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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Akshay

I think I'd like to clarify some stuff here. I was there at the MWC. Firstly, the XPERIA X1 is not going to be running WM 6.0 or WM 6.1 . Its going to be running WM 6.5 which is going to be the first major GUI and interface in windows mobile and is going to include a lot better interface, intuitive and finger-friendly, managing CPU better.
Secondly, the 9 screens on the panel interface are NOT 9 home screens. They are virtual widgets that can be anything. They also told they are opening the API to 3rd party developers and which means much more possibilities. Also, they are going to bundling walkman-esque software, like on the w960i to make the overall experience better. They are also planning to make a deeper - GUI integration to give it a better look and feel.
Imagine this : WVGA screen + awesome interface + WM + thousands of apps + full QWERTY keyboard +8GBmicroSD (16GB on the horizon too though) = Winner. Blows away all other phones and IMO blows away the n96 too. Its got a decent camera of 3.2 MP (MP dont always counts, its the quality) and pretty good VGA @ 30fps recording. Its also got a very stong 600Mhz processor, MUCH more than n96.
What else do you want in life?

  • Lakmal

My god, Bye bye i-phone, Here comes XPERIA X1. Good hit for rivals.

  • Galib

Really awesome.No other phones can't be compared with this one.Definitely the screen resolution will be best,because of its 800*480 pixels.Arc slider design,all network support,VGA video recording with 3.2mp camera and that also with auto focus,what don't have!Really sonyericsson is the best...

  • Anonymous

Dismal 65K-scale display in an otherwise strong entry! Another issue with most if not all Windows Mobile phones, is the display usable under direct sunshine?

  • Anonymous

Too thick and too outdated:
3MP camera?
IT will be expensive if it is over 400 USD

  • Anonymous

SE only one thing I would like to see you change on this phone and that's the name.Please rename NUMERO UNO.Happy days :-)

  • Anonymous

can anybody tell me the battery back-up??

  • Anonymous

no probs!! nice phone!!

  • cheapjing

just watched the vid on gsm arena here for teh x1. i guess having the 9 homescreen makes it more user friendly and user can customize it anyway they want. still love this sexy thing, was just expecting a little bit more from SE. Hope they have intergrated their own walkman function and or their cyber shot into this will surely make it better and to inprint SE log on this device.

btw, this msg is for the other member who left the was trying to answer my question, running 9 different apps i noe any WM device can easily do it with even little ram. but its the battery that kills.

  • cheapjing

okay, that was for me. my question was what is so amazing about the 9 home screens. most of what u said is just saying that its no big deal. so, what i meant was, what is so wow about it for SE to use it as their selling point

  • Anonymous

That was for cheapjing and so is this..WM PPC's such as TyTN II can easily run 9 applications,infact you could probably run 29 simultaneously.It's difficult to make them crash as they have 70MB RAM available to the user.

  • Anonymous

Are you a lunatic?Even WM haters agree the WM Homescreen is second to none.Should you wish you can control/access any part of your device with a simple tap easy/quick access and info is the name of the game.Users will customize the Xperia X1 Homescreen just as they would with any other WM device.

  • Mark

wayne2003 is a nigerian from lagos. i almost got scamed by him. don't pay any money into any of his accounts ! ! !

  • cheapjing

Looks amazingly nice. But someone mind telling me whats the Wow'n factor of having 9 home screens? like if they're saying it can easily run 9 different apps and alt tab thru them with no lag or what so ever, thats a nice factor, not really a wow.

  • HTC

Oh NOOOOO not another TyTN clone. And why anounce it now if it only comes out at christmas ? ? ? SorryEricson will be very busy getting this to work given their falty hi-end track record !
H T C rules and Micros$$oft smiles.

  • kenosis

Phone Memory: Up to 400 MB
microSD memory card support

The above information is from SE-XPEIRA's PDF

  • Anonymous

this is one exciting year for sony ericsson!

  • r.0.c.k.

even if this MARVEL 0f a ph0ne D0ES N0T hav a GPS, h0w hard is it ta c0nnect it wit a RECEIVER!!!!!

again, that is, pr0vided it DIDNT c0me wit a GPS chip PREINSTALLED!!!


  • Anonymous

i see posted on other sites this phone is hella expensive. close to $1k god damn! y cant they sell it cheaper. does anyone know the real price on how much these phones are worth, it cost more the i-mate 9502

  • Anonymous

i hope you are right, because i really like this phone. i am just telling you what information i got from sony ericsson, from two different sources.