Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Moe

anonymous jai, 18 Aug 2008if you are thinking of buying this phone think may... moreit has expandable memory
it has wifi and 3G
3.2 mp camera is same as 5 mp cam, the only difference is when u zoom on the picture. but it is known SE 3 mp = 5 mp nokia
and iphone camera sucks!

  • Anonymous

anonymous jai, 18 Aug 2008if you are thinking of buying this phone think may... moreuh it is expandable, get yourself a microSD card

  • brynn

Dont forget in uk when you upgrade or take out new contract its 18 month now so all companys are getting 50% more just like that & they usually insist £25 now its £35,,,be warned

  • Justinus

Looks like an amazing phone based on the spec.. Better screen res than HTC Pro..Don't understand why it's taking so long for SE to release it..

  • ian

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Alright dude, you get Touch pro, and I am get Xperia.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Its not out yet


hey friends,

over all how is the phone, is it worth buying.
does it hang or restart or is it slow in operation.

guys please help me make my mind on these.


  • What ?

Hello, every1 hv their own taste.
If u dont like SE phone then dont talk it out !
U couldnt force some1 to love ur taste !

What the heck is going on in this earth ???

  • Kev

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Yes, but how do you really feel?

Anyway, I'd get the Xperia for the fish panel alone ;)

  • Anonymous

brynn, 19 Aug 2008Also it the usual s/e battery stamina as well and all these... moreYou tell other people for writing rubbish reports when you have got no empirical evidence at all that "people", for whom you cannot speak, are finding the Omnia a let down.

  • in peace

Hey guys what`s wrong with us?why should we try to offence each other for our own opinions?If you like N95 go for it and if u don`t!you just have to wait for X1i!

Any way i have a question?>>do we have the "open with"option on the WM6.1?i mean can we assign a special file type to be opened by the program we want?(3rd party app)
thanks in advance and don`t offence each other for all of those BRANDS Who don`t care about you AT ALL!

  • anu

well,x1 has handwriting recognition nd accelerometer in far as finger swipe navigation nd touch buttons of touch pro r concerned,...x1 has panels nd optical joystick to tackle vid overall no big difference those gonna make..

  • brynn

Also it the usual s/e battery stamina as well and all these 3 big selling points,,cybershot,,walkman,,battery life plus 30fps vga video
thats given it the much needed entertainment boost many windows fans have longed for,,its got a big touchscreen with high pixel density and slim and blingy thats got the plus points..

I think thats why people are holding out for xperia as omnia is proving a letdown and touch pro looks miserable but the xperia has to prove itself when it comes out

  • brynn

I also think its the multimedia aspect of the xperia that gained it more trust i know it has me,,its the cyber shot brand and walkman brand and its got that element whereas nearly all windows smartfones have suffered very poorly in multimedia right back to the spv 100

  • ian

Mo Ha, 19 Aug 2008I really prefer the X1 but those below are in the "Touch Pr... moreto be honest. That's make touch pro special.
But, IMHO, i don't need that stuft.
If you look at bengalboy site, the optical joystick, give you easilly access.

  • Mo Ha

I really prefer the X1 but those below are in the "Touch Pro" and not in the X1.
Are they important?

- TouchFLO 3D finger swipe navigation
- Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
- Touch-sensitive navigation controls
- Handwriting recognition

  • Anonymous

SE always delayed their phone, and by the time they finally release their phone, it would be too late (just like what happened to their K850i).

btw, GSM Arena's Posting rules
- Please no foul language
- Be polite and use common sense
- etc...

  • dick fitzwell

hmm, interesting phone.

  • Anonymous

concerning all USA- SE - fans, is it true that xperia X1 will asign to AT&T.

  • Mangesh

The phone is very good looking buissness phone. Slick. I think X1 will rocks when it come out.