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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • J2ME

I was about 2 buy E90 because of it's impressive features. But when I saw the actual unit, i was turned-off by it's ugly design! so ugly particularly in the hinge portion. My friend told me it looks like a carpenters toolbox. Others say it's a weapon of selfdefense.

But i wouldn't mind it's oversize as long as a touchscreen would make it cool atleast. But sadly there's no touchscreen so i'll rather wait for Xperia :)

  • Anonymous

I am not bothered about the E90 and i don't like it also.
what I am trying to tell is why you guys are so much after this phone as it is not even available for getting the first level user feedback.
better wait for a year for this phone to get released and then talk about this phone which makes sense.

  • eternal_wind

right, i think this phone is mainly for bussinessman. Although, it may being used by a millionaire or something like that...

and for the record, many bussiness man are more preferes PDA like this one, than a normal phone...

i don't know about it's rival N96 (i don't know if it CAN be marked as rival, though), it's for entertaiment not for bussiness, yet the price is very high (araound $800)...

i guess i choose Playstation 3 or PSP than N96 ^^

  • Anonymous

well said.
it is true that the xperia has generated lot of response and expectations. hene it is obvious that SE will fix a premium price for this phone. in my opinion this phone will attract a small segment of business users only.

  • Anonymous

people drooling over the xperia will wipe their mouth once the phone is out. becoz it is going to cost a fortune to you. will be more than $1000. at the same time n-series like N95 and N82 will become much cheaper and well established proven reliable phones as well.

  • Anonymous

Nokia don't use high resolution screens in n-series because A they cost far more than low quality qvga screens B they can't get a small powerful battery C they want the cells operate fast(two major cpu hogs VGA screen and touchscreen) D Most buyers are still oblivious to the benefits of high res screens

  • Anonymous

Nokia fanatics have a hard time understanding the fundamentals.The majority believe 16million colours is key to having a vibrant detailed screen similarly they can't comprehend how a 3.2MP Camera can out preform a 5MP camera but please bare in mind I'm not stating x1 stills camera will outgun n82's only that it is possible.E-ten V900,Xperia X1 are just the starting point in a longline of fantastic all capable WM devices.Personally I'm looking at the MDA COMPACT IV

  • Anonymous

@David Your wrong buddy the x1 does what no N-Series handset can..Takes a video recording in VGA resolution and shows the video in it's true quality all in the same device.With the x1 you can Watch a downloaded movie on your mobile and again see in it's intended resolution.Are you aware when you view photo's on your n-series phone you can only see 76800 pixels?n95,n82,n96 are like multimedia computers with no monitor!TV-Out is a stretched view,in other words it's still 76800 pixels.I can't stress enough how essential a proper resolution display is.If your going to incorporate high multimedia capabilities it makes sense for the manufacturer to give you the display to view them,this is where nokia and SE differ also you can bet your bottom dollar the X1 Wi-Fi antenna will be far better than the 5m nokia crap even My 4yr old PPC locks onto wireless networks better

  • eternal_wind

it IS a place for SE...

i think we just trying to compare between SE and Nokia... that's all...

  • eternal_wind

first off-all, i'm sorry for information about SE being number 1 in europe. Actually, SE is number 1 in U.K and Sweden. Well, i guess you're right i'm a little bit confused.. sorry

@mak lampir:

no, the N96 ONLY use 300 Mhz processor with 128 MB RAM and it's NOT DDR2 use those DDR2 nad your phone will explode. And don't forget that 16GB is an INTERNAL memory, just try it to fill-up those kind of storage and it will freeze for sure.

while xperia has 500 Mhz and 128 RAM, 400MB is used to maintain the heavy windows mobile and it's real Memory is from Memory Card. And for information, di MC, X1 uses is very special, the max amount is 32GB, unlike nokia N96 which only have 24 GB because it's only support 8 GB Memory Card..

And... N96 is NO PDA!! It's just a smart phone, just like SE's series, and Nokia E series

  • David

I really don't understand people getting excited by this Phone. It has slightly less functions than the N82 (we won't even go to N95 8GB) and it only has a 3 Megapixel camera...

To think of it, SE fans are probably excited because it's the first SE phone that sort of come close to Nokia's huge functionality. (VGA video for one, and GPS)

Though, one thing that this phone does have and not any Nokias yet is touch screen

  • Anonymous

@eternal_wind Where do you get your info from? You say SE are nr. 1 in Europe? Their 1Q 2008 results will be released in about 7hours and you'll see how bad they are. Se is not even second (samsung is) never mind first. Please if you are confused ,don't confuse others too :-)

  • eternal_wind

@mak lampir

you know nothing abaout SE and at the same time, you know nothing about nokia..

maybe in indonesia, nokia is number 1. But in europe, SE is number 1.

well, i guess u just don't know how the cellphone works...

look at N96, it has the 16 GB... for what?? And i assure u that when that storage is filled with 4GB data, it will freeze.

And about xperia, it's internal memory is relative ly small for PDA. But those 400MB are mainly use as RAM! not for Harddisk or something. I can imagine that the performance is much better.

  • Anonymous

correction edge on audio and better games.It boils down to that outdated display.N96 would utilise it's potential if nokia chose to get with the times.Are you not furious with nokia for producing a phone that can't show proper video,images etc

  • Anonymous

Ok that's a more level headed submission.The n96 has the edge in multimedia but hopefully you do agree the Xperia X1 does possess above average multimedia capabilities.

  • Tsepz

i could post a screenshot of my N81 running 20apps as wel rocky boy!
OMG! Finaly you are posting like a normal intelligent person without all the "son" "0" and all that kak!
No i never said its the Ultimate Multimedia phone i said people here acting like it is, the N96 is better AT MOST MULTIMEDIA than X1 that i can tell. But yes Nseries do NOT make good business phones, if i needed a Business phone id get an HTC WITH NO HESITATION!
Yes i have a N81 so what? Why do you PMS about that?
Lol yes i post stuff ive researched how else do you find out about something? Does it just suddenly spring up in your head rock? Do you all of a sudden know EVERYTHING without reading about it somewhere? LMAO!
Yes ive already mentioned that WM6.1 ROM thats available for TyTN-II which made me think would you as a TyTN-II user upgrade to a X1? Because i'd rather wait for the ANDROID Plat phones and also the TyTN-II successor.

  • kenneth Grant

Geotagging lol are you serious?WM has had geptagging for ages mate long long before ANY symbian device.As for audio you can have stereo swapped or joined mono left,right or joined you can increase and decrease the preamp,choose WAVE output.With video you can change pixel aspect ratio,use directdraw or framebuffer the choices are really immense.Headsets are always preferred to loudspeaker on a mobile phone but admittedly external speakers on nokia's are extremely good.

  • Anonymous

Who said you need a pointer to operate a WM handset?.I've used a TyTN II and the choice is yours, Applications such as Resco Radio,Explorer,PIE,Opera,Pocket Mechanic ,TCPMP,photo viewer professional can all be contolled using the hardware peripherals.I read the old chesnut Tactile feedback.Are you trying to tell me I don't get tactile feedback from the hardware buttons on a TyTN II?Absurd!Obviously for text input you use the hard keyboard or software T9 keypad .Usually web surfing requires little input,and many apps such as coreplayer require no text input whatsoever.To use Instant messaging,sustained web browsing,Word and Excel an efficient,quick input,navigational method is required hence the reason power users require touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard.

  • Tsepz

Hey now thats a normal answer ,thanx a Bw@e.
See the kind of idea im getting from people here is that the X1 is the Ultimate Multimedia phone when its not. I love how people keep going on about the screen.
What about sound quality?
Sensor acceleration?
Accelerometer apps?
Video and sound amplifier?
Sound when watching videos coming from two either side?
Dolby surround in headset? which the Nseries are getting.
Built-in FM Transmition (not needing headset) etc. . .
Does X1 have all that?
By the way there are a lot of Emulators and PIPES for S60. Ive got Quake running on my S60 so in gaming we are there, but OBVIOUSLY WM has more support.

  • Anonymous

Yeah tsepz we are NOT saying the tyTN II is a great multimedia device-it can't be with a QVGA display.Granted the n82 would be better for sms than most WM devices but what else?With newer WM devices you don't have to use touchscreen for the majority of apps but of coarse you have the choice.Software T9 keypads are only needed for one handed sms and convenient small text input such as entering a url.