Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • 1234567890

will this handset support HSDPA in u.s.a. Please anyone reply soon.

  • Anonymous

no offence though,
if u wish for higher color, u shud blame microsoft instead since wm support oni 65k.

xenon? well, i admit its a big drawback here, but since wm is already an energy hungry OS, i doubt SE would put in xenon... it would just drain out the juice faster...

tv out....? its nice to hav that feature, but i doubt the fone battery will last long.

  • Anonymous

Windows Media player plays 3gp but better using Coreplayer 1.2.1 for Windows Mobile which handles every format including flv.Tv-out is a bit of a gimmick as is 16million colours.S.E. leave the gimmicks to other manufactures and prefer to concentrate on real features that will be useful to the professional user eg Remote Desktop,Internet Sharing,touchscreen,high screen resolution ,qwerty keyboard etc etc.

  • Anonymous

on the wihite paper of this phone stated that it there is no 3gp on it and i have many music videos in 3gp!!!!!!

Or did they make a mistake with that?

  • Anonymous

resurrected? with less color, no xenon flash, no tv out? are you silly???

  • Anonymous

the god of SE has resurrected.

  • assholer

yesterday i purchased this was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad that i crushed it .yeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  • Anonymous

for the micro sd maybe its just a typo
should be m2 shoudnt it?

  • eric

Somethings wrong in the specs... It says Micro SD and not M2 o_O

  • Anonymous

umm guys lil feedback?

  • Anonymous

ok i got an idea last night while i was using my brothers lg shine how bout instead of a regular slider how bout a switch blade?
a slider push the button it pops up this probably woudnt work especially for a flip as the spring motion would knock it out of your hand what do you guys think?

(please no ranting its just and idea)
(so was the a bomb....)

  • Anonymous

to the guy with 2500 contacts why not carry the nokia phone as a phone book

  • sina saadat

my our family used sony ericsson i used 910i
my brotheres used p1i and w700i and 580i
ihope can suport more than 2G ram from new x1 and suport to 4G ram and have ashape same the 910 and 990
best regarding sina saadat

  • Anonymous

i used to have an o2 at0m running in wm OS. Im n0t satisfied n0r limitd s0ftware for wm. For example i c0uldnt delete mails using wm br0wser. D0nt sup0rt flash vids. I prefer to use symbian OS like n95 8gb has rather than wm.


This is a very smart phone and I had decided to buy but when I saw details I cannot use because there is a limitation on the phone book to 1000 CONTACTS. I have 2500 contacts on my phone Nokia 9300 this means I CANNOT USE THIS VERY NICE PHONE UNLESS SONY CHANGES THE SOFTWARE.

  • dadung

it's great

  • Anonymous

its great great mobile phone from sonyericsson

  • Anonymous

I was fortunate enough to borrow a friends HTC Cruise for a couple of days and WoW I didn't realise how far Windows Mobile has progressed.The Cruise has a slower CPU and generally the specifications are lower than that on the X1 but it certainly opened my eyes.The Cruise handled everything I could throw at it with ease and operational speed was far better than I had expected.WinMo has some really neat touches.When a new SMS is delivered the message is previewed on the screen no need to open inbox or change view.Using the phone as a modem was just a matter of plugging in the usb and clicking connect!The on screen keyboard learns words,often entering one letter is enough to complete a word THE voice command needs very little training!!syncing music,outlook,favorites etc with my pc was quick and simplicity personified.The Calendar and organiser are what you would expect from a professional device as was Web browsing.Using Opera 9.5 Beta was, how can I put this ok it was WEB browsing!no Opera mini's scaled down version nor like Opera 8.65 on my n80 where not being able to load content heavy websites is an everyday irritation.I would set aside 50 dollars to the retail price so you can purchase some commercial software(good media player,image tools etc)and your going to have one extremely useful handheld.

  • Anonymous

How foolish!The WM devices with 128MB RAM and 256ROM run very well indeed.WM craps all over Symbian from outer space but if you wish to use an inferior half assed OS then so be it.

  • nert

Sorry, the p1 is the last SE model I will even consider buying since it appears they are moving to windows mobile platform. Screw that there are a multitude of wmobile devices on the market all suck. And you can bet that any of the dopod's will be significantly cheaper than this.