Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • J.A.N.(Just Another

This phone has received 25000+ votes on performance (rated at 8.5 out of 10) ! ! ! The device is not even out yet ! ! ! W.T.F. this place is frequented only by nerds or do I have my facts wrong?

  • reg66

if only they made a slimer version without the keyboard

  • Anonymous

i hear it is to be released july

  • Dani

'Revolutionary' is the word!!!!

  • brynn

touch flo is just built on top of windows like a gimmick really,,once past it its just plain old windows again,,,s/e are doing panes which should launch apps from the screen in standby,,i cant explain better but it looks a better effort than touch flo

  • trini

i have the K850i and well as the information here shows that the Xperia is heavier than the K850i :( ... whyyyy??? i know they wanted to cram in all features and a qwerty key board but this phone gonna be like weights in my jeans!!! the k850i is already one in my pocket. If i was to buy this one i will be building muscles while i walk??? I like the phone dont get me wrong... but it should at least be as the the weight of the K850i. I dont like to compare SE to Nokia but look the N96 is lighter.

  • RP

Amazing is not the word.

  • Thor

ToutchFlo 3D is just a program, you will have one for every Windows Mobile Phone, also X1, don't worry. There is tons of tdhird party software. But realy, Panel make easier to accaes already open programs. With Toutch flor you only get shortcut to programs, and they must jet open, you can't directly see applications...

  • Anonymous

even though it has really nice features, it seems it will be pretty ordinary when it comes out since other brands are releasing their competing models sooner.

  • Sone

Here again a little preview video i found, her you can see that its much faster, but tha bad news is that tha site is dutch­?f=40&t=2851#hfd5


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2008does this mobiles has touch flow like touch diamond..?touch flo isa registered trademark and software/technology from HTC. only HTC devices have it

  • Sonni_xx

the must have mobphone, i want to buy it.

  • eNVy

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2008does this mobiles has touch flow like touch diamond..?No it doesn't have touchflo, that's a unique UI feature for only HTC touch devices.

  • Anonymous

does this mobiles has touch flow like touch diamond..?

  • faisal

Looks like an amazing phone have been following its realease and i think its going to be the new thing IN....So lets see when it is released than one can be really sure ...This is forsure my new phone....Nokia has to get something out to compete with this....

  • Shail

Made by HTC Corporation Taiwan. No wonder phone will the best!

  • indra

Touchflo on xperia is a pleasant surpise, yes!!! it's true!!­.php?topic_id=1107&viewmode=flat&order=ASC&start­=70

  • se

it says to be released soon and u r asking if someone is using it please let u know about it...fu.............

  • Andy

I like this phone .If anyone using this phone . please let me kbow the positive & the negative implications of this phone plz

  • RaXa

ThankyOu ''brynn'' .. S.E Will You ppL ReLease This Beauty Or Do I Have To Kick Ur @zzEz ?? ? ???