Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • sj

is it a slider?

  • frozenfire

@jon 2 and all others similar

realistically, this is a great phone SE will be releasing. but from how you talk, i hope you either work for SE or they pay you to advertise lol. such blind loyalty clouds judgement. it is true that nokia's phones are not usually aesthetically pleasing, but they are functional. i think this phone will do well, its okay-looking, okay camera and a touchscreen. well done SE, 5mp camera would have been better.

  • Anonymous

Disappointing part of this phone is the camera no xenon flash, screen colors is only 65K and the heavy weight of 145g (heaviest SE phone ever build), but for all the other features this phone will be amazing:

-Microsoft Windows Mobile
-Video recording (VGA@30fps)
-Built-in GPS receiver (A-GPS function)
-Screen resolution 800 x 480 pixels, 3 inches
-Full QWERTY keyboard
-and many more...

  • advisor

It's a splendid phone by the way but the only disappointing part is the camera and it would be better with 5 megapixels instead of the current 3.15!

  • Dani

@.::Next_Level::. ,Sone G

Thank You

SE 4 Life!

look just becuase i have a Nokia 6233 and yet own a SE
does not mean i hate Nokia becuase i DONT !

theres nothing wrong with Owning Nokia and SE at the same time
and giving True Opinions on them!
thats what i do!

unlike you who just always tries to put down SE whenever you come into SE Forums!

  • Sone

To Ronald Kirk
Thanks homie

To Next_Level

G thanks
And i will search it down

To Dani

Bro ya damn right
SE fo life

Peace yall

  • Sone

How many Mb does this phone got?

400 mb and 512 MB flash
400 mb and 256 mb flash?


  • Sone

To Ronald Kirk

Thanks homie:D

To Next_Level
Thanks ya to bro
And i will research more info about this fofo!!

To Dani
Ya damn right G!!!
SE fo life bitch:P

Peace out!!!!!!!
And dont fight in this section

  • euterpe

dont fight guys, me and chelle gerodias love this phone..!!
so back off!!!
were from the philippines!!

  • el

i luv it

  • @ll

They copied the design from the nokia prism, and the menu slyle from the lg viewty gallery! But it still attracks me for some reason, arhhh.

  • .::Next_Level::.

@ Dani

Dat's right man!


  • Anonymous

It dose not get better!

  • Dani

im not being Biast here you know i own both Nokia and SE Phones!

Try putting W960i and N95 8GB toghether
N95 8GB is twice as Thick!!

try putting W810i and 6233 toghether
6233 is twice as Fat

W850i and 6288
6288 is twice as Fat

K800i/K810i and N73
N73 is twice as Fat

the only slim phones Nokia have made are the ones you mentioned but they dont have as many as SE's Slim Phones such as W880i,W890i,K810i

Im Sure this X1 will as thin as the Current W960i

the Japenese know how to make Technology chips Small

a Pure Example is the W880i so much technology crammed into a Thin Casing!

Nokia could not do that

  • Jon2

@ M%6a

"NOKIA are ugly bulky looking designs!!! SO big!!! and heavy when you put them in you pockets!!! and SE are much better bec. they are slim looking phone that can be put in the pockets and it is mot heavy to bring and this is what NEW generation means for the Sony Ericsson for new technology in design and features not like NOKIA their design are all the same and is too big and heavy when you put them in your pockets!!! NOKIA SUCKS!!! and won't except their defeat so their posting here to ruin Sony Ericsson which will never happen!!!"

Like what Tsepz said, X1 is even bigger than any N-series. LOL!

Nokia makes big and heavy phones? (???) WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??
If you think 2630, 6120 classic, 6300 or 5310 are big and heavy, something is really wrong with you.

PS: GSMArena, please stop deleting my comments. Be more considerate to non-spammers. Thanks

  • Anonymous

htc advantage x7510
Dimensions 133 x 98 x 16 mm
Weight 375 g
sina said that this is not big.. must be blind.. 133mm tall and 98mm wide?! crazy~~

  • Anonymous

x1 is produced by htc but not designed by htc! cut the crap! BS!

  • Anonymous

the battery no good at all.maybe nokia company should be use better battery to replace the BL-5F.if one hp just can use not more than 1days then how come if we wanna make call when urgent?? is cool but unfortunately the battery is makes us dissapointed.

  • Anonymous

How r u????
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Wat r the best features of x1..
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  • Ronald

Call me crazy but I'm having this feeling that this phone will most likely deliver on the innovative device its being hyped up to be. No phone ever delivers on the hype and promises. Not even iPhone, the N Series, nor the HTC devices. It all comes to personal style. Alot of you are saying that this phone is gonna rule, its going to change the mobile world. I can say that thats definitely unlikely. Considering all phones have let downs, wether it be the fact that this thing cab only display 65k, or the 3MP camera, and some even complain that its running windows mobile, has no GPS. I remember purchasing the N95, that device was sluggish, horrid battery life, and honestly it felt cheap. The only great things about it were the 5MP camera, multimedia capabilities. But that battery made it all a mess for me. I then tried the Apple iPhone. It has not let me down, it too has its short-
comings. Like no GPS, no 3G, no MMS, and only a 2MP camera. But it has outstanding multimedia features, the camera isn't really all that bad, it has Wi-Fi, which is becoming widely available. There are approximately 13 Hotspot between my home and job, and there only 0.2 miles away, and thats just the hotspots that my phone picked up. Edge isn't painfully slow, I can browse websites at fair speeds, this site loads on edge in less than 10 seconds, on 2 or 3 bars of coverage. So my point is that it all comes down to preference, all of my other phones had MMS, but I never used it because it was cumbersome and only worked half the time. The web browsing experience on the iPhone is also unmatched in my opinion. Now the XPERIA has tremendous potential, but to say that it will revolutionize mobile phones is absurd. Plus the phone hasn't even come out yet so there's no need to call it that wonder that everyones been waiting for.