Sony Xperia 10 III

Sony Xperia 10 III

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  • Anonymous

Almost a perfect phone.. I hate the 21:9 aspect ratio.

Snapdragon 690 5g is almost same as 765g

  • Mayhem

AnonD-961247, 25 Jan 2021Wireless Headphone are crop. They are like Headphone with N... moreI feel you bro haha, with headphone jack, i think that is more awesome thing in a smartphone.

TheGoldenMellifluous, 21 Jan 2021Oh, there we go, Sony Xperia "second fanbase" is ... moreI'm surprised that you are surprised. :)

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2021You told about Xperia 1 III (flagship), but this page about... moreSorry, my mistake.

  • Anonymous

ksuuk, 29 Jan 2021 moreYou told about Xperia 1 III (flagship), but this page about Sony Xperia 10 III (midranger).

ememaz99, 28 Jan 2021Again with no physical shutter button 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

"Speaking of buttons, the Mark III will borrow one from the Xperia Pro – the shortcut key."

fan, 26 Jan 2021Plastic frame???

"The phone will have a metal frame with squared off sides."

Again with no physical shutter button 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • fan

Plastic frame???

  • Nokia101

Only Sony brings such a compact 6 inch display android phones nowadays which is good to see. Will be better if they further get rid of those bezels also.

  • AnonD-961247

Sygon, 22 Jan 2021I think no, the same smartphone from a year ago with only a... moreWireless Headphone are crop. They are like Headphone with No sound. Model names does not matter so 10 i or 10 ii is fine. At least they are providing essential features like 3.5mm Jack and not following Apple blindly. I don't understand how come someone even buy shit phones which has no headphone jack?

  • Anonymous

devo1d, 24 Jan 2021I'm back on my z5 compact due to my main device needin... moretry the mi9se

  • AnonD-961247

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021LOL, budget? There's no such thing with Sony. Only the... moreThat is fine. At least they provide basic features like 3.5mm Jack so the phone can be used for its primary purpose i.e. calling someone and talking.

Anonymous, 21 Jan 20214 gb RAM? Really? 😳Despite the fact that some another manufacturer make phones with better specs (at least on paper), in practice they still doesn't perform better as bad software or cooperation of wrong components ruins all the possible advantages of the better hardware. So it's not the size, it's how Sony uses it. And Sony does it well, good hardware and clean OS.

  • devo1d

I'm back on my z5 compact due to my main device needing attention. It's a bit out of date but not by as much as I'd expect to feel. I just don't get why it's so hard to buy a sub 6 inch device with decent specs (esp camera). The z5c is under 5 inches, my Nokia N8 was under 4 inches. Both really good. We don't all need to consume video - bring back small screen smartphones with great specs!

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2021they doesn't have phones with SD765 or SD750 wish at ... moreIt's just rumored specifications, mate, should just wait for confirmation before saying that a phone looks bad.

  • Anonymous

Santi, 22 Jan 2021finally a compact phone with good specs and cameras, thank ... morethey doesn't have phones with SD765 or SD750
wish at least they using one of these chipset in this model & put sd690 for another phone.

also camera need upgrade like single 40Mp.

it take along tume for sony to use more than 4000Mah battery on his phones. like 4200mah...4500mah

they just recently stepped beyond & leave 2000mah _3000mah battries

anyway i like the size 155mm & very light weight(same xperia 10 ll)...but other details of this new one...also almost as same as pervious version xperia 10 ll

  • Santi

finally a compact phone with good specs and cameras, thank you sony

  • Anonymous

aebob, 22 Jan 2021i would buy this for my second phoneeverything as same as xpetia 10 ll, no change, even the camera

do u really need 5g to use it in ur second phone ???????

i think u better buy Xperia 10 ll instead of paying more money for lll version & 5g