Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • ghie

since i saw this phone in the web i like it already. for me this is the type of the phone very interesting. im gonna buy it. i compare to E90 nokia but what i know this X1 is the best phone coming from the Sony Ericson.

  • Akadi

the phone looks amazing. i like it, i want to have it. When will it be available in South Africa? This is a brilliant deseign.

  • Zoom

Everyone is waiting for this phone but no one knows why SE is not launching .. this is the best phone i can imagine so far but i wish X1 is not gonna break SE fans heart in any way .. cheers

  • Anonymous

I spoke with a Sony Ericsson sales guy in London yesterday and he confirmed that the UK release will not be until "late September or early October"

  • Anonymous

XPERIA X1 King off all "Sony Ericsson phones"...

  • Anonymous

Yes we now know n95,n82,n81,n96 are SHEEP in wolves clothing.They don\'t deliver because their displays don\'t have the resolution to show quality video etc

  • indra

You must know :
QVGA = 320 x 240 = 76800
VGA = 640 x 480 = 307200, it’s 4 times than QVGA
WVGA = 800 x 480 = 384000, it’s 5 times than QVGA

You can enjoy X1 VGA playback or recorded movie more clean, clarity and sharp on WVGA resolution screen, VGA to WVGA is great!! not like Nokia, VGA to QVGA screen (307200 to 76800). It means on the screen still show 76800px (QVGA) although you play video with VGA resolution. You think Nokia VGA video movie on QVGA resolution screen as good as Xperia X1 has on WVGA resolution screen. You'r stupid!! You can watch X1 VGA video movie on WVGA screen 5 TIMES better than Nokia has. In other word, Nokia user never enjoy it at real quality but they spent their money for this.REALLY…REALLY STUPID and they never realize it then give advices here.WHAT A SHAME!! HAHAHA…..

I inform you once more that QVGA can show only 76800px on the screen!! So when you take a picture by 5MP camera, its still QVGA pxl to be showed on the screen and not 5MP picture. 5MP will be better if you print it out for making big poster not on the phone screen. In other word 3.2MP at WVGA is 5 TIMES BETTER than 5MP at QVGA on the phone screen!! I don’t want to spend much money for the phone with expensive useless device like Nokia.You can use devices like VGA video and Mega pixel picture more enjoyable and maximum on WVGA screen.

Look at Xperia, it has latest windows mobile 6.1 so I don’t need to buy PDA anymore and I can use it cool application more satisfied than others , HSDPA and HSUPA which those devices can support video calling and internet device more usefull and faster, made of finishing premium metal not like nokia plastic toy, WVGA resolution screen which make VGA video device and mega pixels camera can be used more maximumly and better, higher processor, better battery life, thiner, lighter, it has Three ways operation like QWERTY, Touch screen and Joystick so I can do more what nokia can’t do and many more. WOW GREAT… XPERIA IS THE BEST!!!!

If many people always say their E90 is great, good and whatever…so X1 IS MORE THAN THAT.

I agree with abbasean who said:

“X1 has everything you need today and most probably tomorrow, an excellent OS with all kind of 3rd party applications available today where as E90 has very few.
With xperia panel you get most of the X1 where as E90 just hangs on everything even being the most expensive phone in market.A very compact size with X1 and you can use full screen video viewer to watch full length movies, where E90 uses real player and doesn't use a pure full screen features with good quality output. Since E90 has been launched (nearly an year ago I believe) so many problems with handsent what-so-ever NOKIA is not willing to resolve the issues.…” (Abbasean)


  • Anonymous

I'm looking forward to Xperia X1,and Qualcomm's "snapdragon" platform,even TI's OMAP 3 stuff should be great.The chipsets are incredible.

  • Anonymous

Our vision for the XPERIA X1 is to deliver a seamless blend of mobile Web communication and multimedia entertainment within a distinctive design," said Rikko Sakaguchi, Head of Portfolio and Propositions, Sony Ericsson. "XPERIA? is our promise to think foremost of user experience and to deliver the premium experience - anytime, anywhere, anything, with anyone."

Sony Ericsson XPERIATM X1 - energised communication, the premium experience.

How fitting.SE begins a new era in the mobile world

  • eternal_wind

well, SE is currently still UPGRADING the Xperia X1. Just wait how it will turn out..

  • Anonymous

To all Xperia fan.
Do not let all the nokia fanboy's word confuse you. The time will talk about it

  • Anonymous

Save your matter if the facts are staring these twits in the face they will still believe nokia is best.Go to any internet s60 forum and all you get is self appreciation,laughs at SE or windows mobile jokes.It never seems to dawn on them the phones they defend are not that good!

  • Anonymous

To Pokia So you go out and spend a fair bit of cash on a mobile yet you don't know what the device is capable of?That's madness buddy.If you think the n95's screen is good wait till you experience a VGA display.Camera's pixel count is a different ballgame yes a 3megapixel camera can be better than a 5mp camera and that's due to the sensor and lighting conditions.

  • Anonymous

But nobody ever said the TyTN II was anything special in the multimedia department .You guys come in here praising n82,n95 etc without realizing it's screen cannot show off it's multimedia capabilities!And we are talking about forthcoming products as in Xperia X1 and in your case n96.N96 a 2008 phone with QVGA screen,Xperia a 2008 device with WVGA screen.One can show 78600 pixels the other 384000 pixels.That's one hell of a difference pal!The screen is of paramount importance particularly for video's,images,web browsing hmm EVERYTHING

  • pokia

I don't know what some techie wannabes in here are complaining about the N95's qvga screen as if the N95's display is poor, LOL. I don't even know what the difference between those acronyms are (vga, qvga, wvga, etc). The x1 only has a 3.15 megapix camera, would that necessarily mean that it would have inferior camera quality compared to a phone with 5 megapixels? NOT NECESSARILY. So for those saying that Nokia does not know better by not having higher resolution screen when other high end phones have, you guys need to look at the results, not just the numbers, for the N95 8gb display looks way better than those phone with higher resolutions.

  • kang_kang

ok, I'm getting impatient here. When will this phone be available? The Samsung F490 is growing on me, so X1 better be out soon.

  • Anonymous

Someone said there were no Symbians with hi res so i thought they meant Symbians in general. Otherwise im aware that SE Symbians never carried high res screens.
Im not getting worked up :-)
The very early N95-8GB Prototypes had VGA screens, there were spy pics of them showd great quality displays but apparently the VGA screens took way too much battery power and shortened battery life so NOKIA removed the VGA in the last minute unfortunetly.
I have no idea why NOKIA stopped the 352x418 displays, they gave such great results, especialy on the E70 which had 352x418 with 16Million colours its an amazing display. Maybe the NOKIA "TUBE" Touchscreen phone will have a VGA display.
Anyway i just curious on why people are an@l about NOKIAs having QVGA while even HTC's current Flagship has a QVGA lol yet when put next to a N95-8gb with same size screen the N95-8gb gives better results than TyTN-II or TyTN. Hmmm. . . NOKIA realy should make a VGA :-)
Sorry for disturbing YOUR topic :-) LETS NOW PRAISE THE GREAT X1. . . . .

  • Anonymous

Who cares who makes it?It's possess very impressive specifications in both multimedia and buisness.The fact it wears a SE badge can only make it more popular.Great

  • Anonymous

Different indeed buddy. Is not even made by SE :-)

  • Anonymous

If you look to the new generation of top end Pocket pc's they all have high resolution screens.Toshiba,E-TEN,HTC/SE,Gigabye,Asus can all see the need.I'm actually quite surprised Nokia didn't put a VGA screen in the N95 8GB or n96.