Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • JO_WI

Hey guys, this forum only for SE lover.

if u from nokia lover then go to your own forum. you are not welcome here.

i owned SE P1i, i can do chatting using IM+, while typing words and listening to music, without closing application.

can your N95 or E90 do that?

  • Anonymous

This is the best phone EVER.
And... , it has a camera for video call.
Not HTC nor Nokia can reach it.
Especially Nokia has to adopt some of the user friendly features of SE phones.

  • Anonymous

SE has added "OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional" for this beautiful phone...nice work SE...

  • Anonymous

seen this on a blog.........­no-wonder-sony-ericssons-xperia-x1-is-so-good-ht­c-makes-it/ ...........was surprised to see that it is built by HTC.....what a shame for SE......if u cant make a phone on your own then just leave this way nokia is better than SE

  • Abbasean

X1 vs. E90 is like DB9 vs. Focus

X1 has everything you need today and most probably tomorrow, an excellent OS with all kind of 3rd party applications available today where as E90 has very few.
With xperia panel you get most of the X1 where as E90 just hangs on everything even being the most expensive phone in market.
A very compact size with X1 and you can use full screen video viewer to watch full length movies, where E90 uses real player and doesn't use a pure full screen features with good quality output.
Since E90 has been launched (nearly an year ago I believe) so many problems with handsent what-so-ever NOKIA is not willing to resolve the issues.
E90 feels like a brick and which is maybe good for a coporate show-off but not a daily use phone at all.

Rest you guys know better then me if X1 is released in time (b4 ppl lose intrest) then it can sell like hot cake, I'm thanked myself that I didnt waste my money on E90 and crap iPhone ;-) (wink wink)

  • SuperInggo

This device is built with high quality metal. Unlike those Nokia Plastic Toys and Every Nokia fans know that but they don't wanna admit!

  • Anonymous

This is a good phone! Looking at it makes me drool and im happy if it will hit the UAE Markets in June or September 2008. As long as it is available... With Windows Mobile 6.1 that would be so cool.. And please nokia lovers, u can stay away from this coz we know that Nokia is such a copycat.
They Dont Have Design
and yeah
When Xperia X1 was announced, they didnt even made the Nokia Tube until SE was ready, Nokia Tube was made fast and fast... Nokia = a true copycat... Now if you excuse me.. I'm gonna wait for my Xperia x1
And Nokia luvrs u dont even know what Xperia means..
Xperia means Experience... HAHAHA

  • Anonymous

WOW! SE has added "OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional" for this beautiful phone...nice work SE...

  • pastor

too big and too bulky and only 3.2 MP camera?

  • Rizwan

Hi SE Lovers,
Why dont you digest That Nokia is a king of mobile.
One Nad minded says nokia E90 is a brick.
I am a E90 user and i use many SE divices but ,
They are not durable in software & Battery backup.
In nokia every handset have a own identy & success.
We are not employ of nokia, But we are invest our
Precious money in a perfect & wellknowing handset,
like a famous & worth of its coast The E90.

  • Anonymous

It's not too late I hope SE would add 16m color for this phone and not 65k color and the good news is that SE has added "OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional" for this SE XPERIA X1...

  • Anonymous

for your information this phone has video call camera and SE has added "OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional" for this beautiful phone...nice work SE...

  • synergy

excelent phone. waiting.

  • Anonymous

SE has added "OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional" for this phone SE XPERIA X1...Nice work SE

  • Umar

I don't understand why people here comparing this Smart X1 with Nokia E90 brick, it seems they are nokia's employees

  • Tsepz

Please put the list of phones IVE SAID TO HAVE TESTED here. . . .im waiting. . . .

  • Anonymous

XPERIA X1 is the best...

  • indra

@ n96

HmmÖsory bro..i prefer to choice X1 right now because X1 has more efficient devices that I can use it at maximum capacity so I will not loss my money for expensive phone type rather than I loss my money to buy nokia for expensive VGA video device and 5MP camera device which I cant use those devices at fully capacity on the phone screen because it has just QVGA resolution screen (5MP and VGA video to QVGA screen or 307200 to 76800) itís sound stupid and wasting money so I donít want to be a stupid person too. Xperia is better in every way than Nokia N 95.

About WVGA application, I believe that SE knows what the costumer need and time by time a lot of people will be interested to make cool windows mobile 6.1 applications at WVGA, if the application has been made at once so it will be cool, usefull and exclusive ( no one like it but X1 user can enjoy it very much plus with unique three ways combination like QWERTY, touch screen and joystick at one application so it more flexible and special than nokia n 95 etc ) rather than a lot of ordinary useless applications at QVGA. Iam symbian user till now but I havenít felt it more satisfied yet and almost of my friend use symbian application too but nothing special on it even on my friendís N 95. I try something differ than others and more special or exclusive of course with WM 6.1 on amazing WVGA screen and unique SE experience panel with GUI and three ways operation.itís sound like high class phone,isnít it ?AMAZING!!

About HTCÖIF X1 is produced by HTC is true, its good news for me. Lets to imagine two high class company work together to create Xperia woww COOL!!! Two SMART brains become one to create X1 so I will be glad to have it which make what I need will be fulfilled and not loss my money.itís not 100% produced by HTC. There are Microsoft and sony ericsson software and hardware also there is AT&T which one of 9 panel and many more.I should pay this phone at $1800 because HTC, MICROSOFT, SE etc but if itís just up to $ 700 so its cheap for me rather than to buy Nokia with expensive useless devices.ONCE MORE IAM NOT BLIND.

It has video calling and HSUPA broÖ.read the official spec carefully!!

Yes that is right, X1 has better battery life because it has 1500 mah LI-POLIMER not like nokia has (1200mah LI-ION)


If you donít like X1 so donít buy it and stop your evil comments.

  • Anonymous

It's all about what you can add to your device.Windows Mobile 3rd party applications absolutely murder s60 and UIQ apps.Have you guys tried netfront 3.3 or 3.5 on a WM ppc?Test opera 9.5, WM torrent,CorePlayer,memmaid,TomTom,nero,resco suite etc then sample similar symbian titles and you'll see a massive difference.

  • AC105

This is the nicest phone i habe ever seen if u think there are nicer phones please tell me