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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • .::Next_Level::.

@ $one

I saw some pics in google of this great phone and i think it has a front camera. Its near the heaphone. Google it and see if you can find it bro


  • Sina™

I overclocked i-mate Jam to 1GHz.
Jam support it, but you will lose battery charge so fast.
But Jam runs so fast.
Also I overcocked 32 bit to 64 bit.
But Jam doesn't support it, only 53bit.

  • Anonymous

good phone and the design is slim and not that fat like NOKIA phone and you can put them in your pockets which it is not that heavy like NOKIA N-Series phone

  • Anonymous

STUPID this phone is not yet out so don't invent words which you don't have knowledge at all about this phone and for information this phone is great and see it for yourself when this phone releases at the market places bec. I have been working at SOny Ericsson here in Canada and this phone is already out!!!

  • SKJ

Can someone confirm the dimensions of the phone. Its confusing. SE official website has 110.0 x 17.0 x 53.0 mm, however gsmarena has 110 x 53 x 16.7 mm.
can someone confirm.

  • Anonymous

Manufacturers use the same chipsets to different degree\'s.Nokia\'s N81 would be capable of VGA video recording but Nokia left this feature out and concentrated on audio.HTC decided the TyTN II was to be an enterprise devise so left out the goodies such as VGA screen,tv out ,VGA video recording etc.The Xperia X1 is so appealing because it has all of the TyTN II plus a great screen,video recording,audio etc.

  • Anonymous

cool and nice phone

  • Anonymous

Steve HTC didn't even bother to use 3D acceleration in the Kaiser.The reason was obvious....because they want to sell a new generation of handsets that are more multimedia capable .It sure as hell wasn't because they couldn't!

  • Steve J

mCWF, blink your eyelids: the future is already here! If the Qualcomm processor had been powerful enough HTC would have implemented it in the TyTN II. Afterall we had already seen the original TyTN which housed a QVGA screen. If the Qualcomm was that good there was no reason not to implement VGA res in TyTN II. Do you know that WM has had the capability to support high res screens since 2003? The truth is that HTC have reservations about the Qualcomm. They have yet to announce an HTC branded device which users the Qualcomm to power a high res screen. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let up hope this pudding doesn't turn our stomachs!

  • Anonymous

You can't expect devices of this ilk to be as fast as a N95 just like you can't expect a N95 to be as fast as a k800.The E90 with it's basic s60 OS but fabulous screen is SLOW.

  • Anonymous

Oh no not Symbian.Symbian UIQ 3 is the worst OS known to mankind.I hate my p990 with it's constant rebooting and the under developed applications it can barely run.I've tried s60 Symbian and that was better but again the 3rd party apps were of a low standard.I run windows on my pc because of the massive high quality software catologue and I'll be doing the same with my future pda's.

  • Anonymous

Who says the Qualcomm CPU won't be upto powering WVGA and wm6.1?The white paper suggests otherwise as does future HTC products.Steve,are you saying HTC are ready to use a use a different chipset?LOL perhaps you should digest what the HTC CEO has declared.The kaiser didn't have a VGA screen or VGA camcorder because HTC will unlease the full power of the Qualcomm chipset in future money generating devices.

  • icantswim

to Steve's comment about it using a Windows OS rather than a Symbian, you should check out the SE P5i as it appears to be very similar, but running Symbian instead.

  • Steve J

I don't want to spoil the party but the fact is that WM6 is a processor and battery hungry OS. If one couples that to the fact that the SE X1 houses a WVGA screen one can see that there will be serious slowdown in operating speed. Therefore the device needs a more powerful processor. The Qualcommn MSM 7200 is not up to the task. HTC did not dare use a VGA screen in its famous TyTN II because they knew that the same Qualcomm processor could not handle it! HTC are now hiding behind the SE brand to conduct an experiment that may harm rather than help SE. The two companies better start searching for a more powerful processor before it is too late. They should not underestimate the demands of contemporary PPC users. They will want a high performance device.

  • coffee addict

I love this phone!!!!
I want one. But I was wondering if Sony Ericsson usually have a lot of 3rd party application?

I have been using nokia for along time now, so i'm naturally resisting the change of platform since Nokia is really flexible about install apps like flip silent, divX player, rotatme...

  • Anonymous

i'm not a window mobile phone user cause it's a bit "complicated" for me. but just the same i would like to wish sony ericsson best of luck with X1. i hope it would a success...

  • Ronald Kirk

With the screen dimensions of a Xperia X1 the human eye won't be able to notice much difference between 65k and 16million colours.The resolution on a 3inch display is what gives real quality and clarity.Xperia X1 has WVGA resolution,regular inferior devices like the n81,n82,n95,n96 has the low quality QVGA resolution which of coarse is FIVE times lower res than X1

  • Sone

Do you think that ya can watch perfectly on a 65.000 dislpay a video or is that not enough?


  • D

This phone cannot be 65K, if its playing DVD quality video, the 65k has to be a mistake

  • Sone

To Next_Level

Thanks big pimpin
I have another Q?
Does it have a front camera?