Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • gtr32

its just a htc touch pro and htc is making it for SE so if any upgrade required will be passed on to htc lol. SE = Slow.

  • nik dany as _holer n

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970all of u swich to moto q9 cause it is sturdy or wait for n96 and install office sute which is available at torrent cause these 2 are 10 times better than ur not_to_get launched x1 in any/every angle. Trust me/us.

  • Elkc

omg se release the phone already!!! farrrrrr

frustration of a mad x1 fan...

  • Anonymous

Nope it's getting released just at the right time.I read SE took direct advice from Microsoft and that's why the unit has a whopping 256mb RAM.HTC made too many under spec pocket pc's hence all the troubles.Anyone who's used a ppc with sufficient RAM knows what a difference it makes..also handy for when WM7 comes.With the Xperia X1 we will be able to upgrade the os-you can bet on an android port stuff

  • Pepsi

They are taking way too long to release it, you can bet a different brand will come up with something at least similar around the same release date

Sorry SE but you are too slow

  • Anonymous

Well I still remember when PS3 was launched Sony made a statement that they've a vision and idea for PS7 even at this early stage but can't jump and produce yet so they same way I would say if SE has X2 to bring out but it won't be till the end of next year.
You need time and technology to get mature before you start looking for potential market.

  • Anonymous has it out for the end of sept.

  • bert

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970wtf i didnt know it wasnt out

  • bert

i have west central wireless they do sell sonys but would this specific work with my service

  • Anonymous

Discomik, 01 Aug 2008Regarding the release of this phone, Sony has a huge expectation... moreActing all smart yet you don't know WVGA screen=800x480 pixels QVGA=240x320.Screen resolution is about pixels you TIT.

  • OcmG

SE's online store has this phone for January :(... I do hope it gets released September and the SE store only gets them in January..­6335A-3005-8DAD-19B78C0E964DF956

  • Discomik

Regarding the release of this phone, Sony has a huge expectation placed on it to get it out by the leaked September date. The X1 has reached such a high profile in the cellular community that it would be very bad press to pass up this date without a launch. They also don't want to launch too close to the holidays or after, so that they can maximize sales. They NEED the xperia to dig them out of their ridiculous financial troubles.

Although this is a truly unmatched phone (for its size) right now, it would also be foolish to let Nokia, HTC, and others to catch up or launch similar products first... Like the Touch Pro.

The good news is that since February, they have had working demo units out in the wild in the hands of testers and have worked out loads of bugs since then; especially the ones everyone had complained about at the world congress about the panel GUI being too slow. The beta period fixes and ROM updates have been thoroughly chronicled at, FYI.

Do your research. Except for pricing, you can find out almost anything you want about this phone. If you are in love with Nokia or donít have a full grasp of screen resolution vs. pixel counts, check up on your facts before you post. I read some of the dumbest comments on the net here, and I think that a lot of those people who will buy this phone wonít know what to do with it.

  • ian

Probably, there will be upgrade software to WM 7 for Xperia.

  • Jenna

PB, 01 Aug 2008Go Jenna! Finally someone with some useful info. How about th... moreIn Rockhampton, but I imagine it would be the same in Sydney.

I'm pretty sure all vodafone phones are available outright, and soft locked, so there should be no problems there.

  • PB

Go Jenna!

Finally someone with some useful info. How about that guy from Nepal, he seems really backed up, needs a couple of Wild Turkeys and he'll be ok.

Which Vodafone store? In Sydney? Did he mention if he thought they would offer it outright as well? I call OS a lot on my cell, so pre-paid is the way to go, as OS calls are not included in a contract cap.

September release is right on track.

How about the guy mentioning the NOKIA N95 - Ha! - forget about the past buddy!

  • Anonymous

Forget this phone, the fact they don't release it in time means they have problems with it and don't disclose, of course. This phone has absolutely no new chips, no new OS then why they donít release it? The combination they chose doesnít stand up: too high resolution with too slow processor; too large RAM memory and complex network receiver for too little battery power; too buggy and autistic OS for a reliable real time phone conversation and so forth.

  • Chris Reid

Guys don't expect this device to be perfect,not with the first ROM.If you care to think back the N95 was pretty bad with v10 firmware-It was slow and had more bugs than a 15year old mattress.On release the xperia X1 won't be as bad as n95 but as I said it won't be perfect.

  • Jenna

Anonymous - You will find most of those online orders are PREORDERS.

Anyways, I went into my local vodafone store yesterday, and the guy said that we in australia would get it no later than september, but he is going to try and get an exact date for me, so if I get that, I will tell you guys. But it will be out in september, there was an email leak.

  • Anonymous

From DAY 1 SE stated the Xperia X1 would be released in the last quarter of 2008.How can people say it's late??It's bang on target.SE announced plans early so to give software developers plenty of time to produce applications suitable for such an advanced device with the highest resolution screen on the mobile market.It also generated interest in the company..