Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous

@BANGS, EVERYBODY, JUST TO LET YOU KNOW THAT BANGS IS JUST MAKING UP STUFF. THERE IS NO NOKIA MAKING A PHONE LIKE THAT. He made one mistake in his description. Video will never be 60 frames per second. the max would be 30 because it would be a waste. the human eye can't see more than 25-30 fames per second anyway.

  • Dani

i repeat i repeat


  • kruna

Does this phone has BlackBerry connect application for email?

  • Anonymous

I was told that HTC made the phone in the first place and sold it to them

  • indra

oh yeah i just remember that it has HSUPA.

  • Hussam

I wounder why SE did not include the business card scanner for this phone. it is an important application for such a business phone

  • Alvin

I like this...
I Like that one...
I Loke other one...

It's just an opinion, and my opinion:
This one is great!!!
Right now i'm using HTC product (Ys it's Windows..) but be real, WM has many support 3rd application... especially medical app that no other OS have. (Yeah, i need medical app). Actually i'm not big fan of Windows, but what can i say?I need those app..

Usually i prefer Apple (I have MacBook Pro for me, MacBook for my wife and 1 Mac Pro), yeah they stable, faster and easier for us.

But...Hey.. apple.. what year that you release your phone?Come On.. EDGE? no GPS? You do great on your Face but where your ability...

Look at this new baby born...
A-GPS, HSDPA, Wide screen, WiFi, 3Mp camera (It's SONY, at leas the camera quality will be accepable for "in case" use), 3.5mm audio connector,great interface.
U... i wait for this phone and it will replace my DOPOD U1000.

i think it will be expensive...(please SE don't make this baby too pricey)

  • Anonymous

what are you trying to say that this phone will be dead sooner hello this phone is the highest and the most expensive phone here at Sony Ericsson with great features and design and easy to browse files and the design of this phone too is slim which is easy to put in small pockets not like NOKIA they are too big and bulky and it is not easy to browse files and just wait for the other new Sony Ericsson phones that will lunch this year 2009 and your N98 will just like be a toy and a sitting duck... SE rules

  • Bangs

This phone would be dead sooner or later. As Nokia is already endeavoring to manufacture and work on the Nokia N98 that got 3 inches touchscreen display in the 800x480 display resolution and got a 7.2 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom and ofcourse with flash(still don't know yet if it's LED or Xenon) and autofocus and Carl Zeiss Tessar camera lens which is already known to produce sharp and crisp images and VGA video in 60 frames per second with a 1.2 (ghz) processor. Yes i have typed it right. It's gigahertz!! 1.2 gigahertz is equivalent to 1200 megahertz.. And i guess the processor speed of this Xperia X1 is not enough. 528 mhz is too pathetic for a touchscreen phone! And much worse is the Windows Mobile bombarded with a 3 inches TFT display in a 800x480 resolution! I suppose the battery won't go more than a day. With the Windows Mobile OS alone, it's already very much power hungry! Along comes the TFT 3 inches display in 800x480 pixels display resolution. Duh!! Don't you know that in a TFT display, each pixel drains battery?!! So imagine putting that Windows Mobile OS, 3 inches TFT display in 800x480 pixels of display resolution all in all would be turned out useless.. Anyway, let's just wait and see if the 1500mAH battery capacity of the X1 could overcome all of those battery hungry features..

  • pacquiao

What's special about analogTV feature? Can I play standard channels directly in a phone that supports it? Sorry for my ignorance..

Here in the Philippines there are lot's of ultra cheap China touchscreen phones that has TV in it's specs.

But i'm yet to see somebody watching TV on it.

  • Anonymous

I'm currently using a SHARP DoCoMo phone with a resolution of 854x480px and I simply couldn't go back to any other resolution. It's so amazingly clear and bright - like paper!

Watching movies on a WVGA screen is a real joy lemme tell ya! So if I should ever go back to a non-DoCoMo phone I'll get an SE, Toshiba or SHARP when they release their 920SH (SX862) in Hong Kong.

  • Sherwood

The phone would be great with someone who can use plumbing.

  • Aparadektos

This phone seems to be the most promising in the entire market!!!

It has
-the newest version of windows!
-full qwerty
-extremely big resolution and very big touchscreen screen display!!
-probably the strongest combo of CPU+RAM in the market!!
-GPS and as special bonus, 3 MP high quality camera, there are many phones that combine windows with GPS and cam, but none has such a strong CPU+Ram and have such a good camera in the same packet, not to mention its one of the slimmer qwerty s too!!!

This is just fantastic and the only thing it could bit, would be a phone GPS+ 5mp or Analog TV

  • Anonymous

This is SE answer his competitor iPhone!

  • Anonymous

Hope this phone will come out before July! And the price has to be lower than $800usd!

SE always build good quality phone!

  • PC Master

it will rock the world ..!!

  • Dani

Yo Sone

long time no hear B
its all Good down here man
its all cool with the Specs..

The X1 should be able to Support Applications etc.

Peace out B

  • SonyEricssonIsStupid

This phone is like a sh--.They think that they are rulling the world if they have an WM phone,and the resolution is nothing new.So shut up all.
Sony Ericsson is such stupid company...
LG & Nokia are the best.

  • Sone

To Dani

Dats true
What up G?
Everything cool in tha other secs?

I also want to know what this phone can do with games & apps?

Big up to brotha Lawz


  • nokia&nokia

i think the i phone is great.
in field of UI there is no match for i phone,
xperia ia a only dumy of i phone.
i saw a lot of video on 'yuotube'for xperia,
i notice the xperia is a slow mobile.
i am a nokia lover but tru is tru.
the i phone is the king of new mobile world.