Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous


  • kenny png

why no chinese

  • Anonymous

wow wow!

  • ananth

i feel its going to be rocking

  • nadi

this is the best phone i have ever seen

  • Nowell

I'm gonna paste this phone on my forehead to pick-up girls! It is that nice! I'm buying one. Time to get rid of my old P900.

  • reddy rocks

hey ppl
the no. of colours doesnt make much of a differnce for ur infoespecially wid SE.The only thing dat matters is resolution which is tooooooooooooo good for a phone(highest ever )

  • Anonymous

SE rules!!!...Go Sony Ericsson and NEW generation for SE!!!

  • rock-zero

i love sonyericsson very much and thise one is the ultimed one an body now how much will coust? and thenx to all ho work on this site pace >

  • ....

im a big SE fan. you guys should check this out.this is my observations regarding SE fones.


1.great camera quality
(even nokia is adapting the Carl Zeiss optics that originated from Sony cameras)

2.great user interface

3.great mp3 player

4.nice and elegant designs


6.simple and attractive

7.doesnt look cheap(if you notice some fone manufacturers tends to use plastic or fiber instead of steel as hardware.if SE uses plastic they tend to retain the "anti-cheap" look)

8.price is right(my point of view)

9.great battery life(this is what nokia and samsung should work about.a lot of busy peoples hates charging their fones instead of doing their stuffs)

10.great flash and autofocus
(again nokia adapted the xenon flash and the idea of autofocus from SE)

11.reliable and stable OS transmitters (great idea i suppose,and fones with am frequencies?not a bad idea.i also appreciated the idea of nokia making a camera-free business fone)


SE has been creating great high-end and competitive fones eversince but still lacks....

1.TV reciever(believe me some people really needs it,anytime,anywhere)

2.TV-out(my comment,same with TV reciever)

3.some still missing 3.5mm audio output jack

4.geo tagging (for the sake of satisfaction of high-tech junkies. but i really appreciate the GPS effort they're putting now)

5.a larger screen(i know a larger screen decreases the battery life but i have faith that SE can work on it)

nonetheless i have observed that SE fonescreens is much much more crystal clear compare to other fone manufacturers fonesreens.

6.some still missing wi-fi

7.LOUDER speakers

  • Ron

@Shahrukh - This SE model runs on Windows Mobile 6 Professional not Symbian S60 or Symbian UIQ. Windows Mobile supports up to 65K only but be reminded that it has 800x480 pixel that matters most. You can't see the difference at all between 65K or 256K in a 3" screen. Being a user of both Symbian OS and Windows Mobile, I would still prefer Windows Mobile which is more reliable and faster. I would recommend you to buy a Windows Mobile phone, but more expensive than Symbian phones, so you could experience how Windows Mobile phone is far better.

  • shahrukh

If only the display was atleast 65K...the display is poor at best!!!

  • fr75

With high end Symbian S60 (read Nokia)phones winning the race against Symbian UIQ (read SE), they (SE) had no option but to go ahead full steam with Windows, because as someone in the discussion rightly said that you need a big brand (read BIG R&D budget)to fully utilize the true potential of Windows.
Moreover with Windows Mobile 7 and 8 in the pipeline I think SE's decision to design their flagship phone (XPERIA X1) around the Windows Mobile OS is not a bad idea at all.

We also need to remember that Symbian S60 phones have lacked one major functionality compared to Symbian UIQ and Windows Mobile (Pocket PC version) and that is the touch screen functionality (the big thing for users in this post-iPhone era!), but with the news that Symbian S60 (maybe the ver 9.5)would start supporting touch screen in the near future SE would have lost that edge as well.

XPERIA X1 maybe definately leave a lot of things to be desired because the current version of Windows Mobile (6, I don't know about 6.1) is not all that great when it come to multimedia (camera quality, music etc), but what ever I have read about version 7 and 8 my feeling is that these version will definately try to match Symbian in the multimedia department if not out do it.

I am waiting eagerly for the XPERIA X1, .... I hope the wait is worth it !!!

  • Anonymous

The Xperia X1 won't be a speed machine.All handsets with high resolution screens eg 640 x 480pixels and above suffer slowdown.

  • Anonymous

People see a few vista icons and think WM6 is the same.How foolish!

  • Anonymous

Can U pls open UP yr eyes. There are wifi, camara and QWERTY keypad. WTF.

  • Anonymous

cause nowadays even a six year old kid knows how to use a symbian os phones

  • Anonymous

i think that's very true. only hardcore WM user can give comment on X1.

  • Anonymous

it need those 520mz it using crappy windows...
windows mobile 6 = VISTA...
and vista sucks
..just look at the 65k colors limitation

  • albert

u should compare this phone with E90. and i can tell u e90 is sucks...they said it communicator for business but it used crappy symbian instead of WM. and also xperia have a better processor than e90 (528MHZ Vs 330 MHZ).

and for sure, this phone clearly have better design than stupid brick e90.