Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Dani


il hope SE get to Number 1

and take over Nokia

  • milton

i hope this phone will put sony back in second place on the market.

  • Anonymous

Better spending your gold on N or E Series.Touchscreen SUCKS DRY ASS.

  • Anonymous

it is low price because it is a scam!!!

  • Sina™

Comparing with O2 XDA Flame.

  • Sean

What about SIP?

  • Anonymous

The n96 isn't competing with Xperia.The closest Nokia would be the E90.

  • Sina™

X1 is not stylish.
X1 is ugly.
Just look at d-pad & left & right soft key.
Nokia N96 deign is good & better than X1.
But it's the first SE Win Mobile pocket pc & it's good for the first.

  • Sina™

In pocket pc range, HTC Adv 7510 is not big, just little wider

  • Anonymous

HTC have made smartphones and Pocket pc's for other brands for a long time.I-Mate,qtek,o2,T-mobile, dopod to name a few...What's the big deal?Who cares?What's more important is how the X1 preforms and if HTC have implemented 3D acceleration.The TyTN II should be the one of the best devices on the planet but HTC won't provide 3D drivers.

  • Anonymous

HTC Advantage X7501 is amazing,but rather big n not stylish like this phone.
im not sure what u mean by x1 is HTC brand,but its under XPERIA which is a Sony Ericsson brand.
the screen is 65k is because thats the limitation on the windows mobile.blame microsoft in u wanna point fingers.

  • sadjad

this is so great but i dont know why whith 65k screen?????????????????????

  • zerocool

very very excellent.!

  • Sina™

HTC Advantage X7501
Version: Unlocked
Price now in USA: $899.95

The brand name of X1 is HTC, not SE!

  • Sina™

Sony Ericsson will release more Win Mobile PDA in 2008.

  • Sina™

I'm not hating any brands.
I'm choosing the best feature PDA Phone.
Not brands.

  • Sina™

Now the price of MWg XDA Flame (English, Unlocked) in the USA is: $729.95

  • .::Next_Level::.

Thx again Sina

  • Sina™

I think the price is more than $600

  • Sina™

Guys, if you like PDA Phones like X1, I recommend to buy 1 of these PDA Phones:

HTC Advantage 7510
O2 XDA Flame
Apple iPhone 16 GB