Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

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  • wangchuk

its the hottest phone till now .....don't know about nokia fan ...there is always a hater out there ......xperia2 is the best phone wht so ever ....

  • bob D

D phone looks very sweet and sleek. wish to have one asap

  • SE guardian

Yeah.. 8 MP is good. but , why ROM capacity is "only" 512 MB ??
and I think a "very limit" maximum external storage will make anyone who have a lot of collection musics and anything , will thinks twice.
also the long time to make a "little" change in XPERIA is so far..
but , not bad.

  • reehan

diff between x2 and x1 is accelorometer,tv out, physical design and panels...why they need to mark up the priceso high???nonsense...

  • Low Siang Chen

U are right X2 a ugly MM farter expensive phone which designed by some doggies which love 2 damages the latest generation of phone maker especially when it come 2 label anything with 2 from 1. haha....only dead pple wont talk any secrets otherwise doggies will not be in the hurry of recommendation of x3 while x2 isn't launch yet or ends it of shelf life yet.'s a Sony!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2009Hmmm... it looks they forgot the 800MHz cpu Holly crap, my ol... moreHa! Well try to compare your phone to an ARM Cortex A8 processor that the Satio has and lets see whose phone looks much bigger!

  • puge henis

raed, 26 Sep 2009sony ericson ........... X2 is suck .... i will go for black b... moreX2 is suck? Hahahahahahaha....english no? Wow what a douchebag

  • isaac

have you looked at the resolution of this phone? it is 480 x 800.
the highest phone resolution ever.
the same as the htc touch hd but it has a bigger screen so the x2 will be clearer.

  • Anonymous

Hmmm... it looks they forgot the 800MHz cpu

Holly crap, my old Omnia (1) still looks better specced than this "new" stuff. If Samsung now got the decency to bring out WM6.5 for their 1 year old Omnia then that would be top.

  • winsome

this mobile phone is just amazing, and sony ericsson is the best

  • abong

po nga berok cair.taiekkk

  • Anonymous

SE has way too many hardware and software problems.. i was SE all the way and iv always had problems. this is a serious disappointment.

  • ahkai98

huh?! same processor and RAM ?!no G sensor again ?! same keyboard?! it just like 1 year ago u bought a pentium 4, they install windows xp for u and after 1 year u bought another same spec computer with same price u bought the pentium 4. the only different is they change the monitor, higher resolution web cam, keyboard and install windows vista for u. omg, can it run smooth?!

  • Anonymous

If ever you don't like the speed, just wait for the XPERIA X3 with 1Ghz snapdragon processor running on Android with an amazing UI. Or maybe the Satio with ARM Cortex A8 processor... I think this phone enough speed though.

  • Imran

best fone ever

  • High Tech

The X2 might be in trouble. No real updates to phone. Old speed, not much increase in screen size. Check out Acer F1 (cheaper,and faster than X2 and bigger screen) and HTC Leo (HTC HD2) HUGE screen and fast, and cost about the same as X2!!!!!! I was going to get X2, but don't know now?????????

  • apt.pupil

Anonymous, 25 Sep 200965K colours *might* be enough in cases BUT the number colour com... more65K colours *might* be enough in cases BUT the number colour combinations human eye can see is theorically infinite, don't forget that! Try not to ignore scientific facts as a result of childish response. Also if 16M colours were not needed technologically, they would not be needed to even be invented or implemented.

not all inventions come from necessity. most come from an emotional want

  • raed

sony ericson ........... X2 is suck ....
i will go for black berry .....

  • blaqueroc

La Sucia, 19 Sep 2009 GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps HSCSD Yes EDGE... moreya check the CPU...disgusting...ive got an xperia X1 with the SAME wait till next year theyll fix it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2009just ugly and too expencivelooks much better than x1!
I'm so getting it!