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KING DRANZER, 12 May 2021Then well stop watching movies. Never ever see another movi... moreAbsolutely you either go 16:9 or 21:9, which are the 2 standards (we will ignore 4:3). If you watch movies or Netflix then 21:9 is perfect, you will see the perspective that the director wants you to see, no cropping,no black bars, just edge to edge video. If you watch you tube then get a 16:9 (if you can still find one). All other asegt ratios will not give you either without cropping or black bars. And don't even get me started on punch holes and notches.

sas, 12 May 202121:9 no no and no.Then well stop watching movies. Never ever see another movie for as long as you live.

If that is not possible then please stop hating 21:9 aspect ratio because it has always been a part of our lives.

  • sas

no no and no.

Hoon, 12 May 2021Specs are excellent on nowadays xperia phones. But the one ... moreWhy is that negative?

Because that is not any taller than other flagships. But is slim and comfortable to hold and handle.

  • Hoon

Specs are excellent on nowadays xperia phones. But the one negative thing is the stupid elongated phone 21.9.

DudeFixIt641, 12 May 2021Defending Apple, that's cute. Flagship price but your ... more"uncomfortable in 95% of hands"

Evidence, evidence, evidence. Where did you get those stats?

"Flagship price but your smartphone is level with Android 2 years prior"

Yeah, you guys are the typical spec-nerd-android-defender guys. specs aren't the only thing that define the phone. S20 ultra had great camera specs but poor camera proccesing, thus does worse. iPhone does worse in low-light, but in daytime the image proccesing matters more and thus iPhone does better(just like how everybody called the pixel the best camera phone back in the day).

"Not to mention the 12 pro max should've been the mini and a bit bigger should've been the 12 pro max."

Are you a joke? Not everyone wants 6.7 inch android behemoths, lol.

Asphalt-nation, 12 May 2021Well in this very case i was right and Apple's 5NM rev... moreNo, it's not lol.

You keep on lifting antutu as the best comparison platform when in reality, they specifically say that antutu is not for cross-platform comparison.

Do you guys not know that?

So embarasing.

Dometalican, 12 May 2021Appreciate the explanation. Would've been nice if they... moreYeah 5000mAh would have been the sweet spot. But still the 4500mAh is enough to get it through one full day even with intense and long gaming sessions no problem.

KING DRANZER, 12 May 2021X1 chip will work in parallel with SD888 draining more batt... moreAppreciate the explanation. Would've been nice if they went with 5,000mAH but we shall await the reviews to see if the battery works out. Fingers crossed!

Asphalt-nation, 12 May 2021Well in this very case i was right and Apple's 5NM rev... moreWell back when A14 Bionic was released it was indeed the best ever Processor on a Smartphone. SD888 came later. But still have to say that A14 Bionic outshines SD888 in single-core performance. The reason it is behind is because it has less number of Cores. Anyhow it still is a strong Processor and not a Joke by any standards. And to be honest A14 Bionic is still the most efficient Flagship Processor on any smartphone. That statement still holds till date.

And to be honest we cannot debate about smartphones based on their CPU as the entire package is what matters. Let it be A14 or SD888 what matters is how their potential being used. Apple has best UI Optimization which utilizes the A14 to its potential. When it comes to SD888 no matter how good it is the overall experience matters on the UI implementation of different brands. SONY XPERIA pushes the UI to be Smooth and Fast and be reliable over time. ASUS ROG pushes its UI to get Maximum performance out of SD888 irrelevant of smoothness and reliability over time.

In few months iPhone 13 with A15 will be out then what will be argument. Similarly in Jan 2022 SD895 be out then again we can claim it to be superior. I mean seriously that is not the best road to take.

Applehaterzsuck, 11 May 2021Agree with you, but: LOL why are you so mad at apple for r... moreWell in this very case i was right and Apple's 5NM revolutionary CPU was a big fat joke

  • Deepak

beep bop boop, 11 May 2021please give us this explanation as to why Sony is far super... moreSony is like ferrari and they are like maruti car

Applehaterzsuck, 11 May 2021Agree with you, but: LOL why are you so mad at apple for r... moreSTOP

Don't know what part of the quoted statement clued you that it was SONY fanboy who quoted that. If that was the entire statement then that could be SAMSUNG fanboy or fan of any other brand as well.

We SONY fans don't go out of our way to comment the inferiority of other brands on their Opinion thread. We are ethical and dignified beings with a classic taste.

Apple makes great products I have always commented that on my previous posts. My parents are tied up into Apple ecosystem and have been using iPhone for past 11+ Years. iPhone is smooth and reliable as well. But my only complaint is about the crazy Updates that wantedly compromise on phones performance one way or the other making it hard to use beyond a certain point. Seriously it feels like Apple rolls out update for crippling the performance of old models to make them feel being old and in a need of upgrade pushing people to purchase the latest models. Not ethical. Besides that I have always said that Apple makes great products.

Dometalican, 12 May 2021Well said. I'm not a fanboy of anyone (I was gonna get... moreX1 chip will work in parallel with SD888 draining more battery and generating more heat. But I explained previously how it works(now it is so many pages back, so I will explain it again). X1 will be working in parallel of SD888 while display is on. Yeah it puts less stress on SD888 but the two processors will be drawing power at the same time. But as I have explained the X1 will not be drawing much power anyways for regular usage it will not even be noticable. While gaming the phone gets hot as two processors are generating heat. But I wanna make it clear that the temps on individual processing units is comparatively low which is why even though Phone generates lot of heat the Processor itself doesn't throttle. Now coming to heat SONY specifically addressed that it has implemented new evenly heat dissipation design which distributes the heat over the surface of the phone more evenly instead of being concentrated on a single spot. As I said above that X1 will not make the battery drain much worse. But the real devil is the BIONZ X Mobile processor because that itself handles large complex workload specially in cases where it is being used for long time 4K video recording or streaming. That is where one would see real hit on battery drain. For regular Photos and short term video capture it won't be noticeable.

Over a day for regular usage XPERIA 1 III will last a good 80-90% of the time of what S21 Ultra or Oneplus 9 Pro would last. That is not a major hit. When the phone is on standby mode with display tuned off SONY devices have always been the least power draining compared to any other smartphone. Like if you leave the phone over night untouched the S21 may drain good 4-5% battery but XPERIA 1 III will only drain 1-2%. That is how good XPERIA UI is. But again I wanna make it clear that if anyone wants to have long recording sessions or vlogging or live streams they should carry battery backup with them. But seriously no phone let it be S21 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro(they wont last much longer than XPERIA 1 III probably a hour more and that's it) or even phones with crazy 7000mAh+ battery would not last full day for that kind of usage so carrying battery backup for such kind of usage is a must.

Applehaterzsuck, 11 May 2021Agree with you, but: LOL why are you so mad at apple for r... moreDefending Apple, that's cute. Flagship price but your smartphone is level with Android 2 years prior? Okay? The body of your phone is uncomfortable in 95% of hands? Okay? Your phone function itself? Horrible mic, speakers are slightly below barely decent. The layout of ios is barely user friendly. iPhone gets molten just trying to stream Youtube. Not a fun device in the slightest. Not to mention the 12 pro max should've been the mini and a bit bigger should've been the 12 pro max.

Xperia 1 iii will easily be the phone of the year. Or, rather. 2021 is the year of Sony Xperia. Not only will they debut 4k 144hz at 1700nit brightness. We will also experience faster charging than even Mi 11 Ultra. On top of this Sony has stayed true to its devotion for battery life. New, lighter, more durable battery components not found in other smartphone devices. I really can't wait to open this breathtaking device and feel like smartphones are finally taking a leap. Sony of course always seems to be the one taking the leap. Thank you in advance, Sony.

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ASL, 11 May 2021As x2pro owner, tell me 1 reason to choose xperia 1 III ove... moreIt depends what's important to you. If having another Oppo is important to you than no other brand would come into play.

But the reason why I would choose X1III over X3Pro is looks, width for one hand usability (X1III is barely a single hand device but X3 Pro is completely two hand device), display, audio features and ultimate Bluetooth sound quality. Reasons why I would choose X3 Pro over X1III is looks (chrome), microscope camera, selfie cam, fast charging, video with a lot better preserved detail.

If you ask me I would love to have both and switch them from time to time. I love that they both do night time photography properly, they keep it as night time and don't go Pixel on it. X3P has 50mm lens while X1III has 70mm lens, different purposes so not really comparable. I'm not sold on Sony 105mm quality and Find X3 Pro ultrawide quality. Both have top notch main sensors.

KING DRANZER, 11 May 2021Okay I will give a detailed explanation. 1. Quality :- ... moreWell said. I'm not a fanboy of anyone (I was gonna get LG's next V phone but...we all know what happened) but I'm definitely due for an upgrade so I'm getting this.

I'm VERY afraid for that daily battery life. I really hope that X1 chip does a great job taming the heat and battery of the 888 in moderate-heavy usage. Otherwise, I'm praying for an Armory Crate copycat to help with the battery (perhaps an XDA mod/app can be made for that function).

Asphalt-nation, 16 Apr 2021I hope what happened to the Xperia 1 II's opinions spa... moreAgree with you, but:
LOL why are you so mad at apple for releasing their new devices?

Huh? Huh? Huh?

I hear you complaining about their devices whenever they introduce them, calling them "inferior". Then you spit out a long list of complaints.

Yet when sony releases new devices, I hear you asking why everybody else is complaining. Simple: All of you guys have brand favoritism!

For example, look at this comment you posted:

'The most powerful CPU ever in smartphone'
Is that so ?
For the record, Antutu isn't just about gaming performance, it also perform
numerous tests like stress test and processing test, memory test, and a lot more
To date it's the most complete and versatile Mobile benchmark platform.
So yeah, Apple's 5nm revolution is a joke.
That poor SOC is gonna be destroyed by Qualcomm's 5NM.
Chances are, even by 2021 Exynos."

Is this not the anti-brand hatred that you are complaining about when people say the same stuff about sony?

KING DRANZER, 11 May 2021Okay I will give a detailed explanation. 1. Quality :- ... morei cant help but agree with everything tbh