Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • bibi_prince

At last a SE phone with maximum features.
Just a couple of things tt bothers me about this piece is tt the resolution is odd.
No.1: 800x480? 640x480 sounds much better.
No.2: Where is the 2ndory camera 4 VC?
Other than tt, it's all good. What would b satisfying is if it comes with 24k gold or diamond body. That would be simply LUXELY.

  • Rizwan


I dont like the overall design somewhat but a few issues with the spec level, especially for a device which they (SE) might be looking to as their flagship? 3.2MP camera in this day and age? Surely at least 5MP! And 65, 536 colours? That is like the T610 of years ago. 3G calls? No camera on the front for that either? SE is slowly losing it...

  • Rizwan

the call buttons below the screen look so much like the nokia prism phone buttons!!

  • Anonymous

ok! that's nice desision well about the topic when will this XPERIA X1 be out and there are new features added in this phone like "OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional" and I like to purchase this phone XPERIA X1...

  • Thor

Well he is right abaut the fack that the current best phone IS E90, cause P1 just sucks with its keyboard it is a toy, but man you got to admit X1 is a step forward from E90, i own it too and will change itright away, more pocket size and looks more like mobile phone.

  • Anonymous

SE has added "OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional" for this beautiful phone...nice work SE...

  • Anonymous

I totally absolutely agree with renji, except for the HTC part. HTC makes great phones too e.g. Touch Cruise, it's not as high end as Nokias but it has "usable" functions such as GPS and very useful scrollwheel, not forgetting the 3.2 mega pix and autofocus.

  • renji

guys, better read the specs again. it has a secondary VIDEO CALL CAMERA, and when it comes to nokia, they did not release any smart phone with touch screens. They do have N800 and N810, but both lacks hi-pixel cameras. Nokia will be releasing the Nokia Tube, but it seems to be a rip-off from other PDA phones. HTC by the other hand offers low-end specs for a very high price, though runing on a windows mobile os, it just does not meet up with sony ericssons promises. I have been a user of Nokia for a long time but switched to Sony Ericsson for many good and technological reasons, at the same time, SE offers a very reasonable price for very hi-end smart phone. Just take P1i for an instance. So the bottom line, for me SE rules.

  • heero yuy

This is to everyone who says nokia this, nokia that, nokia are the best. Period fact that nokia are rapidly losing the phone market battle. If you cant see this then you really need to do your research more.

You are all shoving this phone away before you have given it a chance. As far as nokia go i would like to see a phone from them that doesnt crash all the time (even with software updates) or that actually has what it says on the box (nokia n95/ n95 8GB/ n82 - all stated as 5 megapixel camera's when in fact they are 2.6 megapixel with a software enhancement to mimic that of a 5 megapixel).

Sony brought the first decent (true) 5 megapixel camera phone out that hand a decent battery life and didnt run down after only taking a few photo's or doing a hours worth of video recording. Also you'll find that sony have always had phones with a stable enough software base to run multiple applications without crashing or having an impact on performance (P1i is especially good for this).

The Xperia is going to blow the market away. This is what we have been waiting for. Everyone is slandering the battery but the P1i only has a 1120 mAh battery and that has a 10 hour talk time and a 440 hour stanby time. The Xperia is going to be equiped with a 1500 mAh battery so you'll be looking at equal perormance in battery life (and remeber this is not a nokia so its guaranteed to last haha).

You all think that the features on this handset have already been produced but you name me a PDA handset that has a battery life that will last longer than 5/6 hours for talk time and 365 hours for standby time. Also how many PDA phones have a descent 3.2 megapixel camera with 30fps video record/playback that can offer dvd quality shots/videos. And of cors how many PDA phones have such a sleek and fantastic design that boast a 400MB intenal memory with the potential for an 8GB memory card.

All in all this is one smart phone that will be worth the wait. If you still want to cling to the faiding fad which is nokia then stay in your flock and continue to be sheep, never to experience a phone that offers true potential.

As noted previously do some research and come back when you've learnt something!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Hahaha,, Its funny that people like you post your opinion without reading anything about the phone. Its clearly stated in above specs that the phone has a secondary camera for video call. Please open your eyes before posting.. Only god can save you..

  • Anonymous

how come its only 65K colour screen

  • Andrew

Sure, we cannot locate a camera for 3G purposes on X1, but Sony-Ericsson's official site clearly states that this model actually has video-calling enabled.

  • Sone

To Alphazen

yes plus ya get a spare one too

  • alphazen

hi guys....i wonder does xperiaX1 add or use stylus pen?

  • Sone

o yeah and does it have a flash lite playa?

  • Sone

There are two things boring me ( 3 with all that fighting)

On tha developer.sonyericsson said that its got 512 mb storage memory!
And on tha other site stated that its got 256 mb?

And those this have a 3d software for tha games?

  • Anonymous

this phone SE XPERIA has exellent features like;

- TFT touchscreen
- Full QWERTY keyboard
- Optical joystick navigation
- 400 MB internal memory
- 128MB RAM, 256MB storage memory
- Qualcomm MSM7200 528MHz processor
-GPRS that is Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
- 3G that runs HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
- WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
- Bluetooth
- OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1
- 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels
- video(VGA@30fps)
- flash
- secondary videocall camera
- Built-in GPS receiver
- A-GPS function
- Java MIDP 2.0
- FM radio with RDS
- MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player
- Motion sensor (with UI auto-rotate)
- TrackID music recognition
- Picture editor/blogging
- Organiser
- T9
- Built-in handsfree
- Voice memo/dial
- a battery that has Li-Po, 1500 mAh which is good and will last long
- added new cover steel silver

  • Thor

Yes E90 can do exatly that, with actualy a real qwerty keyborad, so i can type as fast as on PC, P1 just sicks because of its keyboard, but it is differend sotry with Xperia, X1 is simply an upgraded Nokia E90. Sony ericksons line of communicators :)

  • Anonymous

SE has added "OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional" for this beautiful phone...nice work SE...

  • Anonymous

Well, i see a lot of people fighting over Nokia and SE.
To tell you the truth i am a Nokia fun. Out of 8 phones i had so far, 1 was Motorola, and 1 i got 18 months ago was Samsung. 6 of them were Nokia including the one i am using now the N95.
However since i have been looking into buying a Windows Mobile device, i was looking for something with a touchscreen and numeric keypad. Did not find a design that i liked so far, so i looked for something like the HTC Touch Cruise. Now the Xpreria shows up. Although i never had a Sony Ericsson phone before, i am thinking into switching to one. After all it has the new WM6.1, a 3" screen, and the looks are not bad either.

So why are you fighting over brand names. Nokia phones for me work perfectly, but who uses all the functions in a phone. I use the camera on my Nokia N95, and 5MPs are great but that happens when i do not have my digital camera with me, which is more or less everyday in the car.

So why dont yoy guys wait for the Xperia to show up in shops, for a few people to buy it and use it in real life and get to read some reviews, then make comments.
Personally i am between the Xperia and the Touch Cruise.