Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous

it better be hc-microsd

if so then this is pretty much all you could want in a phone

  • Anonymous

check out the two pics, it is the same hand

  • Anonymous

they dont have it yet, but you can put your name down and be the first when they do come out. and if you look at this, you can see that the w990 is a fake.­/touch-ipod.jpg

  • Anonymous

i think that uiq no working good never, because i had and P990i and never work good this new model including windows mobile, that is not a big deal symbian S60 is the best

  • Anonymous

I thought this phone has not been released yet. How come cellhut already has it? Are those genuine X1's?

  • Anonymous

this Sony Ericsson W990? I want to believe
Posted by Dusan on Wednesday, March 5th, 2008 at 6:38 am under Rumors, Sony Ericsson, Devices
Tagged: Sony Ericsson in wild, Sony Ericsson leaked, sony ericsson rumors and Sony Ericsson W990

Even though it's highly unlikely this is the real deal, we do want to believe Sony Ericsson is listening to the market and that they'll eventually release something like this. As you can see, the device runs Windows Mobile and has nothing but a huge touchscreen. The brown color is there to sort of prove this may be the work of the Swedish-Japanese handset maker's designers.

W990i picture­y-ericsson-w990-i-want-to-believe.html

  • kirt

Maybe we can play real pc fps on this because of the mouse like trak pad. Maybe quake 1 and 2? We will see :)

  • Thor

Stop this 64k obsession! windows mobile doesn0t support more and numbers aren't everything. There is no real difference between 16M and 64k, our eye is not good enough loool. 64k is what you have on all windows mobile, they just print more, but in fack it is always 64k, god have people don't get it.

  • Anonymous

i guess there might have been a printing mistake

  • Thor

Who said that youtube worken on N96 and E90? I got E90 and in browser there is not flash 9.0 support so only mobile version of youtube, but there is a seperate application for youtube, that i am using and is great, but what does that help me, if there is no google videio and many more pages with flash that don't work, and Noia will only be supporting flash 3.0 in futere ohones, contrary to windows Mobile, where you can updayte your phone with flash and thing the day they come out, al by yourself

  • .::Next_Level::.

SE betta hurry !! If she delays XPERIA like W960i...

  • dehv

This phone is now back on for this year Q2, the whole 2009 thing was just a rumor spread by people like you ;o)

  • Rahulchhabra

This cell phone (XPERIA 1) is awesome...
I really request the company to please launch it as soon as possible... We are eagerly waiting for your this product...
Looking forward for your immediate response..

Rahul Chhabra.

  • Anonymous

se again on top

  • Muzzo

What N95(gb), what E90? This is a real phone!
X1 is jst what i've been waiting for, it's a all in one phone. I've jst to wait for it to be available on south africa and get it!
But in my opinion it should come with a 5.0MP Cam and i'm sure that on the Q4 there will be a new version with a 5.0 MEGAPIXELS


it's amazing

  • Anonymous

jW$J thanks for the updated link se haters giving out old crap

  • Anonymous­csson_denies_xperia_x1_delay/
Think about who really makes
this PDA.HTC could release a unit like this tomorrow if they so wished.

  • Elsie

Heloo SE fans any idia about the launch date in Phillipines and how the browser compare toNokia N95 normal and 8GB can we play videos from Youtube on this as my frnd is using Nokia N95 and E90 and both are compatible for the Youtube abd Skypee