Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Grumplescat

I've seen pics of the silver version, now that is definately nice! Just wish they would use brushed alloy buttons instead of the black ones.

  • UNIX

I have a SE W950i,no camera,no memory card (4GB internal memory) and is a beauty,but X1 looks like in my dreams.It doesn't matter for me the resolution of display,i like the phone design,it has GPS,wirelles,memory card,3G and video-call and that's enough.In competition with this phone could be the Nokia N96,HTC TYTN 2 and maybe some models from ETEN Glofiish.The problem is the SE are lateing on the market with all the good models.

  • Dani

65K Colours is Perfect

  • Dani

16M is a waste, it just makes the phone look nice but its nothing practical.

Battery Life ? like Nokia's LOL

  • Anonymous

I see the EEJITS still complaining about 65k colors.The resolution is W(wide)VGA yes WVGA,lets think-That's FIVE times better than ANY N-series handset.65k colors on a 3inch screen with such a high resolution is perfectly acceptable and without a shadow of doubt will put those pathetic n-series Q(quarter)VGA screen 16m colors to absolute SHAME.

  • sonyslow

I hope this phone comes mid year it will be good for SE and customers but everytime SE release a good phone its delayed. remember the p910 it was delayed big time and with out of date features.

  • KIM

TO sneakers otoole....

Funny when you give an exact month for this phone to hit the market when all what you said is NOT TRUE!ummm L I E some where else.

X1 will hit the market half of this year 2008,expect it at the end of MAY or start of JUNE.send an email to SE from their website using the SE support section.they will reply exaclty as i said,HALF OF THIS YEAR!,NOT END!

Lots here say Untrue things to look cool & to appear as if they knew everything but hey,use your minds & make sure from the main SE website,you can even see the X1 showing there already as an incoming soon phone.

  • Anonymous

Give me the X1 and I'll give you my wife!

  • Muneeb

Dream Phone, it beats apple I-Phone... waiting when it comes in market and i sell my P1i ...

  • Anonymous

Pre-order at $899USD:­ID=4824

Not paying a thousand dollar for 65K color screen, no xenon flash and no TV way!

  • Vanquish

Can people please stop bitching about the screen res? I'm gonna repost this link explaning why it doesnt really matter.­/09/07/462187.aspx Read. Stop whining.

  • Shakeeb

Awesome Phone, I dreamed abot the Kind of sony made

  • Anonymous

dream come true

  • Anonymous

better than p1

  • kebacius

This is what i need now, not in September, if it is not in the market at the end of may, i will go for its competitor.

  • evilcruze

no i heard it nt gonna be 65k screen.i hope its a 16M screen.fingers cross!!!

  • Anonymous

65k screen? wat is this? why not 256k colour or even 16m. (16m would have been sweet)

  • evilcruze

is it not 65K screen?den what is it?

  • kenosis

who knows EXACT avaliable date? 2008 or 2009?
if the release date is around 2008 September, i will buy HP 614c before X1.

  • Anonymous

kick azz cant wait to get it