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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous

guys this is a high tech phone and ppl are not reading phones properly because it is indeed 7.2 mbps UMTS+HSDPA+HSUPA quad band and quad band GSM+EDGE, is there any single phone in market that offers this kind of variety of technology that you can support so many bands in a just a single beauty.

  • xperia x1

Does it also have an azerty keyboard ? i am wondering because I want to get a new phone and if it has an azerty board i will wait till release. Will it also be avaible in Belgium ?


  • Anonymous

@ nokia losers

u say that hdspa runs at 7.2mbps and o does se but when you go on the specifications of Xperia X1 it says upto 3.6 mbps which is the same as N96!

Nd by the way why the hell r u all fightin over mobiles - for all you know next year lg might come out with a phone which is better than both these put together (i doubt it though) - lol

  • nick

i like the xperia okay, its great

but u cant call the n96 a bad phone, although its similar to the n95, it still does more than this phone.

  • NOKIA Losers

@ M@Ti;

DUDE this phone is built-in VGA meaning you can adjust the color and you can change the resolution too.

  • Ali

65 K Colour ? is it mis typing or in actual this set has too less colours. . . ? if in actuall its 65 K then picture quality will be very poor.

  • Anonymous

@ Bw@e;

maybee you need help!!! bec. this facts are true...

  • Anonymous

If you believe the tripe scribed in whatmobile magazine you need help.That mag is a standing joke

  • Wilson

This months WatMobile also has a dig at s/e about processor,walkman fones not taking good fotos on purpose and lg has overtaken s/e now in sales

  • Pepsi

As much as i like Nokia, you gotta give credit to SE for this. Even IF HTC made this (like Nick says) well then good on them for going to someone else for help to make such an awesome phone! I don't see Nokia producing anything like this. All they have is the N96 which is gonna be exactly like the N95... You will want to show off your cool new phone only to find every else has it! After being to the N95 forums and the 8800 forums, I am turning against Nokia... Some people on there my GOD i swear were dropped on their heads as babies.

  • Dani

ermmmmmmm no......

GSMarena has a tendancy to think 'Negative' about SE phone reviews!

which is daft...

Xperia X1 is made by Sony Ericsson..
P5 good phone for 2008 yet the review on it was rather boring..thanks to GSMarena's biastness

208MHZ is fine providing the phone is STABLE and runs smoothly..

  • nick


gsmarena report on nokia phones becuase theres something to report on

something like the p5 is not big news. its a terrible phone considering its 2008.

xperia got a lot of coverage because HTC basically made it and its actually good.

LOL 208mhz...why SE why

  • Dani

GSMarena hasnt even listed all of the X1's Features......

check on the Sony Ericsson website, theres a BIGGGGGGGGGGGG long list of the REAL Features of X1 !!!!

(GSMarena is being to much of a Nokia fanboy!)

  • zizo

wow 158 grams, 2 heavy 2 bulky, i rather buy LG KF 700 withQwerity for less mony and less size, u can do better SE.

  • Sachin Chakravarthy

it should involes pda specifications

  • Neutral

NOKIA Losers, 31 May 2008@ Neutral every country has it's own favorite phones and no... moreYou don't get what I mean do you? I am not a nokia or any other phone fans. I am speaking facts! I want SE to pull up their socks and fight for the number 1 spot. In order for that to happen, they have to listen to what others have to say. Period.

  • nick

nokia should up the screens on their devices to be honest
but nobody can beat them on features in such a small shell.
also nobody can beat them for reliability when it comes to a stable os

  • Dani

@ Anonymous

Ok, i never heard of that phone before..........

  • Anonymous


you are very wrong, xperia is NOT the first phone to have a 800x480 display, the toshiba g900 offers this display already and it was released a while ago

  • Dani

is XPERIA X1 had a 5MP, that would of not make it a better Phone.

who knows the 3MP already in X1 Might be as good as K800i's or even better!

stop judging it, X1 isnt even out in the shops yet, and you people are saying its going to be 'Crap' how would you know if you havent seen it ??

forget N-Series, they do have better Video Recording abilities and camera resolutions but that desont make them better phones does it ?

X1 has Windows Mobile and thats Fine, Sony Ericsson is just being 'Unique' as compared to other brands with Symbian dont ya think?

theres nothing wrong with Windows Mobile, its used in PC's! so its going to be Good.....

as for the Screen resolution, X1 is the first phone in the world to have a WVGA Display! compared to N-Series with QVGA Displays ..X1 HAS Beaten them!

and Features are Good in X1 great features for a PDA X1 is a PDA/Multimedia Device running on Windows Mobile.....

so dont get me wrong, its a good device, still has no competetion from any other brands!