­­
just hope it will be windows mobile

  • Anonymous

x1 now in stock with vodafone for delivery 2moro in the uk

  • Anonymous

Does Xperia support only English or also other languages?