Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous

Trully, the X1 pic provided in gsmarena ist the proto pic.

If you look at the X1 pic @cebit theres a videocall cam visible.

  • AVL

I wish this hits US asap.

  • Anonymous

haha this phone lacks the basics


and it supposed a business (smart)phone

all i can say is:

NOKIA all the waaay!

  • shikadembuss HTC RULES!!!!!! and Nokia. HTC P3300 ROCKSSSSSSS !!!it has a built in scroll mouse unlike no other SmartPhone. and that phone is OLD...HTC n Nokia is waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of SE.

  • evilcruze

whats d fuss all abt?this is the best ph dats gonna hit d market cant be compared to any far as nokia tube is concerned its still a one have seen any pre-production model or even a geneuin nokia fans please take ur fustration out somewea else and spare us with ur b%lls#&it

  • John

I was looking for a pda like HTC6500 but with QWERTY but there is no phone/pda insight until I saw this Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. It seems like SE read all my comments over the web for such a phone.

This phone isnt 100% SE but definitely developed with HTC and plus it is a WM phone. Waoh! Can't wait to have this in my pocket. Will have to search more for info and call the local SE office here.

  • Anonymous

To the poster who said ETEN had to pull their socks up!
E-TEN Glofiish V900: Windows Mobile 6 Professional , 32bit Samsung S3C2460 (Chipset) @ 667MHz, 256MB ROM / 128MB RAM, 2.8 color transflective TFT display, 480x640pixel, cellular GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, built-in SiRF Star III GPS, TMC, WLAN, Bluetooth, microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash, SDIO, 3.1 ,T-DMB/DAB/DVB-T/DVB-H tuner ,megapixel main camera, 640x480 secondary camera

  • Cristian

I´m waiting the moment to work with this phone. What a pity that only have 400mb internal memory. Í´m trying to find the secundary videocall camera but not yet I findind. It´s a good idea to this phone it´s building in Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. something new has come up in S.E. Enyou it!!!

  • n96

wtf? this phone is made by HTC hehe sony erricson haha lol

2 da guy hu sayz n82 buttonz r copyied from sony erricson

uhm uhm fanboy listen nokia used these buttons on the n91 and dat waz years ago b4 sony erricson cuz i kud just say that sony erricson copyied nokia by:
coming into the phone business

because if it wasn't for nokia(nokia made the worlds first GSM phone)sony erricson wouldnt exist

peace out:D :D

NOKIA ALL THE WAY BRAP BRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

to N7$E: you are the clueless, Qtek is htc

  • Anonymous

whatever but this phone is still Sony Ericsson products...this phone rocks

  • Anonymous

Huh bud, you are clearly not into 'the cell game'. Is well known by now that this is a HTC product with SE branding. SE's version of touchscreen devices is based on UIQ ! ! ! Now this is a fact and STOP arguing if you are clueless. Yes it is a nice device, but so is the tytn and the other hi end devices from HTC. Eten and Qtek have to 'pull their socks up'. Now that SE has agreed to sell HTC WM6 devices using the SE brand name, HTC thruly rule the WM world :)

  • Barrak

I love sony Ericsson's mobiles for a long time.. now i want to change and I was waiting for Sony Ericsson to announce a new mobile.. now it is the time to get one and it will be the XPERIA X1

  • Anonymous

what not desgin by SE are you blind they won't put this phone here if this is not a design made by SE...ok dude gets!!!

  • Anonymous

@pd2Z This phone is not designed by SE but HTC ! ! ! Yes the very same company which makes the TyTN ! SE only puts the badge on and shares the profits (if any) No more no less - .

  • Anonymous

what are you trying to say that SE is copying NOKIA phone don't be fooled to the one who said this maybee NOKIA is copying the design of Sony Ericss and that's the true like N82 the buttons are coppied from Sony Ericsson

  • Anonymous

why buy this, there is already tytn2. and by the way, cant SE use little bit more design imagination instead copying others? even the bottom in from and aroung the camera is inspirated of Nokia Prism. Shame!

  • indra

About 16M color, That is right that Theoritically 16 M color is bigger than 65k but in fact u cant realize what is different between 16 M color and 56k color on 3 inches screen at WVGA by your eyes and X1 still get more sharp, clean and clarity display because it resolution not color !!! and when you take a picture by 5MP camera, its still QVGA pxl to be showed on the screen. 5MP will be better if you print it out for making big poster not on the phone screen and WVGA will be better on the screen. I don’t want spend much money for the phone with expensive useless device like Nokia.SE IS COOL!!

  • Anonymous

I think they said its coming out in september this year.

  • Anonymous

People keep in mind ! This is no SE device but HTC ! ! ! Yes it will have a few things comming over from SE but no SE factory will build it ! ! ! All what is from SE for sure is the logo ! ! ! You totaly fool yourself in believing otherwise. HTC RULES :)