Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • edwin

In terms of competing brands, this phone offers superior finishing and has a very sleek design even if you're not a business oriented person. I'm also proud of it because i'm a sony ericsson enthusiast and i currently have sony phone and i'm not dissapointed one bit. i want the XPERIA

  • Anonymous

Deep, 17 Aug 2008Bad News For Xperia Fans !! , i Juat Call The Sony Ericson . And... morehow did you call Sony Ericsson? and where's your proof? if you like Samsung Omnia go for it i'm were not convincing you to buy XPERIA X1... SE ROCKS my world

  • Deep

Bad News For Xperia Fans !! , i Juat Call The Sony Ericson . And They Said Xperia X1 Will Be Released In Q4 of This Year , Means In Last Quator of This Week . END OF THIS YEAR !! , VerY bIG lOl @ Sony Ericson !! .. Am Going To Buy Samsung i900 Omnia , Omnia Rocks !!

  • Anonymous

great phone with really great features and don't mind the other people who goes here and ruin this phone and if they think there phone is superior they won't post here they are just jealous bec. they can't take the FACT that their phones are loosing from this cool phone XPERIA X1.

  • junkyskunky

dream on guys...
SEx1 is doomed to be another nightmare with unstable firmware and lousy camera output, pretty much the case with the rest of SE's blunders post k800i era.
its pathetic that after building a solid reputation, SE's got too excited and produced bug-laden units right after k800.
what a drool.
SE should learn from Samsung's tenacity...

saving up for Omnia...

  • ian

I think, there is agreement between HTC and SE about Xperia and touch pro release.

  • Anonymous

I don't understand why people compare the p990 to the fabulous Xperia X1.P990 was a nightmare:alpha to omega:Xperia is on scheldule ,has superb chipsets,uses an advanced OS etc etc.Symbian is fine for Nokia smartphones but some people prefer an advanced operating system to compliment today's high tech devices.

  • Anonymous

nho_xjnk, 14 Aug 2008it will release in 30/10 worldwide. The price will be between 95... morebut now P990i compared to other cellphones, is not has good now then when came out...

  • Anonymous

6 MONTHS AND THIS PHONE ISNT OUT YET!!!!!! im loosing interest this is going to be like the s.e s700 soo long till it got out

  • junkyskunky

SE pretty much lost its lead with Samsung and HTC kicking so hard with their own versions of touch flo/ touch wiz...etc...
Samsung has got the best in the camera dept with g810, innov8, and i900.
htc has got its own diamond to brag about.and not to mention an entire army of HTC branded and manufactured gizmos.
SE? after their k850i subpar never gonna get another SE unit...i've learned my lessons....

  • thanks for your opi

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2008If you have to ask then this device isn't for you.Xperia x1 is a... morewell when i ask some thing like that i want to have a clear idea about the WM platform before buying it(trying it)and know it`s difference between other plat forms like symbian(the most non customizable platform i`ve ever seen>most people like it because of that>What a shame)
any way i don`t have any problem with windows XP(why should i?)but wait Do u want to say that WM and windows XP are the same?
and another question>how do the Java APP will work in the WVGA screen?(most of the APP are written for QVGA)

thanks for all responses
especially "brynn"(what a open mind!)

  • Anonymous

according to this site, it will be released oct 30...change * to 't'
but here it states in the panels Sept 24. look closely...
and here it says early october...
finally here Spet 19..

now u decide..

  • Anonymous

I just got my samsung omnia 2 days ago after long waiting of this phone but never came out..

I was blackberry 8320 user and omnia made blackberry looked like a 90's best mobile invention.. not even my buddy's iPhone comes close to my omnia in terms of every detail about the phone except the price =(

  • Anonymous

guys, its actually better that SE decided to release this before the end of the year. That is enough time for them to work on the WM software and implement properly their own UI. WM still has lots of bugs and cause an otherwise powerful WM phone to slow down.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2008It's up for bidding on ebay. current bid is $2000USD!!!! http... moreThat's too much! Maybe then we can split the camera and the mobile!!

  • Shankar

When will this get launched - will it get outdated by the time of its launch?
Its taken too long a time!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2008the release shown was for a prototype and the reason they put ba... moreI very much doubt it.A SE rep said a higher resolution screen??!erm WVGA is more than enough.lets put it this way the screen is FIVE times better than the n95,n82,n81,n96 displays

  • Anonymous

the release shown was for a prototype and the reason they put back the release was so they could make afew adjustments to match competitors like htc, LG and nokia.

The newer version will have a 5MP camera, better screen resolution and 4 gigs of internal memory with the option for a further 8 with an SD card.

Also it will come out in 3 Different colours including midnight Black, Black/Scarlet and Silver. the release date for the xperia will be just before Christmas this year.

Hope that answers afew questions.
(this has come directly from a SE Rep)

  • nxman

se xperia is outdated now better get the htc touch pro

  • brynn

explain, 15 Aug 2008please explain me the OS(WM)i`m new to it! any info is valuable... moreEven the simple symbian operating system is a bit of a learning curve but this is a different kettle of fish..One thing tho is its the first s/e with cybershot,,walkman big screen plus vga video recording so its worth it to some people just for that..

I have not used the ppc version of windows yet but had a few windows devices and using amongst other smartfones the palm treo 500v as a step in the right direction whilst studying other mags and sites to get up to scratch,,its like opening up a can of complex worms because its so customisable to the extent of overclocking the cpu to the simpleness of having a scientific calculater on board..ITS always what you are going to do with it really ,my n82 is set up with all the apps i use to hand with all my fave apps yet the person next door may have an entirley different set up..In future when we pass 1ghz cpu plus better battery etc i reckon you could download an app to tune you car or bring up data from the seismology institute and plot simple weather patterns using outdoor sensors and all portable so thats in furure plus instant powerpoint using built in laser projector..