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  • KIM


The X1 will hit UAE markets on JUNE,good timing lol,same as E90.

I dont see why people keep saying silly things here.honestly,i'm an E90 user and its great.but change is good,and i will get the X1 as soon as its out.

For those you wont see the true picture,NOKIA is number 1,its a fact.however this is a great phone from SE,but it doesnt put SE at the top after all.and if SE smart enough,then they wouldnt be so late and come up with this phone A YEAR after nokia came up with the E90.

OPEN YOU'RE eyes everybody,you're comparing the X1 with E90 which has hit the market a year ago,and still the E90 tops in alot of things.what a shame then.....

OH,about the cost of X1,in UAE it will cost about 1000$.great price lol its nothing really when compared to E90 when it first hit the market at 1800$.lol i'll surly pay it!

  • Tsepz

I don't recall saying or mentioning anything about NOKIA in my post SO any other person who takes offense to what i posted must not even say anything about being a fanboy.
Now to the person who replied to my post, when i say SE must fix it im acknowledging the fact that the X1 is not out yet so SE must work on this issue before release, may i remind you how slow and buggy the P990 Prototypes were? AND STILL after 2years its slow and buggy, YOU NEVER KNOW with SE thats what my problem is. Otherwise i FULLY AGREE the X1 should be a brilliant device, can't wait to test it, im just nervous that SE will make a mess of something in it, they usualy do.
Im not expecting it to run at lightening speed but at the same time the HTC TyTN-II is faster, the lag in X1 reminds me of the lag i experienced in the HTC TyTN-1 i had with me 5months ago.

  • Anonymous

Re resolution forces VGA res on apps so the poster that was laughing and writing rubbish really needs to take his head out his ....!

  • Anonymous

Tsepz The Xperia hasn't been released yet so your being a bit premature with your criticism.Please remember the n95 was very slow and buggy for over EIGHT months AFTER release!The xperia is running a more advanced OS and has a WVGA screen so only the most optimistic person would expect lightning speed

  • pablocpw

microsd cards??????? story dare???? any launch date set fot ireland.

  • Tsepz

I watched a nice video review of the XPERIA X1 on YouTube a few days ago. WOW!! What a beautiful piece of technology or must i say pieceS, the screen is amazing although i hate what SE did with the screen, they made it so narrow but otherwise its a great phone, the whole XPERIA (the windows in stand by) looks brilliant in action. The only problem i saw was how it laggd, especialy when switching from Portrait to Landscape my jaw dropped with shock at how slow it was at this even with the 528mhz CPU, ALSO when accessing some programmes there was lag, i REALY hope SE fix this because this beautiful beast will determine how well they do in the USA.

  • Anonymous

it will cost a bomb don't get so excited people.

  • Rizwan

Plz,Dont compare N95 with xperia.
If you think your notknowing Xperia is great,
Then compare with my most powerfull & durable,
One & only Nokia E90. This is a proof of quality.

  • n96

btw n95 has flash memory not a hardrive and the xperia uses far more battery life eg. screen resolution, touch screen, etc.

if there is a video calling camera show me where it is?

  • Anonymous

Spoke to SE... and they said it's going to be due early october 2008. can't wait....

  • Anonymous

mr n96
kindly see that the battery capacity of n95 is much less than 1200mah to 1500mah.and nokia uses li-lon batteries and se uses better li-polymer batteries with a larger stndby time and longer life.n95 has to keep its hard disk running all the time consuming battery but it is not the case with is better in every way than n95

  • SuperInggo


Don't u know how to read specs?? Xperia does have a video call camera. Xperia website can also confirm that!!

  • n96

ooo! wvga screen haha dont think there is much APPLICATIONS compatible with that screen resolution!!


SYMBIAN and NOKIA all the waaay!!!

  • n96


how can you say that sony erricson is cool and smart when this phone is made by HTC???
this phone aint nothin it even LACKS a basic VIDEO CALLING CAMERA hehe

and btw wow wee wvga screen its goin to use so much power ryt!?!

so how can you say its got better battery life then the king of all phones N95 when the xperia uses much more power?!

if "sony ericcson" is so good then why is this phone made by HTC?!

all i can say is NOKIA all the waaay!

  • Anonymous

truly produced by htc....

  • indra

Once more :
1. If I have X1 so I don’t need buy PPC or PDA. X1 is enough for me (of course with latest windows mobile 6.1)
2. If I have X1 so I don’t need buy more than one phone to enjoy three ways operation ( Qwerty, Touch screen and joystick)
3. If I have X1 so I can enjoy more flexible applications by combine those ways. So I can do and enjoy what nokia cant do.
4. it has better processor, thiner, lighter and better battery life than Nokia N95,96 and E90
5. it has 9 panel, it means if I am bored in a panel so I can switch to the other panel. And it is new experience, SE lets you to feel something new and differ with others.
6. it has HSDPA and HSUPA
7. it has WVGA screen resolution.

You must know :

QVGA = 320 x 240 = 76800
VGA = 640 x 480 = 307200, it’s 4 times than QVGA
WVGA = 800 x 480 = 384000, it’s 5 times than QVGA

if I have X1, I can enjoy my X1 VGA playback or recorded movies more clean, clarity and sharp on WVGA resolution screen, VGA to WVGA is great!! not like Nokia, VGA to QVGA screen (307200 to 76800) so it still shows only 76800px (QVGA) on the screen although you play video with VGA resolution. It’s wasting money for that useless VGA video device.You think Nokia VGA movies/playback/recorded on QVGA resolution screen as good as Xperia X1 on WVGA resolution screen. You'r stupid!!

I inform you once more that QVGA can show only 76800px on the screen!! So when you take a picture by 5MP camera, its still QVGA pxl to be showed on the screen and not 5MP picture. 5MP will be better if you print it out for making big poster not on the phone screen. In other word 3.2MP at WVGA is 5 TIMES better than 5MP at QVGA on the phone screen!! I don’t want to spend much money for the phone with expensive useless device like Nokia.You can use devices like VGA video and Mega pixel picture more enjoyable and maximum on WVGA screen.

About 16M color, That is right that Theoritically 16 M color is bigger than 65k but in fact u cant realize what is different between 16M color and 65k color on 3 inches screen at WVGA by your eyes and X1 still get more sharp, clean and clarity display because it resolution not color !!!You can see better picture at WVGA than QVGA.

Remember and don’t push X1 down too much during X1 is still in progressing because time by time x1 will be better, better and better then slap your mouth!!!!SE IS COOL AND SMART!!!

  • Rizwan

Hi All,
Plz,tell me who gives to xperia 8.6 point for his
Performance......? It is a big thing.
Because we all dont see any xperia user.till now
Then who dicided to give this point for xperia...?
I think we give only point for his Design & features,
When xperia come to our hand then we dicide what
Able it is for Hi point for performance. thats it............

  • razec


"@pd2Z This phone is not designed by SE but HTC ! ! ! Yes the very same company which makes the TyTN ! SE only puts the badge on and shares the profits (if any) No more no less - ."

Sorry mate, but HTC assembled the chips inside to form the ODM and then later on supplied to the manufacturer like Sony Ericsson to make the polishing, designing and rebranding - as i said on my previous post even Palm Treo 650 was built by HTC and was redesigned by the palm. HTC has nothing to do with the aesthetics of an ODM device except the baseline/framework. SE along with Palm, LG an other manufacturers that sells WM phones were the ones to design the final look of it. in fact it's not only the design that was modified but the software aspect as well(most of the times) by the company who will sell the device under it's name. for example the Xperia panels, PSP XMB UI, Touch Autofocus, Playnow, A-GPS application and the rest of the new things inside the X1 were all developed by SE not HTC. the arch-sliding design/mechanism idea of the phone is also credited for SE.

As for those who are comparing it with HTC's TyTN II and Cruise. don't expect those two performance to be superior over X1, one thing that complements this is the lack of video driver support by HTC to it's WM devices which in case ended up for HTC being sued by the TyTn II users. SE addresses the problem by Allowing the developers to utilize the video drivers to activate the 3D accelerator - one reason why X1 records VGA@30 Fps video: one thing impossible to do with other HTC devices like TyTN II and Cruise due to some issues with HTC's unawareness for installing video drivers on their final products's software. unless HTC will finally address this issue i can safely say that X1 is a more capable convergence gadget :)

so in case people like the ones i mentioned still persist and refrain to believe what i am saying in this forum, then they are free to comment with their opinions. just make sure it is sensible enough to cope with the objectivity of what i am talking about and not the typical childish comments spreading throughout this forum with no commendable facts to support their arguments :)

  • game kolla

i think this is a macsa phone i bought it on today you can do lot of things from this. but the question is i realy don't no how to operate this properly, if you are a businesss man this suit for you,the thing is i can do more things from my NK1100 phone

  • razec


There's a very big difference between ODM maker(HTC) and ODM designer(SE). No offense but you're such a big nokia fanboy ruining most SE forums with your false preconceptions. in case you don't know Palm Treo 600/650 were built by HTC and later on Palm designed it to suit their branding style. HTC is the ODM manufacturer behind most Windows Mobile devices as well as some Palm's.