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joe nodden, 26 May 202020 fps and 60 calculations a second? What? What are you even try... moreI will try to explain this slower this time for.your benefit.
The Xperia 1 ii can take 20 frames in 1 second that will all be perfectly in focus and with the correct exposure as the Xperia 1 ii is capable of making 60 calculations a second (3x as many as photos, 20x3=60, yes? Good) in order to get the focus and exposure (exposure being the lighting). You still with me? Excellent
No other smartphone has or can do this. So it can't be 2 generations behind if it is the first phone to incorporate this feature.
Please let your counterarguments begin

Anonymous, 26 May 2020Why so much hate towards Sony? Have you ever owned one of their ... moreFunny how it always comes down to "HaVe YoU EvEr OwNeD OnE oF THeiR ProduCtS?" As if me owning them makes their flaws suddenly vanish. And being a hater on one specific bad company is nowhere near as bad as being a fanboy. I'm not like an Apple fanboy pouncing on every single Android phone in existence for not having their precious little iMessage games.

Anonymous, 26 May 2020sure, original and edgy design also 240hz is better than 120hzIdk if you're being sarcastic or not, so I'm gonna assume you aren't and just go off that. Just because it's original doesn't mean it's great. And no 240hz isn't good when you've got a tiny battery. 90 or 120 is the sweet spot because they don't kill the battery too fast while also being well above what is considered acceptable smoothness.

Anonymous, 26 May 2020I don't know. 20fps and 60 calculations af a second doesn't seem... more20 fps and 60 calculations a second? What? What are you even trying to say? 20 fps isn't good. And 60 calculations a second? Are you trying to talk about FLOPS or something? Even if you are, 60 isn't good.

And 960 fps slow mo was their only gimmick that wasn't a generation or 2 behind. Not that anyone even uses it.

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Smithravi, 26 May 2020Since the offer is back again with black in Germany bundled with... morenormally i don't like black color, kinda boring but this xperia 1 II in black color really stunning looking. keep us posted!

Others: I don't see any differences in video quality of X1 II to other phones
Also others: Watching 720p/1080p/1440p quality on FHD/QHD displays

Just going to leave this Motion Blur Reduction test here for people interested. (Also speed test at the start if you're interested)

You can go through frame by frame on youtube to see with the > and < keys.

RishiGuru, 26 May 2020Wow, that was a big jump. Thanks for pulling the trigger as now ... moreOf course, I have been stuck with Z5 for too long. I needed an upgrade. X1 II is perfect embodiment of my Z5 design. I'm and always been active on reddit as well. There may be I might post my experience some time in future.

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RishiGuru, 26 May 2020Ahh... those days of 2017 I used to go to known smartphone shops... moreNow, tell everybody that v30+ has same screen issues of v30.
Same issues seen on Pixel 2 XL.

Smithravi, 26 May 2020Since the offer is back again with black in Germany bundled with... moreWow, that was a big jump. Thanks for pulling the trigger as now we hope to get some detailed info regarding this phone from your future posts. Hope for the best and may the Xperia 1 II bring to the table what you have been waiting for.

Since the offer is back again with black in Germany bundled with WH-1000XM3. I just ordered one for myself. Can't wait till my hands get on it.
Boys from Germany, hurry up before the offer is taken down again like yesterday lol.­es/sony/sony-xperia-1-ii-ohne-vertrag/p/P-M-3277­862?dcl=smartphones&ds=P-3353382

PS: My initial interest is Purple but unfortunately offer is only with black and availabe only at one seller

This the best device for anyone who cares and serious about colours and camera. Price is also not bad compared to OP 8 Pro and S20+. With the free Headsets bundle, you're only paying 950 for the mobile itself whihc is lessthan OP 8 Pro 1070 Price (with 70$/€ charger).

PS: Apart from refreshrates, there is actually nothing to complain about this mobile phone comparitvely. I just wish Apple/Samsung/Huaweii and other chiense mobiles to push down the Prices of flagships, so that Sony will also reduce the Price.

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RishiGuru, 26 May 2020Ahh... those days of 2017 I used to go to known smartphone shops... moreThat is all fair enough, no complaints. however if you have a friend with a 4k Sony device try watching a 4k/hd video side by side comparison. There is definitely a notable visible difference. Not to mention the better colours rendered on 4k.
It is then up to each person to decide if it is needed for their personal taste.

Vineet Reddy, 25 May 2020I was comparing V30+ to XZ Premium not XZ1 as I thought it was 5... moreAhh... those days of 2017 I used to go to known smartphone shops to buy phones. I was given special access to their phones as I was a regular buyer. Those days are gone now and online e-commerce is flourishing and rage these days. I also followed the trend. Not complaining as online prices are far cheaper than offline market. At least in India.

I surely played with Xperia XZ Premium on the shop before landing on the XZ1. I did not see any benefit in spending $800 on XZ Premium. Even now think buying XZ1 was a mistake and just kept the XZ1 as a reminder of Sony after they were gone. While comparing the LG V30+ won fair and square while being $200 cheaper. Let me tell you why.

Why I didn't like the Sony Xperia XZ Premium:

1) Those huge chins top & bottom of the display and those bezels... the worst eyesore for a flagship of 2017. Bulky and dated design.

2) When you are spending 800 bucks, in-hand feel is of paramount importance. With those plastic side railings they just diluted the premium feel, it was more like holding a very cheap phone. In other words XZ Premium never felt premium in-hand.

3) I find anything over 300 dpi in mobile phone display resolution an overkill and impractical. You see our eyes have not changed so for anything other than VR, 4K is pure gimmick in a phone. Also with such a small display size VR was not an option. However saying all this, the old styled 16:9, 4K display was exceptionally good on XZ Premium. But then again it was expected when you are paying $800.

4) V30+ had the better rear camera of the two with OIS. XZ Premium never had OIS. V30+ also was more flexible with additional wide angle camera. The manual modes of LG camera software have no competition back then.

5) V30+ was the better multimedia powerhouse with modern 18:9 POLED display.

6) In India we got the V30+, so 128 GB of internal memory, twice that of Sony XZ Premium while being $200 cheaper.

7)The audio quality through headphone jack from both XZ1 & XZ Premium were just OK for causal listening. They never had the power to drive professional over-the-head cans and the audio quality.. well just say OK at best. The LG QuadDAC on LG V30+ aka the ESS ES9218P SABRE audio chip with 2 Vrms output at high gain mode decimated the XZ Premium to oblivion be in pure audio quality or headphone driving power. Also on V30+ you have default support for native DSD playback, MQA which are ultra rare in smartphones. Worldwide the de-facto standard for audiophiles are the LG V & G series and not any Sony. Period.

8) Just like XZ1, I found the XZ Premium stereo speakers good but not loud enough. Not only the V30+ was louder on a single speaker, my $260 Lenovo Vibe X3 was much louder while having more musical sounding front firing stereo speakers.

9) No support for wireless charging was a big bummer. V30+ had the support.

With half an hour of fiddling around with XZ Premium, playing some songs with my headphones and viewing some content I came to the conclusion that XZ Premium was just an overpriced phone. For $200 less V30+ was the better device of the two. But that was me. With time prices of both phones dropped but lets not delve into it and better focus on company projected prices in our country.

I just hope Sony did not cut corners with their latest flagship Xperia 1 II and overpriced it. Only time will tell.

Whilst the phone is incredible for photography, and does have a gorgeous display, the lack of higher refresh rate being replaced by 'Motion Blue Reduction' remains to be seen if it provides smoothness overall. I'm not fussed about 4K on a mobile device, I've gone from a QHD to a 1080p display and I'm perfectly satisfied. What I do care about is having a smooth experience, especially when scrolling between pages and screens.

joe nodden, 26 May 2020"So Sony with its new photo pro and cinema pro is not a good pho... moreSeriously you should check out Japanese reviews which rolled out the last week as there were some good comparison videos between iPhone 11 Pro, GALAXY S20+ and 8 Pro SONY destroyed all of them let it be day or night. Well previously SONY had bit issues with low light or night mode but XPERIA 1 II nailed it as well. And thing is that with manual controls it can be made even better to the extent which other brands can only dream of with their limited functionality.

Radical Edward, 26 May 2020Unbox Therapy and TK Bay already reviewed it, I'm perfectly sati... moreProbably have to go into dev options to decrease animation time and also scan the same fingerprint multiple times for the fastest unlocking feeling.

joe nodden, 25 May 2020It could, not at 4k which defeats the ENTIRE point of the displa... moreEven at 4K it could easily. Not an issue.

Unbox Therapy and TK Bay already reviewed it, I'm perfectly satisfied with it except the performance of the fingerprint scanner.

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amazing ppi