Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous

I agree SE should announce a release date but in saying that Nokia are just as bad.The n96 is taking ages,with no real reason why!Xperia has touchscreen,windows os,hsupa etc ie features that have the potential to cause problems...the n96 has practically nothing new except mobile tv that can't even be used in most countries.Pathetic

  • ozymandias

by the way, check out the review on , the x1 does have touchflo!

  • Anonymous

wow, still "coming soon" status, LOL. I've already switched to the n95 to the htc diamond, and now to the iphone 3g and this phone is still coming soon? LOL.

  • Anonymous

HTC Touch Pro is out, check that one
its similar to XPERIA

  • iwanthisphone

LOL..fortune cookie....

Looks like a great phone. Hopefully it won't cost too many rubles. But I'm sure it will.

  • badbo

i agree..the wait for this phone is too much. i'm on this site like 3 times a week hpin to see "available." this phone better be out b4 christmas or me and sonyericsson gone hve problems

  • Anonymous

" Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 release date named... early October "­csson_expansys_xperia/

  • Arash

Both Xperia & Touch PRO are excellent and have the same features but TOUCH FLO 3D make PRO more user friendly than Xperia. Working with TOUCH FLO 3D is very brilliant experience no one wants to miss it.

  • Keorapetse

Fahim Adnan Khan, 12 Aug 2008I am tiered of waiting for this phone. This is too much.This is too much, Sony must release this phone before we start for new phones. I was tempted to make an order for the iPhone.

  • still have to wait

It seems that we have to wait about a month even after the release date!!!only then we can buy this phone with an acceptable price!
this is always a problem with SE phones!

  • Crow

Pinguino1, wasn't talking about feb. as release date. He was talking about the calendar date in the X1 on the press release photos which was september 24th.

  • nho_xjnk

it will release in 30/10 worldwide. The price will be between 950-1100 USD. Don't worry about the price, just like P990i, first month it cost 1000 USD, and now, it's 350$. It's all about time

  • PB

Jenna, 14 Aug 2008I'm Sorry, what? It was announced in Feb, yes. But announced and... moreJenna, I just got off the phone with SE Australia, I had a general question about my K850, but I also asked about the X1 release date in Australia and she said it was 1st Qtr 2009.

Has your Vodafone guy got any news?

  • Jenna

Pinguino1, 14 Aug 2008The IPhone killer release date It was announced on February ... moreI'm Sorry, what? It was announced in Feb, yes. But announced and released are quite different. Announced means they're making it, released means you can buy it, as yet there has been no release.


  • Ian

Troy, 14 Aug 2008this phone is listed as having "65K colors, Size 800 x 480 pixel... moreWindows Mobile only support colour 65 K.
Above it. It's not effective. Useless.

The problem is the quality of screen
Xperia WVGA, more powerfull and brightness than Omnia.

  • Troy

this phone is listed as having "65K colors, Size 800 x 480 pixels, 3.0 inches" and the Samsung Omnia is listed as having "256K colors (65K effective), Size 240 x 400 pixels, 3.2 inches".

which phone is better as far as colors go?

does this mean that the Samsung Omnia's colors are stretched more?

please explain. thanks.

  • Anonymous

you guys are all lame..
yes its taking forever i get that
but X2? even if it does come out then who cares? its going to be slightly better but nothing worth making you rethink of buying the X2 when you just got the X1
the features on phones arent being upgraded that fast. relax dammit. even if they are upgraded then what you going to do? its the same all the time. if the X2 comes out then X3 then X4? what you going to do? change every time?
give it a month or two to come out.. hopefully
the phone is NOT big.. its the size of the K850i. which is a good size.. its smaller than those big ass sidekicks so thats small enough for most of us.
costing 1000? you guys are all crazy..
the Touch Pro around here (South Cali) cost about $600 U.S. so the X1 will probably be about that price. but not much higher.
LOOK AROUND PEOPLE. dont be paying $800+.


  • Anonymous

my birthday is in nowember, so it will be a great chance for me to get it

  • Pinguino1

The IPhone killer release date

It was announced on February 10, 2008 in Barcelona.
We all missed.???
Follow the link

THE DATE HAS BEEN ALWAYS THERE. Look closely­13/1202654315/X1_Front%20Open.jpg

  • brynn

2 more rumours below plus url to where i got info from..the website is a good one also for info..

1)u.k. price sim free 599.99
2)its due on 3 network from 30th october­­ml