Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Revenant

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Oct 5th. I post this every couple of days because people are to lazy to read the previous posts! Nobody expects you to read every page, but at least have the decency to read the previous 2 pages as 9/10 times a question has already been asked and been answered by someone else in the last couple of days...

  • anu

greatest phone till date....this xperia...nd 'bout nokia..well m afraid dat it su** phones are a piece of crap..poor build quality,features of no use,.etc...was having nokia 1 year i've it to send it 20 times 2 nokia care bcoz of sofware breakdown...i just hate nokia..lookin fwd to this gr8 phone...

  • tony

get the phone on the market and show the others that soy erricson can make a business phone

  • ian

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970As you wan to know
I have tried Omnia and I Phone 3G
IMHO Iphone still better than slow motion Omnia.

  • Revenant

anonymous jai, 18 Aug 2008if you are thinking of buying this phone think may... moreUmm, are you mental? The 400mb memory is expandable via the microSD slot. As for the camera - Xperia has 3.15 mp camera with LED flashm VGA video recording at 30fps. The iPhone 3g has a fixed memory with no card slot, a 2 mp camera with no flash (so how can you say it's better for night shots), no video recording and worse - no settings menu! The W980 just won best music device so the iPhone's audio player obviously isn't all it's cracked up to be, plus the fact that you need to use either iTunes or a mac computer. It's 3G handset with no video calls - what's that about? And considering the iPhone's supposed to be the best multimedia handset out there, I'm a little concerned about the lack of MMS. Basically, about the only thing it's good for is web browsing, and if that's all you want it for get a net tablet or something. Yet another product from Apple that relies on heavy hype then fails to deliver...

  • Anonymous

anonymous jai, 18 Aug 2008if you are thinking of buying this phone think may... moreummm your dumb micro sd card slot = expandable memory

  • Noob


I was wonder all of the time about why every phone with 2MP have the different quality ?
Is 8MP is "really" 8MP quality ? is the good picture with high quality can be trust only by pixel(s) ?

Well, im noob about phone so many question that ive to ask...
What is HSDPA ?
What is HSCSD ?
What is EDGE ?
What is WLAN ?

I hope any ppl here can help me answer my question.

Thank you.

  • Anonymous

the phone is good

  • anonymous jai

if you are thinking of buying this phone think may look great but theres not a lot of memory for such a good looking only goes up to 400mb.(not expandable).it runs on WM 6.1 not a smart choice and the gps is very slow. the prototype was ok but still missing a lot of things for example the panels are very fiddly and are too complex.the qwerty keypad is well layed out but they are very hard to press.i tried using the web and when i was typing it wouldnt type very fast, it takes getting used to.there is only a 3.2 mp camera not for great shots at night.overall it is not quite an iphone 3g killer but is highly recommendable. i give this business beauty an 8.6 out of 10.thanks

  • brynn

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970their are still people where i live using 3310/3330 it was one of those early mega selling fones with the local market packed with them swappable covers but it did the job..

I am lucky as voda contract is up about november and xperia should be in store by then and maybe dropped a little but if its popular they always stay at same price for up to 4 months in voda store..the n958gb is still £500 on prepay..Still looking forward to the xperia wioth no disrespect to n3310

  • Revenant

Dani, 18 Aug 2008Come On, this Xperia X1 can even take on a iPhone and yet w... moreOctober 5th on Vodafone UK, and Vodafone are usually the first network to get SE phones, so I believe. But it should be out SIM free maybea week or two before that. All in all, not that long now either way...

  • Anonymous

I'm tired of reading about Nokia's!I visit Xperia section to read about the xperia but since your hell bent on bringing n95 into every discussion explain why the xperia and for that matter the HTC Touch Pro are thinner than the n95 despite both having hard QWERTY keyboards.Quite a feat....

  • Kev

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Lol. I have to admit I fell for it, I didn't know that model number and had to look it up.

  • Kev

colin, 17 Aug 2008Listen up n95 beats this phone nevermind the up n coming no... moreFunny, I have the N95 and I'm looking to upgrade to the Xperia. The N95 isn't all it's cracked up to be and I can't wait until SE release this phone. Literally I don't know if I can wait, might have to go for the Samsung Omnia.

Each to their own though.

  • Dani

Come On, this Xperia X1 can even take on a iPhone and yet we get Nokia fans in here blabbing on about N-Series LOL!

when it will release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Revenant

colin, 17 Aug 2008Listen up n95 beats this phone nevermind the up n coming no... moreAll this coming from someone who trust the opinion of the supposedly "renowned" Eldar? The one theng Eldar is renowned for is an overwhelming bias towards Nokia. If you really do put that much stock in the rantings of that fanboy then clearly your opinion's not worth the paper it's printed on...

  • colin

Listen up n95 beats this phone nevermind the up n coming nokia masterpieces.Why you want crapo 3.2mp cam when you can have 5mp or even are making a brilliant 8mp s60 phone,the renowned eldar said it's OFF THE HOOK and eldar knows his beans.I've got n81 and would NEVER swap it for xperia so imagine how much better the n95 n96 nokia touch 6220 etc are.If you have more money than sence get this piece of garbage SENSIBLE people spend there money wisely and that means never buying a phone with Windows mobile because windows mobile is the worst os EVER

  • soued

Sony Ericsson is wasting so much time to release this phone that by the time it comes out it's going to be outdated; actually there are many phones right now WAY better. There's not even an internal storage? This phone is going to flop! They should cancel it and redesign it with better specs for December!

  • Bryan

edwin, 17 Aug 2008In terms of competing brands, this phone offers superior f... moreHERE HERE. thats what i'm talking about

  • brynn

Deep, 17 Aug 2008Bad News For Xperia Fans !! , i Juat Call The Sony Ericson ... moreyou are entitled to buy any fone you want but could you please report back on how you find it..You will no doubt have had enuf of it after 3 days if you need it as a buisness tool it will drive you mad,,,and yes this comment contains too many you"s