Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2008no need 2 release this ...out dated now takin 16... more8MP cam, 16GB internal memory, blah blah blah are feature phone stuff. This is a business phone. If you want to compare it that bad, you should compare it with HTC Touch Pro or if you REALLY REALLY have to watch it fight a Nokia/Samsung/LG/whatever brand that you are obviously an idiotic fanboy of, try E71, SGH-i780 etc. NOT Nseries. NOT KC910. NOT OMNIA. NOT Iphone 3G. Does your favorite non-SE brand have a business phone that also has camera over 5MP? Unlikely.

  • Revenant

Nayan, 13 Sep 2008Best Phone. But it has no 16M colour & xenon flash.I'm honestly not too bothered by the 16 million colours, the difference in display quality is pretty negligible, but the xenon flash woulda been really nice. Unless they're going with SE's new photolite thing. Which should be almost as bright, with much less battery consumption...

  • Nayan

Best Phone. But it has no 16M colour & xenon flash.

  • Revenant

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Yeah, cool, 16 million colours. So you can have a REALLY colourful blocky display, which will eat your battery like a fat man eats pies...

  • mr sensible

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970listen i have said previously nokia is the main company for mobiles...but get this at this moment in time x1 is the best phone...not ericsson denying nokia will probably bring out some next level phone after christmas but for the time being take your head out of your crack and be real...

  • Anonymous

brynn, 13 Sep 2008true,,the n95 has a big 2.8 inch screen which would have benefit... moreyes N90 resolution screen is 800 x 352 pixels but dont forget about the screen size is 4" because screen size influence resolution qualitiy of screen.

N90 800 x 352 pixels = 281600pxl / 4" = 70400pxl/inces

Even N90 resolution screen is smaller than Qvga resolution per inces ( 240 x 320 = 76800, what a shame!!)

Then compare it with x1 has :

X1 800 x 480 = 384000pxl / 3" = 128000pxl/inces

it means x1 resolution screen is better than N90.

  • brynn

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970true,,the n95 has a big 2.8 inch screen which would have benefited from a vga screen a lot in fact i dont think nokia have ever had a vga screen...they did do the odd res screen one on n80,,n90 and nxx something but that never lasted and neither did the rsmmc-dual voltage card that i forked out for for 6630/6680..When i hads n95/n958gb they did look blocky which was just one of he reasons i sold them..

  • Anonymous

a lot of people just talk about technology of phone,they think higher tecnology is better but actually they dont know about effecience of tecnology it self, for example : nokia phone has VGA resolution video and 8MP camera but the screen quality is just QVGA so do you think you will enjoy at real quality of the tecnologies ? you know the tecnologies is expensive but you can not enjoy at real quality.What a shame!!! Xperia x1 is cool

  • Anonymous

So far I've found it on the Vodafone website, Phones4u website and the Carphone Warehouse. All of which are pictured in black (but I like the silver, however the carphone Warehouse say it will be availble in both, see it here...­ideo/
Can anyone clarify?

  • nokia lover but not

I'm all up for more memory, but the last comment is just plain silly scraping a phone because of memory. 16gig internal memory is just dumb more memory to backup and more data to lose. Anyway this phone is more than a gimmick so no need to stick 16gig in it, just too please people like you!

  • Manoj Shah from INDI

I think it will be a great handset. But the Compnay should ship the handset with Bluetooth and 1 4 GB memory Card with the pricing at the same level in the respective currency when convetred from US$ preferable roughly about Rs. 16000 to Rs. 20000 in INDIA and not like Apple 3G phone in India.
I can be reached at

  • Anonymous

no need 2 release this ...out dated now takin 16g internal..8mp.slim form factor......this xperia shu hav been released last wonder sony & ericsson..plan 4 a divorce........

  • X1

Here is the full list of countries that we'll be receiving the second availability wave of XPERIA X1 (due by the end of the year).

APAC: Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

Western Europe: Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal

Central Europe: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic

Middle East: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

Africa: South Africa

Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia

  • Anonymous

release date: sept 30th!! (in uk and so forth) late nov. other countries!!!

read the post from gsm! there is one!

  • Anonymous

release date: sept 30th!! (in uk and so forth) late nov. other countries!!!

read the post from gsm! there is one!

  • francis

the north american version XPERIA X1a will be released in november 2008...
i already bought E71-2, but i'd like to compare with XPERIA's Windows Mobile OS...

  • Cow

kyle, 13 Sep 2008yeah but knowing sony ericcson it wil b delayed again n even if ... moreNokia's Symbian is a cow dung

  • mercedes

Sony Ericsson is known for producing the best phones and i hope its one of there best

  • kyle

yeah but knowing sony ericcson it wil b delayed again n even if it does get out it wil b crap b worse than p990 b ful of bugs windows mobile is crap they aint made it right for a phone they dont care about mobile division even yanks hate it n thats why even a crapy iphone sels more anyone wiv sence and frm europe buys smartphones wiv symbian thats s60 symbian not uiq rubbish and symbian s60 now even do touch its symbian 9.5 u should all look in2 it touch isnt dat good tho its fiddeley n useles for txtin n most things ppl just imagine its good but iv used touchscreens n ther pretty crap

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970your taking the mickey,,its been said over and over again