Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2008i just want this phone cancelled ... SE these days su*cks... the... moreThere seems to be ALOT of places online to order it, so what was to stop you from ordering it online? Or was you just waiting for YOUR carrier to pick it up? Come on give me a break, you dont have it because you did not order it.

  • Anonymous

dani/nick/a¥sholer/r, 31 Jul 2008today i/we went to moble store to check the quality of was... moreGood thing I dont live there, I would never have a good phone, and it would have to be made of solid steel, for it to have much of a life, just by the way you treat them. No wonder you dont know what you are talking about, you break it, before you try it.

  • dani/nick/a¥sholer/r

today i/we went to moble store to check the quality of was soooo rubish that i/we crushed it on the spot.
Strangly shopkeeper was happy to get rid of x1.he told me/us that now a days noone buys se. In the meantime he threw all se phones in garbedge.a place se deserves.
Today i/we gurantee you that x1 wont be a success. Not atleast in my country Nepal
(x1 is available in Nepal for last 2 mönths)

  • B-ry

Sanni, 31 Jul 2008It says 2nd quarter of the current year this will be on the mark... moreThey said 2nd half not 2nd quarter.

  • Anonymous

i just want this phone cancelled ... SE these days su*cks... they're mocking fans...
it's almost 8 months since this phone was announced and still not on the market ...

this is outrageous and for those who hopes that this phone will be released in september you will be very disapointed.

and if this phone will be released in september it will at least another 2 months untill will hit the shelves of your carrier

the specs are already old...
they should change the camera
a simple tv out should be added

windows mobile 6.1 will be replaced by windows mobile 7 in march 2009
it will be far superior to the 6.1

after 3 months of the release SE will anounce Xperia X2 it will be the phone that Xperia X1 mented to be in feb.

SE will do exactly as HTC has done with the Diamond, they released Diamond a buggy/slow phone and shortly after they anounced Diamond Pro, the phone that eliminates all the prb of the Diamond

Nokia made the exact thing with the N95

Shame on them...

Btw... the price will be at least 800euros w/o contract


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2008and maybe it comes with Windows Mobile 7.0none of them.
it will come out at September

  • Anonymous

Sanni, 31 Jul 2008It says 2nd quarter of the current year this will be on the mark... moreand maybe it comes with Windows Mobile 7.0

  • Rich

UK release date.... October 5th. Same for the C905.

  • piere

i think we cane establish that it will be out oct,nov,dec time. just chill. it's coming out just be happy (woop)

  • CJ

65K colour screen is a littlebit turn-off but still it seems a great phone.

  • Sanni

It says 2nd quarter of the current year this will be on the market and until now it is not available.

Is this becoming a hoax, or SE is still adjusting something. Maybe 5 MP camera and bigger memory perhaps?

  • ian

i don't care. I always wait SEX1.

  • maddy

As per other sites details Xperia is coming out this October. HTC touch pro is coming in Aug. Since HTC & Xperia has similar specifiation [as u know the real engineering behind Xperia is fom HTC] sony will not delay the release. If delayed then probably loose on sales..

  • maddy

I am waiting for Xperia X1 since last 2 months. Everyday reading the opinions. I had nokia 7710 touchscreen which i lost. Now using stupid moto razr for time being. Seems i will land up getting HTC touch pro this aug as the specification of Xperia & touch pro are similar... Sony... please release Xperia. How long i need to wait???? U will loose potential clients this way.. even though this phone is so irresistible..

  • cayoga


  • dan_musica

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2008Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Embedded CE DOES NOT have a cap in ... moreAnd also, they use 65k Color screen to save battery life. Even HTC Touch Diamond uses 65k color screen too. But it has a gorgeous display. This might be happen for X1 too. Wide and gorgeous display.

  • Anonymous

Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Embedded CE DOES NOT have a cap in color depth at 65k. That is simply not true, stop saying that.

Windows Mobile 6 (and WeCE) supports pixel depths of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, and 32 bpp. (Source:

16bits = 65k colors, 18bit = 262k colors, 24bit = 16,7m colors.

So, WM doesn\'t directly support 18 bit colordepth (262k). Are we bothered? No.The reason most WM phones use 65k is that converting the framebuffer takes CPU cyles. Using GPUs takes more power and costs more. WM doesn\'t cap at 65k colors, the CPUs and cost-aspects do.

Lets be clear here The screen is one of the finest ever produced thanks to the superb WVGA resolution.( 65k WVGA display is FAR FAR sharper than a 16million colors QVGA display)

  • Anonymous

FEb??!! That's so far off!

  • Anonymous

tech fanatic, 29 Jul 2008it's produced by htc so maybe in Korea like all other htc's and ... moreHTC Taiwan made not Korean made